Yongning Street 2: Pelvis Syndrome Online Reading

Today is the second day of opening. The sequelae of drinking yesterday is a splitting headache this morning. Although Bai Le said it was easy, I was the only one who came with this girl in school uniform. The reason she gave me was that she wanted to visit the store. The rest of the matter became a matter of course. Xiaoyue's father was sent to the hospital. It took several days for the doctor to diagnose "pelvic bone disease". Although I checked the entire encyclopedia, I couldn't find out what kind of strange disease this is.

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A Call From Hell

The phone is open and someone is talking, but I can’t hear clearly! "He said and hung up the phone and raised the phone: "Look whose phone it is? This is true. As soon as the phone is hung up, everyone no longer feels suffocated. Luo Lanlan spoke slowly, and the voice did not seem to be his own, as if he was speaking while holding his breath. Luo Lanlan was in a trance again. What appeared in the mirror seemed to be what Luo Lanlan had just called. … Continue readingA Call From Hell

Corpse Suppressing Bracelet

I quickly stepped back, and now I could see clearly. There was a human skeleton attached to the skull. It turned out to be a withered corpse, hanging from a rope, swinging around. Boss Sun didn’t look like he was lying. I thought of the yellow talisman fixed with bone needles and got the answer: when the owner of the tomb was buried, in order to prevent the corpse from undergoing corpse transformation in the future, he asked someone to ask a wizard to use bone needles and yellow talismans to seal the body. The soul was calm. A ghostly stone wall appeared in front of me, pitch black and exuding a rotten smell. Corpse suppressing bracelet? Almost at the same time, a black mist suddenly appeared on the stone wall, and hideous and terrifying faces emerged from the black mist. … Continue readingCorpse Suppressing Bracelet