Legend Of Concubine Ming Read Online

"I took a look at the Xuebo robe. This is Concubine Ming's official uniform. It is covered with a large amount of his spiritual power. Wearing it, ghosts like Baili have no choice but to get closer to me. How can I send ghosts? They The two couples were born for me, one must protect my soul, and the other must protect my soul that stays in the underworld." It looked at me angrily, "We were born for you, maybe you can't, Wang If you don't inject spiritual power under our two guardian stones, Lei Yu and I can only look at each other from a distance, and we can't meet each other." Ling Yi lowered his head, "Why don't you want to see the king for a hundred years? It's always sad to see him mention you. … Continue readingLegend Of Concubine Ming Read Online

Ghost Qi Ri Burning "Waiting" Touching Ghost Story Online Reading

The rain hit his face mercilessly, maybe he would take this opportunity to cry. Suddenly a white figure appeared in front of his eyes, he couldn't see clearly, and then fell into the darkness. Although Jiaxing has great doubts, as long as the aunt is good, the two depend on each other for life. You must have a lot of questions in your heart. After getting along for so long, the aunt really treats you as her own child. If you can't accept it, you can go. The aunt will not force you. Aunt Chen's heart was broken, she didn't speak, but followed silently not far away. Live well, and keep that padded jacket as a souvenir. … Continue readingGhost Qi Ri Burning "Waiting" Touching Ghost Story Online Reading