Human Skin Oatmeal

Recently, all major supermarkets are selling a kind of oatmeal called potassium porridge. 75% of people come here to buy this oatmeal. It is said that this kind of oatmeal is crispy and crispy. If you eat it, you will definitely buy it again. Some People still have to eat every day.

Every reporter wanted to interview this manufacturer, but none of them returned to the company empty-handed. This aroused everyone's discussion. The reporters all went to ask the supermarket managers where they purchased the goods. Every manager was like Same reply, no one has a clue about this news.

The police thought there was something wrong, so they took the oatmeal for testing. They found that the oatmeal contained not only drugs for people to eat, but also blood cells. So the police launched an operation. However, the police still found nothing, and since then the oatmeal has been discontinued. After losing the supply, no one can buy anymore. This manufacturer is elusive and no one has seen anyone from this factory.

Many people contracted strange diseases, and the doctors found out that they were poisoned by corpse poison, which is the venom left by the dead. Even the doctors were poisoned. Everyone thought it was a ghost at work, so they went to ask the master. After the master went through it, he waved it to the sky a few times, put incense, and said: "Tomorrow your family members will be fine, but you have to find the person who gave birth. You are an unjust ghost and a bad ghost, so as not to He will cause trouble again."

Everyone miraculously recovered the next day. In the evening, a man called the police station about the news of barbecue and eating dead people , saying that he saw a plate moving in the air, but could not see anything moving it, and he also said that at dawn, he could see a lot of oatmeal drying on the ground. The police immediately called the master to rush to the scene. They used binoculars to find a lot of oatmeal on the flat ground on the roof of the building. The master used magic to get a little bit over. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be human skin.

It was already midnight, and a plate appeared in front of me. Just as the man said, there was only one plate. The female ghost shouted: "Come out, I am a ghost, I didn't know about the news that you are barbecuing and eating dead people like this, hahaha…" The police shot the female ghost with their guns, but it was like punching the air, and they could only let go The master came to solve the problem. The master caught the female ghost and questioned her. The female ghost said: "When I was still alive, I was skinned by others. Now I want all of you people in the world." Pi, hahaha…"

The master shook his head and wiped out the female ghost without a trace.

It's been a long time, and everyone has almost forgotten about it, but from time to time there are still pitiful screams in our ears: "I want your skin, make me oatmeal! Hahaha…"

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