long Ghost Story

Dongdong said nothing and slowly ate the steamed bun in his hand. Dad was talking to himself while Dongdong played the game without answering a word. Dongdong had a dull face and seemed to be indifferent to everything. When they first met, the aunt didn't have that atmosphere even if she wanted to appear warm. "Everyone said that the family died so tragically that they were unwilling to leave. Therefore, there were many ghosts living in that small white building.

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Long Hair Woman

The long-haired woman got up and down, and suddenly the wind blew, and the curtains blew higher. Just where the curtains came out, he saw a figure hanging upside down on the window, half of his body exposed, and the shadow had long hair. They all fell down, which frightened him so much that he shouted out, "There's a ghost, there's a ghost, daddy, there's a ghost!" … Continue readingLong Hair Woman

Creepy Granny

I still ignored the old lady’s eyes that could be regarded as hatred, because the most important thing to me is the taste of the shrimp. On the last day, my parents took me to the food street. In front of the jelly shop, I only stopped. The old lady was at the door of the jelly shop with a weird smile on her face. My father crawled on me, and my father seemed to have noticed my abnormality, "What's the matter, baby? My little finger pointed to the old grandma at the door of the jelly shop. Mom and Dad didn't seem to see it. The old grandma smiled even more weirdly, and I was so scared that I cried. … Continue readingCreepy Granny

Possessed By Ghosts Online Reading

That was when I was about 10 years old, at the junction of spring and summer, we had a soil bag for burying dead children. I heard that in the old society, when I passed by alone at night, I often heard children crying. Dad He is a tractor driver. Today, he helped Wang Bo from the next village to carry a few carts. He was invited to dinner. He happened to pass by the dirt bag. My mother asked me to go with my father. My father was very courageous. He said that he didn’t need it. . It woke up the neighbors next door, and they all ran over to ask what was going on. After seeing it, the elderly grandmother said: "Look at him, it's likely to encounter unclean things. … Continue readingPossessed By Ghosts Online Reading

Your Mother's Ghost Meows In The Middle Of The Night

The cat meows in the middle of the night because I always hear cats meowing outside the window at night. Then one night, I heard the cat meowing again. I was so scared that I didn’t dare to shout, because my father was asleep, and I was afraid that I would wake them up in the middle of the night and be punished.” I shouted a few times, my dad There was no answer, and then my mother began to scold: "I slept like a pig, I went over and shouted. Then I heard my father's half-dream and half-awake fuzz: "Sleep your sleep, it's in the middle of the night, what are you doing when you wake up." Just brag, you still woke up, I slept in the back room yesterday, my wife and son were afraid Bird, I also listened to it, it is definitely not a cat meowing, it must be that thing. … Continue readingYour Mother's Ghost Meows In The Middle Of The Night