long Ghost Story


"Here we come." I said softly as my thoughts returned.

Then, I took out the peach wood sword and the yellow talisman from my backpack, and used glue to apply the yellow talisman to the peach wood sword.

After lighting it, he threw the mahogany sword through the broken window.

He kept mumbling obscure incantations and broke out in a cold sweat.

The peach wood sword hit Brother Mouse, and his figure stagnated for a moment, and the thick fog dissipated instantly.

That's when it was, "Run."

By the time I finished speaking, I had already opened the door and stepped out with one foot.

Flies and mosquitoes follow.

After leaving the courtyard gate, the thick fog outside has indeed dissipated.

We ignored our joy and started running for our lives.

However, just two steps out of the distant ghost cockroach movie , the thick fog gathered again.

We were stunned and forced to return to the courtyard.

"Fuck, didn't you almost reach the archway? Why did you suddenly come back again?" Mosquito asked me sharply.

I was also at a loss.

I saw that the face of the cockroach suddenly turned into a female face, and then suddenly turned into a male face. Obviously, the face fairy did not fully control the body. Why are we back?

"Giggle." A weird laugh came from behind me, and I twisted my neck stiffly.

The charming female face on Brother Mouse's face giggled, but his hands kept moving, squeezing the mosquito's neck tightly.

My scalp instantly became numb and my face turned earth-colored.

There is more than one face fairy?


I stared at the female face that had been completely fixed on the cockroach's face. There was no weird smile, no alluring face.

It was an ordinary face with fear.

I seemed to have caught something, but I couldn’t think of a reason.

I raised my hand and slapped myself. This was not the time to think about this.

The fly squatted on the ground motionless. I pinched my thigh hard and carefully recalled the situation just now.

The thick fog lifted just now, there must be some opportunity.

I kept comforting myself and forcing myself to calm down.

The yellow talisman was sold wholesale in three pieces for five yuan, and the peach wood sword was given to me by the merchant through some convincing.

The reason why I took them out just now was just to show off.

The spell is enough to force Face Fairy to change her body.

When the new one goes into the new body, it won't affect the old one, so the thick fog just now shouldn't dissipate.

I looked at the face fairy smiling and squeezing mosquitoes hard at the same time, and suddenly I felt blessed.

Grandpa said that a female face usually eats one female ghost a day, and the same goes for killing people. Therefore, when he looks like he wants to strangle the mosquito, he is most likely irritated.


Face Fairy is afraid of fire!

I took out a bunch of yellow talismans again and lit them, approaching Xian Xian'er.

He quickly let go and stepped back. Mosquito squatted on the ground and kept coughing.

The bet was right!

The yellow talisman didn't burn for long, so I glanced at the surrounding environment.

The face fairy will fight back at any time, and the ghost in the cockroach's body may attack us at any time, and then we will be completely finished.

"Fly." I kicked him. "If you still want to live, drag the mosquito there."

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Cockroach movie comedy_Cockroach horror movie_Ghost cockroach movie’/>

I pointed to the half-collapsed toilet.

The fly probably had no other choice but to treat the dead horse as a living horse, so he dragged the mosquito to the toilet.

Mosquito's neck was marked with bruises by Lian Xian'er, and there was no way he would let him go.

Sure enough, Face Fairy looked at the burning yellow talisman in my hand and turned around to chase the mosquito.

I followed closely and quickly threw the yellow charm in my hand into the thatch.


Dried thatch burned instantly when exposed to fire.

The black fog dissipated instantly.

The two of them stepped out of the fire. The fly who was half a step behind was slapped by Lian Xian'er, but it was not a big deal.

We rushed out of the village with all our strength.

Mosquito's car was parked outside the archway, and we successfully left the village and got on the car.

Galloping all the way.


When the final touches were about to be completed, the man wearing a cockroach mask insisted on going to the toilet first.

When he came back, he looked ugly and vomited as soon as he stood still in front of the drawing board.

I happened to vomit on the painting.

The "three-unlike" female face that we worked together to draw was ruined.

I was about to condemn, when a strange ghost nursery rhyme sounded:

"Wear a mask and make a grimace; take off the mask and make a woman's face."

"If you ask a girl's face, you want a wife; if your girl's face nods, the wife will come to the table."

"Damn it." I jumped up from the ground, "You really have the face of a fairy."

Then, I picked up my backpack, put on my phone and ran outside.

If there is danger, the best strategy is to use thirty-six strategies.

The four people wearing the masks of the four evils probably didn't expect me to be so stubborn and suddenly ran away, so they quickly got up and chased me.

After stepping out of the yard, I felt a chill in my heart.

too dark.

It shouldn't be so dark at eight o'clock in the summer.

There was still a faint light inside the courtyard, but the outside looked like it was covered with a piece of black cloth.

It's just two worlds.

I kept walking and continued to rush out.

The courtyard where we invited Mian Xian'er was at the edge of the village. Just walk a few steps past the archway and you'll be there.

But now, I can clearly see the archway through the light, but no matter how I run towards it, I can't get there.

My face instantly turned pale.

Apparently, the few people who chased me out also discovered this problem.

They tried several more times until they finally recognized the truth. After swearing a few times, they panicked and picked up their cell phones to call the police.

No signal.

I don’t know when my live broadcast room was interrupted.

"Cockroach." Brother Mouse roared, and the cockroach rolled and crawled towards the yard.

I understood. Sure enough, they invited me to play a supernatural game. There was no way they didn't have emergency measures.

Not long after, the cockroach came back. His face was as pale as paper, and he trembled and said, "Turn it off…it's useless."

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Cockroach movie comedy_Cockroach horror movie_Ghost cockroach movie’/>

Before I had time to respond to what they meant by shutting down, I was grabbed by the collar by Brother Mouse, who got up from the ground. His voice was gloomy:

"You walked out of this village. It's impossible for you to know nothing."

I pushed his hand away and shook my head.

"Mother Face Fairy'er is here, and the ceremony was interrupted because of cockroaches. Lady Face Fairy'er is angry."

"Is there any way to calm down the anger of Empress Lian Xian'er?"

I tried to recall my grandfather’s teachings when I was young, but at that time I didn’t believe in ghosts and gods, and I didn’t remember much.

"Invite Empress Lian Xian'er again. After Empress Lian Xian'er arrives, she will cut off her flesh and apologize."

As soon as the words fell, the hope in their eyes was completely extinguished.

"Only this one is rice paper soaked in black cat blood, the others are ordinary red paper."

"I have it," I said, and then I took out a piece of rice paper and a bottle containing the black cat's blood from my bag and threw them to Brother Rat.

Back in the yard, Brother Mouse spread the rice paper on the ground and poured the black cat's blood on it.

After it was half dry, we started to draw.

No one dares to make any mistakes again, and the cockroach is not as nervous as before and has to go to the toilet.

But after the last stroke was completed, Lian Xianer did not come.

Brother Mouse punched me in the face, causing me to stagger.

I simply sat on the ground and started going crazy:

"You go ahead and beat me to death. Anyway, I was the only one who survived the village genocide twenty years ago. I don't think anyone can understand Mian Xian'er better than me. I am a cripple with missing arms and legs. , I don’t want to live a long time ago. After I die, I will wait for you down there. I will be a good companion on the road to hell."

Brother Mouse didn't accept this trick and snorted coldly.

"Don't think I don't know that there were two survivors in the village annihilation case."

I laughed so hard that I almost burst into tears.

"Liu Shan has died long ago."

"No wonder you asked me to come here under the guise of Liu Shan. It turns out you don't know Liu Shan is dead."

Wiping the tears that overflowed from the corners of my eyes, I continued:

"If Lian Xian'er wants us to die, he will do it tonight. See you tomorrow."

As I said that, I glanced at the east and west side rooms and resolutely went to the main house.


Ghost villages are very famous here.

More than 20 years ago, in the movie "The Ghostly Cockroach" , more than 200 people in the village were poisoned to death overnight.

It has not yet been solved and has become a well-known unsolved case.

It is said that a woman's cry was heard when someone passed by.

Hence the name Ghost Village.

Even though I knew that this place had been abandoned for more than 20 years and was fully prepared, the moment I opened the door, I was still choked by the musty smell and dust and coughed.

The four of them were one step behind me and narrowly escaped.

When the dust no longer blocked the view, an old coffin suddenly came into view.

The four of them were so frightened that they backed away.

I walked in calmly.

At first, the village chief believed some bizarre remarks. Thinking that "wood" is the same as "wealth", sleeping in a coffin will definitely make you rich, so I built a coffin to use as a bed.

So, this is just an ordinary bed.

But in the eyes of four people who didn't know it, I became an expert and bold person.

Cockroach pointed to the coffin, "Are you sleeping here tonight?"

Cockroach horror movie_Cockroach movie comedy_Ghost cockroach movie

I nodded.

"The east and west side rooms are in a state of dilapidation. They may be very dirty. There are weeds half as tall as a person outside the courtyard, and the only open space has just been cleared. Where else can we sleep besides the main house?"

They stopped talking and turned around to go to the east and west side rooms.

I was also happy to be quiet, so I closed the door and bolted it. I found a stool by the light of my mobile phone. After wiping it clean, I sat on it, leaned against the coffin and began to close my eyes and meditate.

Ghostly nursery rhymes keep coming from all directions, disturbing people's tranquility.

"Damn, it's still a 3D orbiting version." I cursed in a low voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, the ghost nursery rhyme stopped.

I opened my eyes and looked out through the broken window. The moon was gradually covered by thick black fog.

I was horrified that the Face Fairy came earlier than I expected.

Almost immediately, I started begging for mercy:

"Mian Xian'er, don't be surprised if you are. Don't be surprised if you are. I definitely didn't mean to offend you."

At the same time, I carefully pushed open the lid of the coffin, and a musty smell came out of my nose and went straight to the Tianling lid.

I endured the discomfort and turned over and lay down.

Not long after, there was a knock on the door.

Boom, boom, boom.


I looked out through the crack in the door. There was a pair of shoes at the door, with the heels facing the door.

"Liu Liang, have you slept? I have something to do with you." It was Brother Mouse's voice.

I was about to answer, so I warned him not to run around when Face Fairy is here.

But it suddenly occurred to me, how does he know my name?

We called each other by masks and never said each other's names.

Even in the live broadcast room, I never said my name.

How does he know my name?

A cold sweat suddenly broke out on my back and my whole body was shaking.

Under the high pressure, I almost fainted and couldn't think.

After a while, my body began to warm up, and I suddenly realized that they knew about Liu Shan's existence, and it was not unusual for them to know my name.

But I kept my mouth shut even though I was sailing with caution.

The knocking on the door suddenly became intense.

I didn't dare to answer, let alone open the door.

I carefully pulled the coffin lid back.

"If you don't open the door for me, then I'll come in by myself." Brother Mouse's hoarse voice was mixed with a female voice, which was extremely terrifying.

The moment he came in, I also covered the entire coffin without leaving any gaps.

"Strange, I smelled it just now. Why is it missing?"

"Come out, come out quickly."

It was a sharp female voice, filled with anger.

Da da da.

He kept walking around the house.

"come out!"

I didn't dare to breathe out, even in the coffin, my breathing became lighter.

Suddenly, boom, boom, boom, he was banging on the coffin.

Cockroach horror movie_Ghost cockroach movie_Cockroach movie comedy

I was extremely frightened and my whole body was stiff.

"Are you in there?"

There were continuous knocking sounds, one louder than the other. Even though I couldn't see my fingers, I still felt that the black mist was gradually seeping into the coffin, as if it would completely swallow me up in the next second.

I bit the tip of my tongue and forced myself to calm down, not to make any sound or move.

I don’t know how long it took, but the sharp female voice, the clicking sound of walking, and the thumping sound of the coffin all disappeared.

But I still dare not move.

After the great fear, my whole body felt like it had been washed with water. Thick fear enveloped me, and I fell asleep in a daze.

When I woke up again, I was suffocated.

The oxygen in the coffin was obviously not enough.

I looked at my phone and saw it was already past six o'clock. In summer in the north, it gets dark after five o'clock.

He should be gone, I thought.

So, I moved my stiff body and prepared to push the coffin away.

But suddenly I vaguely heard the sound of a rooster crowing.

I immediately let go of the movements I had made, and a cold sweat arose on my back.

No one has lived in this ghost village for more than 20 years, and the surrounding areas have been evacuated one after another. Where did the rooster come from?

Is the ghost still there?

Could it be that Lian Xian'er has cultivated to the point where she is no longer afraid of the sun?

This realization made the fear in my heart rise again.

I didn't dare to move anymore and slowed down my breathing as much as possible because there was not much oxygen.

Another hour later, the screams of three other people suddenly came from outside, saying that Brother Rat was dead.

The oxygen in the coffin really can't hold it anymore. If it continues like this, if not killed by ghosts, it will be suffocated to death.

So, I gritted my teeth and pushed open the coffin lid.

Before I could even take a deep breath, I saw a mouse mask, almost pressed against my face.

"Got you."

Brother Mouse laughed, his voice was high-pitched and weird.

He took off his mask, and it was an indescribably beautiful woman's face with a strange smile, but it gave me an indescribable sense of familiarity.

I was so scared that I closed my eyes tightly and didn't dare to make any more moves.

The sharp female voice kept tempting me to open my eyes.

"Am I not beautiful? Why don't you open your eyes and look at me?"

He pulled the dichlorvos mask off my face and kept scratching my face with his nails.

I gritted my teeth, tried hard to calm down the fear, and kept repeating it silently in my heart.

Suddenly, Brother Rat lifted the lid of the coffin completely and lay down in it.

The small space cannot accommodate two bodies.

He held my wrist, pulled me up, and then lay on my side holding me.

He kept whispering in my ear in his weird voice, "Your face is so beautiful."

I knew he liked my face.

When I was mourning for myself in my heart, he suddenly left.

He left singing weird nursery rhymes.

What he sang was far weirder than before.

When Wan Lai returned to silence, I looked at the time on my phone. It was three-thirty in the morning.

<img src='https://img1.soufun.com/homebbs/2012_05/30/11/ningbo/1338348405421_000.jpg' alt='Ghost cockroach Movie_Cockroach Movie Comedy_Cockroach Horror Movie


I didn't dare to sleep anymore, so I kept my eyes open until dawn.


When it was completely light, I crawled out of the coffin.

I took out another dichlorvos mask from my bag, put it on, put my bag on my back, and went to check on other people.

Except for Brother Mouse who disappeared, everyone else was unscathed. But last night I heard something going on here, huddled in a ball in the east room, smelling like urine.

I think of yesterday's situation, Brother Rat should be in danger.

I turned around and walked out of the courtyard. When I walked out of the courtyard, there was still a thick black mist that couldn't be dissolved.

I pulled my feet back again, despair filling my heart

I turned to look at the three people following me.

"Brother Shu is dead. I thought that Lady Lianxian'er would write off the debt, but as you can see." I pointed behind me, "Ms. Lianxian'er has no intention of letting us go. Another one will die tonight." People until we are all dead.”

Their faces immediately turned pale, their mouths were trembling, and they asked me what to do.

I shook my head, because the Queen Xian'er didn't give us a chance to apologize, and now we can only wait to die.

Mosquito, who had been silent all this time, suddenly spoke:

"There are rumors that there is a sinister way. As long as someone kneels in front of the painting tonight at midnight, take off the mask and provide a new body for Empress Xian'er."

"In the process of fighting for control of the body between Empress Lian Xian'er and this person, there will be a brief stagnation, which will give others a chance to escape."

"It's just…" Mosquito smacked his mouth and continued: "We need to do something to prompt Empress Lian Xian'er to get a new body."

After saying this, Mosquito turned to look at me with a fierce look.

"You must know it, right?"

I shook my head again and said no, but the fly stared at me and said:

"If you don't know how, then you will be a scapegoat."

I turned pale, pursed my lips, and said no more.

But Mosquito grabbed my bag, took out the yellow charm inside, and said to me with a smile:

"I heard that you work so hard for the orphans in Lantian Welfare Home. You two have such a good relationship. When you die, my brothers outside will not be able to bear to see them separated from you."

The hair on my spine stood up, "I can." I compromised.

After hearing my words, the flies and mosquitoes turned to cockroaches almost instantly.

The cockroach turned and ran away, and they gave chase.

Finally, I don’t know where they took out a rope and tied up the cockroach. I don’t know who took off the smelly socks to stop him from cursing.

Then, the fly tied the cockroach to the wooden pillar in front of the east room door. The mosquito held the painting in both hands and carefully placed it in front of the cockroach.

When night fell, the black mist enveloped the small courtyard again, and the flies took off the cockroach's mask. The three of us quickly retreated to the east room near the door.

After closing the half-remaining wooden door, flies and mosquitoes sat on the ground panting like cattle. I stood behind the window and stared at the cockroaches.

Not long after, Brother Mouse walked out of the black mist, with a strange smile on his charming female face.

I stared at this face without blinking.

I remembered!

This face is exactly the same as the female face in the ancient painting!

Before this village was destroyed, an ancient painting once hung in the ancestral hall.

The painting shows a half-naked woman with a weird smile on her face.

He is respectfully called Face Fairy by the villagers.

No one knows where the ancient paintings came from, and no one knows where the ancient paintings went after the village was wiped out.

But Lian Xian'er is not like the rumors say that everything he asks for can come true.

The face-seeking fairy has to pay for his life when doing things.

Therefore, the face fairy is used by the villagers to devour female ghosts.

But I had never seen a female ghost, so I always thought it was just a rumor.

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