campus Ghost Story

Song Jiani returned to school after taking half a month's leave. She told us: "I found a good way to make a lot of money."

"What can I do?" The person who couldn't control his curiosity the most was Yang Caile.

"Secret." Song Jiani's mysterious look makes people want to torture her.

"Have you made money?" Ma Meilin also came to join in the fun.

"Not yet. I just found a way, but I haven't started taking action yet. However, you will see what I am capable of in the near future." Song Jiani said as she handed the coat she just took off to Yang Caile, "To is you."

"What? This brand-name jacket is very expensive. You saved your pocket money for several months to buy it. Now it's still 90% new, and you actually want to give it to me?" Yang Caile was flattered.

"Now that I can make a lot of money, do I still care about one or two pieces of clothing? When I make money, I can buy as much as I want." Song Jiani said proudly.

Yang Caile happily accepted Song Jiani's gift. Then, Song Jiani asked Yang Caile for three yuan, saying that she wanted to go downstairs to buy a bottle of soda and she had no change. Yang Caile gave it to her without saying anything.

After Song Jiani went downstairs, Yang Caile put on the second-hand brand she just got, stood in front of the mirror and turned around several times, then put her hand into her pocket and took out a piece of paper. When she spread out the paper, she jumped with excitement. I certainly didn't care what she saw, I was reading a thread on a forum and it was very fascinating.

"Sun Mengjie, I discovered Song Jiani's secret, look!" Yang Caile ran to me and forced me to look at the paper she took out of Song Jiani's clothes.

"What is this?" I was very impatient.

"Treasure map." Yang Caile said, "Look, this is a hand-drawn map. The way Song Jiani said to make money must be to hunt for treasures in places marked with skulls on the map."

"What, treasure hunting? I want to go too!" Ma Meilin became interested when she heard what Yang Caile said.

"Tomorrow is the weekend. How about we go together? We have to get there before Song Jiani goes. If she wants to eat alone, we can't." Yang Caile said.

"Okay!" Ma Meilin was the first to agree.

"I don't want to go. This map… the more I look at it, the weirder it gets. I don't want to take risks for money." I said, "Yang Caile, I have long said that your greed for petty gains will harm you, and now my words are about to come true. , you are still stubborn."

"Did it come true? Why didn't I notice it?" Yang Caile said, "Forget it if you don't want to go. Ma Meilin and I will go."

I looked at Yang Caile and felt worried. I thought it would be better not to tell her some things. After thinking about it, I decided to go with her. As for Ma Meilin, it was a good thing that she went.

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The next day, Yang Caile, Ma Meilin and I secretly went out with Song Jiani on our backs.

We took a bus to a remote village. After getting off the bus, we walked for a long time without finding our destination. It became dark without realizing it.

The car returning to the territory could no longer be stopped. Yang Caile would not give up until we found our destination, so we had no choice but to move on. Not long after, I discovered that we had walked into a cemetery.

Yang Caile walked in the front, I walked in the middle, and Ma Meilin walked in the end.

Walking in the cemetery at night is as terrifying as it is terrifying. I looked back at Ma Meilin from time to time, for fear that she would get lost. But the more I am afraid of something, the more likely it will happen. When I looked back at Ma Meilin again, she was really gone!

"Yang Caile, Ma Meilin is missing!" I panicked.

Yang Caile and I went back the way we came to look for Ma Meilin, but we only saw her left wallet and an ancient mirror from nowhere on the ground.

No matter how much we called Ma Meilin's name, no one responded. I saw that there was still signal on my phone, so I tried to call Ma Meilin. As a result, all I heard from the receiver was a mechanical computer reply tone: "The number you dialed is not in the service area."

It's useless to blame Yang Caile for insisting on treasure hunting. I can only put away Ma Meilin's wallet and mirror first.

"Look, we're already here!" I just put away my things and after walking a few steps, Yang Caile looked at a stone tablet next to her and said.

There are a few words written on the stone tablet – Whirlpool Ancient Town. I lowered my head and glanced at my feet, which were completely planted on the stone road of the ancient town. Looking back, the field behind me turned into a gray expanse, and there was only nothingness in sight.

"Now that we're here, let's go inside and look for Ma Meilin after dawn." Although my tone was calm, Ma Meilin's disappearance was a very serious matter to me, but there was nothing I could do.

"This is the only way." Yang Caile had to agree.

With every step I took, my heart got closer to despair. Ma Meilin seemed to be swallowed up by the night. I could only choose to move forward.

Weird ancient town

Yang Caile and I were so exhausted that we finally followed the map and arrived at an ancient town.

When I arrived in the town, I found that although it was early in the morning, the ancient town was very lively, with people coming and going, and many small shops were open. The strange thing is that the signboard of each store is a stone tablet. The largest character engraved on the tablet is not the name of the store, but the name of the person, maybe the name of the store owner, but those stone tablets look like tombstones. There are still some empty shops in the town, and the stone tablets in front of the doors are also blank.

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Not wanting to think too much, I took out my phone again, but was frustrated to find that there was no signal at all. I accidentally pressed the replay button and dialed Ma Meilin's number. To my surprise, the phone dialed Ma Meilin's number without a signal. The call was answered, and Ma Meilin's voice came from the receiver: "Throw away the mirror, don't look at that ancient mirror!" After she said this, the call was disconnected.

When I called Ma Meilin again, I couldn't get through Heita Guiyao , but I noticed the date on the phone.

"Yesterday was the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar!" My voice revealed panic.

"What happened to the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar?" Yang Caile asked puzzledly.

"In the second half of the night on the 15th day of the lunar calendar, if you pick up a mirror in a cemetery and look at the mirror carefully, you will see a ghost market. If you don't throw away the mirror in time after seeing the ghost market, but continue to look at the mirror, you will see the ghost market. People will enter the ghost market." I said, "Didn't we pick up an ancient mirror after Ma Meilin disappeared? Maybe she has entered the ghost market!"

"How do you know?" Yang Caile became nervous.

"I saw about the ghost market on a forum." I replied.

"Let's live in this town first and then think of something else." Yang Caile suggested.

"Okay, that's all." I nodded in agreement.

The sky gradually grew brighter, and the original lively expressions of the people in the ancient town disappeared, replaced by stiff faces. Their behavior became more and more bizarre, and every move seemed extremely mechanical. The volume of their speech seemed to have been turned on a volume switch, gradually decreasing and slowly lowering…

Yang Caile and I finally found a suitable hotel, and the keeper was an old lady. The old lady talked to us in an increasingly quiet voice. Finally, when it was completely bright, her voice was so quiet that it disappeared. His mouth opened and closed mechanically, like a muted TV screen.

The old lady of the hotel took us to the guest room, and exited the room with her head buried. Every movement she makes is like a puppet, or in other words, like a walking corpse!

"I think the people in this town are really weird." After checking into the store, Yang Caile's forehead began to sweat.

"No matter how weird this town is, we can't leave. Only in this town can we get through Ma Meilin's phone number. We must save her!" My tone was very firm.

"It's all my fault for looking for some treasure." Yang Caile lowered his head.

"Now is not the time to blame ourselves. We must be careful to save Ma Meilin." I said.

In fact, I knew we had entered a dangerous zone from the moment I called Ma Meilin on a mobile phone with no signal. When I called Ma Meilin outside the town, the mobile phone had signal at that time, but her phone was not in the service area. After entering the town, there was no signal on the mobile phone but she was able to call her, which meant that we were already in the same area, and our situation was not much better than Ma Meilin.

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A hundred years old

Yang Caile and I were so tired that we slept until dark. Yang Caile woke up first.

"It's already one o'clock in the night. Are you hungry?" Yang Caile pushed me awake.

"Hungry." I answered vaguely.

"Then get up and go eat." Yang Caile said.

To save Ma Meilin, we must have strength. I agreed with Yang Caile's suggestion and got up.

After dark, the ancient town became lively again, with people coming and going on the streets, which was very lively.

"Look, there is a century-old store here. It looks good and the food must be delicious. Let's solve the problem of eating here." Not long after leaving, Yang Caile discovered a snack bar.

"Okay." I agreed.

After entering the store and sitting down, I didn't know what to order. The menus in the store were not called menus at all. They were all named "fruit", "steamed buns", "roast chicken", "baijiu"… and so on. There were no names. A decent dish name.

Yang Caile ordered the dishes excitedly. I didn't care to look at the menu. I looked around and found that the dishes served by the waiter were very strange. They were all the same dishes used to offer sacrifices to the dead when visiting graves. Fruits and pastries were placed in a tower shape, and the roasted chicken was not cut into pieces, but placed on a plate as a whole.

The dishes were weird, but what was even more puzzling was that all the customers in the store did not eat them, but sniffed the dishes desperately. The smelled dishes actually rotted in a short period of time.

"Yang Caile, let's go. You can't eat the food in this store." I whispered. When I turned to look at Yang Caile beside me, I found that she had already started eating, eating with gusto and looking greedy.

A customer at an unknown table in the store said:

"The food in this store tastes really good! No wonder it has been open for so long. It's easy to start a business but hard to keep it going. It's not easy!"

When the boss Heita Guiyao heard this, he sat behind the counter and laughed. He said: "It's not difficult, it's not difficult. I am the one who started the business and I am the one who keeps the business for hundreds of years. How difficult is it?" After finishing the meal, the boss's jaw dropped on the counter with a thud.

I couldn't bear it anymore, grabbed Yang Caile and ran away. Before she could reach the door of the store, Yang Caile vomited and vomited out all the food she had just eaten. The food gave off an unpleasant rancid smell, and some of the food was crawling with maggots. Yang Caile went crazy and threw herself on the ground, licking the dirty food she had just spit out. My gastric juices surged into my throat, but I finally resisted the nausea and forcibly dragged Yang Caile up from the ground.

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Yang Caile's actions attracted the attention of everyone in the store, and they all looked at us. I knew something was wrong, so I pulled her and was about to run away, but her arm was grabbed by another pair of hands. The manpower to capture her is infinite, and there is no way I can capture that person. Finally, the man dragged Yang Caile away. Yang Caile had no intention of running away except struggling and trying to throw herself to the ground to continue eating. There was nothing I could do but run away at all costs.

I escaped from the old store, but I saw that the person who dragged Yang Caile away was Ma Meilin. She looked fierce at that time, her expression was extremely ferocious, fierce and cold, as if she didn't know us at all.

Hidden secrets of ghost market

I returned to the hotel, wondering whether I should stay to save Ma Meilin. In fact, I didn't know whether Ma Meilin could be saved. But I know I can't help Yang Caile, she can only save herself. I knew this from the start…

If I give up saving Ma Meilin, how can I get out of this ghost town? Getting out of the ghost town doesn't just rely on your feet. The moment Ma Meilin disappeared, I knew that I might have lost when I first came to this ghost town with the mentality of taking a gamble.

I lay down and rested for a while, and suddenly I wanted to go to the toilet. When I walked out of the room, I realized that there was no toilet in the hotel. So, I had to leave the hotel to find the toilet.

I was walking carefully in the alley outside the hotel when I suddenly saw a familiar figure in front of me.

"Ma Meilin!" I shouted.

Ma Meilin turned around. Her face was extremely haggard, as if she was seriously ill. Her eye sockets were sunken and her face was pale. She cried immediately when she saw me: "I can't leave, you can't leave, we are all finished…"

"Ma Meilin, listen to me, you can get out, as long as you can survive, you can get out. We all have to escape, maybe… maybe if I have to, I will give it a try, and I will…" I looked at Ma Meilin's inhuman appearance and spoke incoherently.

"Do you really want to give it a try? Do you think you can survive it?" Ma Meilin suddenly seemed to have changed, her voice completely changed into that of a man, and the skin on her face seemed to be being torn apart by a pair of invisible hands. , twisted out of shape.

I stepped back and bumped into someone.

I turned around suddenly, and the person behind me smiled with her eyes downturned, looking very strange. She said, "If you want to try it, then buy my flowers."

The man was holding a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums in his hand, the kind usually used to visit graves.

"Hurry up and buy it." The man held the flowers and looked at me with a smile, showing a row of extremely fine teeth.

"Try it!" Ma Meilin came towards me.

I don’t know where the energy came from, so I pushed away the person who asked me to buy flowers frantically and ran back to the hotel.

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After returning to the hotel, before I could catch my breath, I found Song Jiani in my room.

"I'm here to save you." Song Jiani said, "The day you left the dormitory, I knew you were here. This is a ghost town. People who enter the ghost town only need to buy things from the ghosts. If the money you pay is not a ghost coin, you will sell something to him immediately. The things that ghosts who have been dead for more than a year usually sell to people are some sacrifices, and the body of the person who buys those sacrifices will be borrowed by the ghost who sold them to him. , also commonly known as ghost possession. If the body possessed by a ghost can resist the ghost occupying the body, it will be fine. If it cannot, the body will be completely occupied. And if the person buys a ghost that has been dead for less than a year He will become a walking half-dead man. A ghost who has been dead for less than a year will sell the things he carried with him at the moment of his death. As long as he sells out all the things he carried with him in ninety-nine and eighty-one days, he will become a half-dead man. Can be resurrected. The person who bought his things gave him all his essence. After becoming a half-dead person, he also has to sell all the things he carries with him to living people within eighty-one days. In this way, he can absorb the essence of living people and Resurrection, otherwise you will turn from a half-dead person into a real dead person."

"Song Jiani, is it too late for you to say this now? Yang Caile and Ma Meilin have been harmed by you!" I said angrily.

"I didn't know this at the beginning." Song Jiani lowered her head and said slowly, "I just thought this was a good place to buy antiques with ghost coins. I wanted to buy antiques from here and sell them. But when I Before I prepared the ghost coins to come here, my grandma discovered me. Grandma asked me what I was doing with so many ghost coins. I told the truth, and grandma told me these things about the ghost town. I remembered to put the map on the In the clothes given to Yang Caile, if you disappeared, you must have arrived here, so I looked for them."

"It's useless for you to come…" As soon as I said this, I felt dizzy and almost fell down. I was frightened and overworked, and I couldn't hold on any longer.

"Are you okay?" Song Jiani supported me.

"Fortunately, I don't know what the condition of Yang Caile and Ma Meilin is now. I think they may have bought things in the ghost town. The chance of saving them is very small. I decided to escape from here tomorrow. You go out and stop the car for me. , it will take a long time to buy a ticket and wait for the bus. I don’t know if I can survive it. I’ll give you the bus money.” As I said that, I took out some money and handed it to Song Jiani.

When Song Jiani saw me giving her money, a subtle smile appeared on her face. Then, she handed me a bottle of mineral water without any label and said, "I'll leave this water for you to drink. I'll buy a ticket for you right away."

Not long after Song Jiani walked out of the room, I picked up the mineral water she gave me, unscrewed the cap, and a foul smell filled the air. I know that at this moment Song Jiani thinks that I have fallen into her trap, but soon she will find out that she is the one who fell into the trap, and maybe she will never understand what is going on.

I know everything

When Song Jiani returned to school after taking half a month off, I discovered something unusual about her. She is listless during the day and talks little. Even if she occasionally speaks a few words, her voice is very low, but she is full of energy and energy at night. I suspect Song Jiani has been to a ghost town.

When Song Jiani pretended to "give" the coat to Yang Caile, I knew that my judgment was correct. She said she was giving the coat to Yang Caile, but in fact she was selling the coat to Yang Caile. As soon as she gave the coat to Yang Caile, she asked Yang Caile for three yuan, using the excuse that she had no change to buy soda.

I didn’t want to tell Yang Caile the truth. First, I was afraid that she would design to harm others after knowing the truth. Second, I hoped to save her through other means.

Regarding the ghost town, I saw it on a forum. The post not only told me that I could enter the ghost market by picking up a mirror in the cemetery, but also told me what Song Jiani said. In addition, the post also talked about some things about ghost towns.

It is impossible for a living person who enters the ghost town to get out of the ghost town. No matter how long he walks, he will always find himself in the town. You cannot leave town unless you have made a deal in town. But as long as you buy something belonging to a ghost, you will either be in danger of being possessed by a ghost or become half-dead. I thought that Ma Meilin had also followed. Once we found a way to rescue Yang Caile, we would trade with each other. A trade between two living people would not cause any negative consequences and would allow us all to get out of the ghost town. But unexpectedly, Ma Meilin picked up a mirror on the way that allowed people to enter the ghost market. When she entered the ghost market, she actually bought the ghost's things and was possessed by the ghost.

Yang Caile has become half-dead because she bought Song Jiani's coat a long time ago. Of course, she will eat and drink in the ghost town shop. I couldn't find a way to save her, and Ma Meilin was also in danger. I just wanted to escape from the ghost town, and I was wondering whether I should take the risk and buy something from a ghost once, let myself be possessed by a ghost, and rely on my willpower to get through it, when Song Jiani came. She wanted to design and sell things to me, but she didn't expect that I would take the initiative to buy her water. I know that if I pretend to ask her to help me buy a ticket and give her the money, she will definitely give me something. Sure enough, she left the water for me. The money I gave her actually belonged to Ma Meilin. When Ma Meilin disappeared, in addition to picking up the mirror, I also picked up the wallet she left behind.

I made a deal in the ghost town and I can get out of the ghost town. I opened the door and walked out of the hotel. When I was about to leave the town, I saw the words "Song Jiani" engraved on the stone tablet in front of a new store. Yes: The post also said: If a half-dead person sells things to a person who bought ghost things and was possessed by a ghost, then he will become a merchant in the ghost town forever and will never leave the ghost town.

I strode out of the ghost town. I knew everything was over. I didn't know what would happen to Ma Meilin and Yang Caile. I only knew that I had tried my best.

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