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That was when I was about 10 years old, at the junction of spring and summer, we had a soil bag for burying dead children. I heard that in the old society, when I passed by alone at night, I often heard children crying. Dad He is a tractor driver. Today, he helped Wang Bo from the next village to carry a few carts. He was invited to dinner. He happened to pass by the dirt bag. My mother asked me to go with my father. My father was very courageous. He said that he didn’t need it. .

Ghost haunted cat_ghost possessed cat_ghost possessed cat

That evening, Dad went alone, and the sound of frogs was everywhere, and Mom waited and waited. By 12 o’clock in the evening, Dad hadn’t come back, and he didn’t dare to go alone, so he had to ask two uncles to call Dad to come back. I thought: "Maybe I was drunk." After more than 30 minutes, the two uncles came back and said that my father had left Lao Wang's house at 10 o'clock and only drank 5 glasses of wine ( Baogu Shao). When I was drunk, my mother was in a hurry, so I searched separately with my two uncles, and I followed. When I reached the dirt bag, it was very quiet, and there was no sound of frogs. I was so nervous that I searched back and forth three times. , I just didn't see anyone. Suddenly, I heard the slight sound of water coming from the paddy field under the soil. The uncle said that there might be a big fish, and he was going to catch it. He carefully took a flashlight to take a picture, which shocked me. I saw my father lying on his side in the water There was no movement, the uncle called everyone to drag Dad up, he was still alive (fortunately, his head was submerged in the water), a gust of wine smelled from his mouth, and he could smell it all the way, and there were long hairs on both sides of his head. Two bulging red blood cells broke out, and the anxious mother shed tears,

Ghost haunted cat_ghost possessed cat_ghost possessed cat

When I got home, I just put my dad on the bed, when I saw him get up suddenly, open his mouth and yell, and then, he grabbed my mother's thigh sitting by the bed with both hands and was about to bite, like a tiger. I almost bit my mother's ghost-possessed cat , and my mother cried and pressed my father's head, saying, "Dad, what's wrong with you, you're crazy about drinking!" Thinking, "Drinking is not like this usually." The two uncles He quickly held down his father so that he couldn't move, but his head was still turning around to bite someone, and he let out a "wow" sound from his mouth. After a while, he laughed again. The neighbors next door were woken up, and they all ran over to ask what was going on. After seeing it, the elderly grandmother said: "Look at him, it's likely to encounter unclean things." Hurry up and ask Taoist Yang, the uncle held the hand I gave my mother his arm, so I ran to find Taoist Yang. Taoist Yang is a person who specializes in funerals for people. He lives at the east entrance of the village. After half a stick of incense, the uncle led Taoist Yang into the gate and came quickly. When he got to the bed, he pressed his father's head with two fingers and rolled his eyelids. Dad shook his head and barked again, wanting to bite someone. , Said: "Go and prepare three sticks of incense, some paper money, a big rooster, hurry up!". Then, I walked outside the gate, drew a fork on the ground in the middle of the gate, and faced the outside of the main entrance, burned paper, took incense, and recited something silently. The big cock was thrown high, and the big cock walked around in circles on the ground twice, and then crowed (it was just a little over at that time), at this time, the father in the room became quiet, as if he fell asleep. The two cells on the head are gone, only two big red dots…

Possessed by a ghost

The next day, I asked my dad what happened last night, and he said he couldn’t remember it. He only knew that when he came back from Lao Wang’s house, someone called his name when he passed the soil where the child was buried, and he couldn’t remember it when he answered…

Ghost haunted cat_ghost possessed cat_ghost possessed cat

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