Your Mother's Ghost Meows In The Middle Of The Night

meowing in the middle of the night

Friends, many of you should have heard a cat meowing in the middle of the night, to be more precise, it is a cat meowing in spring. However, if you distinguish carefully, many people may find that some sounds are not cats meowing spring at all, but…

Before I was ten years old, my family lived on a big mountain. That mountain is called Tuanshantou, only half of it has trees, and the other half is full of bare stones, with no grass growing. It is said that it was blown up by artillery fire during the war. Because it was a commanding height, many people were killed at that time. Less than two meters in front of my house is a martyr’s grave (will be mentioned later). However, today’s story is not about this.

At that time, my parents were still employees of state-owned enterprises. Of course, the state-owned enterprises at that time were still real state-owned enterprises, not as rich as they are now. However, the benefits are good, and my father and mother are both working, so I was allocated a small dormitory of more than 20 square meters.

During those ten years, our family of three lived in that big butt-sized room, living our own little happiness. Putting a liquefied gas stove by the door in front is the kitchen, and opening the window is a ready-made range hood, which does not use electricity and is not afraid of damage. Draw a curtain at the back, put a bed to be the bedroom, and put a small bed next to my mother's big bed, which is my fox's den. Ha ha ha ha.Ok, let's get to the point

The story does not happen in my old home, but in the new house. When he was ten years old, my father quit his job and went into business. He made a little money, so the family bought a foundation in the town and built a small three-story building.

As for the Le place, let me tell you, it is no better than the previous house where the door opened to the grave. Under the foundation of the house, there is an old well that has not been dry for a hundred years. It is still at the front door of my house. There used to be a temple on the roof. Everyone knows that there are mass graves next to the temple. It is said that 300 people were buried at one time during the war.

Since I moved to that new house, I, who was very courageous, suddenly became extra timid. The house is bigger, and the fox has its own small room, but I have been living in the new house for half a year. He dared not go to sleep in that room by himself. Because I always heard cats meowing outside the window at night.

What’s so strange about a cat meowing? Many people have heard it, but it’s different for me. When I listened to it, I always felt that it was a woman shouting “baby.” Then a child’s voice answered: “ Mom." Just yelled and answered, and yelled all night. It makes people feel numb.

Then I told my dad that my dad is the kind of courageous person who never believes in ghosts and gods. Of course, the result is that my father doesn't believe that I am your mother's ghost , saying that I am just thinking about it and scaring myself. I had no choice but to tell my mother. My mother didn't believe it at first, saying that it should be the cat courting.

Then one night, I heard the cat meowing again, and I was so scared that I didn’t dare to shout, because the fathers were all asleep, and I was afraid that they would wake them up in the middle of the night and be punished

In other words, I used to be more afraid of my father than I was afraid of ghosts… My father has a beard and looks more fierce. Most children are afraid of my father. But in fact, my father is a very kind and kind person. Who said that there is a kind heart under the general tough appearance. It really makes sense. Hehe, I have grown up now, so I feel very close to my father. Every year when I go home, I must have a drink with my father. The two men sat together drinking a little wine and had a long talk. They liked this feeling very much.

Then that night I was so scared that I couldn't sleep, the more I was afraid, the more I thought about it, and the cries I heard became more real. It's useless to cover yourself with a quilt. In summer, you cover yourself with a quilt and sweat profusely. In the end, I was so scared that I couldn't help it, so I yelled at my mother across the corridor (my room is separated from my parents' room by a long corridor)

I yelled, and the cat outside yelled. It felt, really, like someone was yelling at me. The louder I yelled, the louder I finally yelled at my mother. My mother came to my room and asked me: "What's the matter, the cat barked again, scared again?" "Well, it's scary," I replied.

"Hehe, then mom will sleep next to you. There is nothing to be afraid of. It's the cat courting." Mom said.

Then my mother fell asleep next to me. In other words, the cat started meowing again as soon as my mother fell asleep. Wasn't the sound very loud at first, but then it gradually became louder and louder, until it became hoarse, and I heard that feeling again. Then he asked in a low voice, "Mom, are you asleep?"

"No, you go to sleep. You fall asleep, I'll go there." Mom replied.

Although my mother's voice is very calm, I feel that my mother is not so calm, because I feel my mother's arms are shaking, and I no longer say that it is a cat courting.

Because my mother was by my side, I felt safe, so my eyes gradually began to blur, and when I was about to fall asleep, my mother started calling my father: "*** (father's nickname), come over here. "Yelled a few times, my dad didn't answer, and then my mother started to scold: "Sleeping like a pig, I'll go over and shout."

Then my mother went over and slammed the door on my father's side, "Damn, get up quickly, you're sleepy and snoring."

Then I heard my father’s half-dream and half-awake fuzz: “Sleep your sleep, it’s in the middle of the night, what are you doing when you wake up.” Also like my dad hehe, no matter who interrupts me when I am sleeping, I will get angry.)

"The cat behind Le is meowing, get up and have a look."

Then there was the sound of my dad putting on his slippers with anger. Dad put on his slippers and went downstairs with a snap. My mother thought what my father was going to do, but in the end, my father brought up the half of the wooden beam left over from our house, opened the back door, and threw a stick at the outside.

"Meow, boom, boom boom" that's what I heard in my room. There was a shrill meow, and the sound of the wooden stick hitting something firmly, bouncing to the ground and rolling. Then the world finally went quiet. At that time, I thought my dad was really handsome. After Dad finished beating, he slammed the back door and went back to sleep.

When I woke up the next day, the uncle next door asked my dad mysteriously. "Master Tan, did you hear anything yesterday?"

"I heard it, the cat meowed, and I got up and beat it with a stick." Dad said.

"Just brag, you still got up, I slept in the back room yesterday, my wife and son are afraid of birds, I also listened to it, it is definitely not a cat meowing, it must be that thing." Uncle Said miraculously. It turned out that I was not the only one who was afraid to say, hahaha.

Then my dad said, "Why am I bragging to you? You didn't fall asleep yesterday, so you should have heard the sound of my door opening (the back door of my house is an iron door, and the door opening sound is relatively loud)."

Hearing what my father said, the neighbor uncle thought about it for a while before he believed it: "You really opened the door, Lao Tan, I really admire you, you are so courageous. You dare to mess with that thing."

"There's nothing to be afraid of. It's strange, so what if it's that thing. It's his luck that I didn't mess with him. He dared to come to my door and knock him to death." Hehe. Dad is not bragging. Dad has a very hot temper and is famous for his courage. As mentioned earlier, dads often go to reservoirs and other remote places to fish in the middle of the night.

Well, the story has come to an end. Let me tell you that there is still a suspicious point in this story, that is, what I heard that night was the ghost of your mother, the cat was hit, and then screamed and ran away. But everyone thinks, if it is really a cat, can it still run like a bird after being hit by the half of the beam? How heavy is the half of the beam? It is a solid wooden pillar with thick thighs, plus my father's strength. . . I think that a big piece of dust would fall off even if the stick hit the wall, let alone the cat which has always been weak.

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