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As a messenger from the underworld, I am patrolling a street.

Wandering leisurely, why is it so deserted tonight? No ghosts come to play with me, no ghosts are happy, no ghosts are happy. Boring~

Staring at my toes, I walked forward across the dark road. A large truck came and passed directly through me. "Hey! Do you have any morals? Believe it or not, I will take you to hell!" Xiaoyu was very angry. ,Very serious consequences!

Something patted me from behind, and I slapped it with my paw. The person behind me moved backwards very quickly. It seemed like he wasn't a human. Hehe.

"Tsk, why are today's Yinzai so violent? Little sister, do you want to learn from me?" Behind him, a Yinzai who smelled like copper was admiring his agility, "Little sister, you still want to find someone who can drive the car?" The driver wants to take revenge? You are so petty, don’t forget, he can’t see you!”

"You…you are not allowed to call me little sister. Also, which department are you in and what is your name? I want to complain!" I roared angrily.

"Complain? Little sister is really unreasonable. I kindly remind you that you have to complain to me. Uh-huh, my name is Chufa, from the department~ I am an intern, but Mr. Xiuzhe is my good brother. Complain to me, hehe , it’s not that simple!” Chufa was smiling proudly, but I remembered something, “Chufa? Is that the man who can write tens of thousands of words a day that Xiu Zhejun often mentioned?” In an instant, I became very gray. polite.

"Oh? Could it be that you are the flying fish kid that Xiao Fengfeng often talks about?" Chufa looked surprised.

"Who is the brat!" Well, his true nature is revealed again…

"Okay, okay, I won't argue with you anymore. Now we need to cooperate. I found a very difficult kid!"

Nonsense, isn't that kid difficult to deal with? What a god, I don't believe in Xiu Zhe anymore…

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"Where?" I asked patiently.

"Follow me." Chufa led the way, and I followed slowly. Will I get myself killed if I cooperate with him? Forget it, I'll save my face as a repairman.

The further we walked, the more we walked. I was so cold that I shivered non-stop. Fortunately, I am a cat and have a lot of hair, but the cold resentment still made me want to sneeze. How could I be so dedicated to my job as an intern and patrol a place like this? , Tsk, it’s time to study hard.

Under the dim moonlight, the terrain looked like a geomantic treasure land, surrounded by mountains on three sides, but there were no mountains on the side facing the road, which ruined the cornucopia-like geomantic omen treasure land, but it was not like it is now. what happened?

"Hey, first time, is that kid very powerful?"

Chufa trembled and said: "If you're not so good, why should I look for you? I'm going to freeze again. I'm not stupid. If I hadn't carried the blood-replenishing elixir with me, I would have died just now! Fortunately, the kid couldn't get out. Pick it up." Save your life. Huh, it's so cold, so cold… Hell is not as cool as this."

You dare to mess with such a ghost, you deserve it!

The further we walked into the mountains, the colder it became, and the moon in the sky became darker and darker. I had to squint to see the road clearly. Suddenly, I tripped over something. "Ouch!" A loud and shrill scream immediately sounded, making me I have to cover my ears tightly. Why does this guy still sound like a dolphin? My eardrums…

"What is this?" Chufa picked up the thing that tripped him. "It's your moral integrity that puts you here." I replied calmly, "Go, go, go, this is money!" Sure enough, Chufa's eyes lit up when he saw the money, so brightly that he could illuminate the road.

Under his shining eyes, I finally saw the money clearly. It was really money. It was the Five Emperors' money that had been used to control evil ghosts. It was completely useless to the ghosts who had been washed by the Wangchuan River. This must have been accidentally left behind by a Taoist priest who passed by here. It just so happens that it may come in handy to summon ghosts tonight.

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Chufa decisively stuffed the money into his pocket and strode forward, his still shining gaze shining everywhere like a searchlight. My mother no longer had to worry that I would fall to death while walking at night. All she had to do was give Chufa a copper plate and immediately light the way. hey-hey.

After the little episode just now, the two of them were much more harmonious, and there was no longer the extremely cold aura just now.

After walking for a while, the moonlight in front of them suddenly became brighter, and bursts of righteousness from heaven and earth hit the two ghosts, which made them feel much warmer. This righteousness would not hurt good ghosts, otherwise they would probably be dead now.

A large villa appeared in front of me. The grand decoration was very strange in the moonlight. It looked like a haunted house for vampires. At first, he didn't look scared at all. Instead, he kept shouting excitedly, "When I have money, I will buy an Apple 18 first." Buy another house like this!"

"It's night now, stop daydreaming!" I poured cold water on it without hesitation. You know, although Steve Jobs went to hell in China after his death, there were too many people in hell in China, and he didn't have time to raise money. , has been bought out. The Ghost Emperor only managed to grab an Apple 15 by robbing. The scene in the ghost market at that time was terrible.

Oh, that's too far off topic.

Speaking of which, this villa is actually popular. It’s strange that there are people besides Taoist priests and ghosts in such a gloomy place!

Go in and take a look. I originally wanted to knock on the door, but I kicked it open at first, "Stop knocking. I've tried it before and no one opened it at all!"

So what’s the reason for this popularity? Is it possible that this cat’s senses are wrong? How is it possible?

When I entered the house, I saw that it was well decorated, but there was a thick layer of dust on the furniture. It seemed that no one had lived there for a long time. What was going on?

At this time, I felt a small hand with the same temperature as mine come in and gently pulled me. The moonlight faintly filtered in and shone on the owner of the hand. How to read Gui Huzhong ? It was a pale little boy. , wearing a purple-red shroud, the color of which is like blood, looks four or five years old, looks very pure and cute, but the round little face does not have the innocence that a child should have, but is full of sadness.

Oh my God, the resentment surrounding this brat can circle Halley's Comet thirty times. Let go, brat!

I tried my best to twitch my hand, but the kid held on tighter and tighter, almost breaking my claws. How could this kid be so strong! Where did the first attack go?!

When he turned around, he was tremblingly pointing at the trembling little baby, "Just now…it was him just now. He robbed me of my money."

"Pfft." Sure enough, if you follow him to cast down ghosts, you will only lose your soul…

It seems that I have to rely on myself. Fortunately, I went to the incense shop and followed a lot of ghost-spelling stuff. Since I met that powerful female ghost last time, I no longer dare to go directly into battle.

I stretched out my other hand and quickly reached into the bag, and by the way, I reminded the person who was chanting: "My money, how to pronounce Ghost Tiger Tomb , you don't know how hard it is to get a modern coin!" "The god quickly came back to his senses.

What I took out seemed to be a Bagua mirror. This was pretty good. I used my spiritual power and pointed the Bagua mirror at the child. The Bagua mirror immediately emitted a faint yellow light. It looked harmless to humans and animals, but the light When he met the child, he immediately let go of his hand and jumped away. His lowered head suddenly lifted up, and his face was scorched to death by the Bagua mirror. The tender flesh turned black and the skin was torn. It makes me feel really distressed to see her. I should have known I wouldn't have dealt with such a heavy hand. What a cute baby, so disfigured…

However, this Bagua mirror is really powerful. The price tag I saw in the store at that time seemed to be several thousand. I thought it was the fairy-like old man who was deceiving people. It turns out that this thing is so powerful. Sure enough, Lives up to its price tag.

But you must not tell Chufa about this, otherwise I will be really heartbroken if one day he takes this mirror to the ghost market and pawns it off.

Just when I was secretly happy, a person rushed out from the corner! It was this person! I finally saw you! I said that my senses are not wrong!

"Hey, how could there be someone here?" He was so angry at first and then realized what he was saying. However, as a trainee, it was good for him to be able to tell that he was a human being, because this thing looked neither human nor ghost. Yes, half of the flesh on his face is missing a small piece, exposing the dense white bones. The remaining half of the flesh on his left arm is half hanging on the bone. From under the piece of flesh, you can see that his hand tendons have been severed and his left hand is useless. , and the right hand is full of deep scratches, and the lower half of the left leg has gone somewhere, and the dried blood is condensed there, which would make a person like me who has seen countless ghosts tremble.

Those wounds should have been caused by this kid, but the strange thing is that this man not only did not leave far away, but did something that surprised me. He screamed like crazy and ran towards the child, protecting the child behind him. , however, the child seemed to be very ungrateful and pushed him away hard. The man's center of gravity was unsteady and he sat down directly on the ground. He babbling and wanted to say something, but he only took out a bottle and put it in his hand. After reading it carefully several times, I actually cried while holding the palm-sized bottle.

At this time, the door suddenly closed. Chufa was so frightened that he jumped up. I glanced at him speechlessly. Sure enough, it would be embarrassing to follow him out to cast down ghosts…

The child held a candle in his hand and slowly moved closer to his chin. Under the shadow of the candle flame, his eyes became pitch black, as if they had no whites, just like someone holding a flashlight to scare him.

"He… his chin… is dripping with corpse oil!" Chufa shouted, and the kid's chin was indeed dripping with black corpse oil. "This is normal!" I was speechless. Do you not know how to raise a kid?

The little ghost is made from children under nine years old, 4 to 5 years old is the best, because the children at that time are already somewhat sensible, and the vitality is also strong. The corpse is found and the chin is roasted with a candle, and the roasted corpse oil is Either drip it into a small bottle or drop it into a small coffin, and then put a carved willow tree figure in the container. This little ghost will attach to the willow tree figure and be sent around.

And the bottle in the man's hand should be the bottle containing corpse oil. "First hair, you go grab the bottle and I'll deal with the kid!"

"Oh." Chufa finally seemed to understand and rushed towards the man obediently.

I swallowed, God and earth, please give me divine power! Give me some hlep!

"Wait a minute, listen to what I have to say before you take action." At this time, the man who had been silent until now spoke.

The kid also stopped grilling his chin and disappeared in a flash.

The moonlight slowly leaked in and shone on the man's face, desolate and gloomy. He spoke slowly, as if the moonlight was slowly confiding: "At that time, Yang'an was still young and didn't know the ways of the world. We had a neighbor before, and the neighbor didn't He likes children, which I didn’t know until later. That day, Xiao An ran to play in his yard and accidentally broke a very valuable sculpture. He was so frightened that he cried loudly, which attracted us and the neighbors. The neighbors immediately saw it. He scolded Xiao An angrily and almost started a fight. We quickly took Xiao An home and paid the compensation, so the matter was over. But we didn't know that he would hate Xiao An so much."

He was a little tired, stopped and sighed, and continued: "Once, my wife and I were going on a business trip, and there was no other way. Xiao An refused to go to daycare, so we had to entrust him to a neighbor, but… I didn't expect… "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu" He sobbed in a low voice, and quickly regained his composure, "Huh, I didn't expect that he actually turned Xiao An into a little devil! But when we came back, he fell in front of my house, and his body had begun to rot. There is a bottle tightly held in his hand, this is it!" He slowly raised the bottle in his hand, his hoarse voice revealing his deep sadness.

"He accidentally released Xiao An when he was a kid. Haha, Xiao An actually took revenge on his own! He is indeed my son, but…" He became sad again, "Xiao An always thought that we didn't want him anymore, and he never refused. He went to be reincarnated and has been pestering us here. My wife couldn't bear it and committed suicide by jumping off the building. I don't dare to leave here. I'm afraid that Xiao An will harm others, but I can't die. I'm afraid that after death, I will be taken directly to hell and drink. Meng Po Soup, I don’t want to forget, I don’t want to forget Xiao An and his wife… In these days, I have regretted it, but this is what I owe Xiao An, and I must pay it back. Now, I can’t hold it anymore, I really should go …”

At this time, the child named Xiao An appeared. His face was mostly healed, and he finally looked at his father with the innocent and ignorant eyes of a child, as if asking: "Why didn't you tell me this earlier, then I would definitely I wouldn’t do this to you.”

The man just smiled and said to me: "I'll give you this bottle. Do me a favor and save Xiao An."

I pondered for a while and nodded in agreement.

Finally, the man smiled and said to Xiao An: "Xiao An, daddy is coming to accompany you, be happy." After saying that, he seemed very tired and slowly lay down. Once he lay down, he couldn't get up again. Xiao An was still a child after all, and he suddenly threw himself on his father's body and cried loudly.

In the end, Chufa and I spent a lot of effort to save this poor child.

Watching the father and son walking further and further away from the flowers on the other side, I suddenly realized that the moon is so full tonight. It’s time for their family to be reunited!

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