How Can The Dead Pearl Enter The South China Sea And Return To The Ruins?

The stillborn fetus, which was missing both legs and arms, had long since been wiped out by the chaotic sea water. Shirley Yang, Fatty, myself, and I were pulling each other in the water, our bodies being swayed by the sucking current. But it was under this special situation that I discovered that the hexagram mechanism of the bronze man and jade plate was precisely to draw out Shark from the water. Grandma Shark turned the stone cauldron with the strange force of her whole body. The copper chain on the stone cauldron was twisted by it, causing several stone gates hidden next to the coral iron tree to rumble open a gap. There was a strong undercurrent inside, and the water flow suddenly It rotated clockwise, sucking in the aquatic animals in the coral cave one after another. Many funerary objects placed at the bottom of the water also floated as if they were weightless, and were sucked away by the vortex behind the stone gate.

The terrain in Guixu resembles a whale, with its head to the west and tail to the east, lying in the South China Sea. The blowhole is the ghost island above the sacred tree on the seabed. Judging from the direction of the opening of the stone gate, it corresponds to the mouth of the whale. The corpse of the Nanhai Zombie is placed in the stone coffin and locked with the tortoise shell or a living giant tortoise. The sea air that has been isolated for many years suddenly penetrates, creating a sea eye. Like a whirlpool, once several stone gates are opened, the sarcophagus and stone coffin will be sucked out of the whale's mouth by the sudden eye of the sea and sink to the bottom of the sea forever. To lure out Grandma Shark hidden in the coral tunnel, you must have the spirit of hundreds of pearls. This bizarre "sea burial" can only be implemented if you have enough southern pearls. More than a hundred moonlight pearls cannot be harvested easily. It may take several years or even decades. The ancients valued death far more than life, and would not hesitate to pay any price for eternal life after death. However, the stone gate mechanism for sending corpses into the sea mainly made clever use of the miraculous natural creation and did not use too much manpower. However, the wonders and miraculousness of natural creations are far beyond what can be created by man.

Previously we thought that during the full moon, there would be an undercurrent rising up and the coffins would be washed to the surface, but now it seems that we were completely wrong. Hentian believes that after death, the soul will go to the moon, and then life will continue to exist in another form. The passage in the oak tree is prepared for the undead, but the corpse will still return to the vast sea. Zhen Gua is only a mechanism for sending corpses into the sea, and the method of saving the undead is probably not applicable to living people. If we want to use this mechanism It is simply impossible to escape from Guixu.

As these thoughts swirled in my mind, I suddenly felt my arms become numb and swollen, and I could no longer hold the fat man's arms. Seeing that he was about to be sucked into Grandma Shark's mouth, the fat man no longer cared about the ancient sword. Taking advantage of the strong current, he suddenly let go of his hand, and the copper sword was directly swallowed by Grandma Shark, and the sharp dagger was inserted into it. With her tongue, a wisp of dirty blood spread out in the water, but Grandma Sameer didn't realize it and kept trying her best to absorb the water in front of the moonlight.

The fat man threw away the ancient water-dividing sword and freed up his other hand. This time, he grabbed my arm with both hands and finally climbed back to the coral tree. Shirley Yang and I also clung to the iron tree one after another. We saw that the turbulent currents swept all kinds of wreckage and relics under the water flying everywhere, like a tornado. The bronze statue holding the moon was so strong and solid that it seemed not to be disturbed. Moved. But we were unable to advance or retreat while clinging to the iron tree. We watched Grandma Shark gradually climb up the giant cauldron, and the ghostly moon rose higher and higher. However, there was nothing we could do to prevent the situation from deteriorating sharply. We could only hope that the sea monster would come soon. We swallowed the clam beads, and then retreated into the hiding cave to close the water hole, otherwise we would be swept away by the increasingly strong turbulence and die.

I didn't want to wait for death, so I planned to risk my life by climbing to the bottom of the tree and destroying the jade plate. In fact, the one closest to the bronze man now is Uncle Ming, but he has been shocked to death and can't count on him at all. I hesitated and climbed down to the bottom of the iron tree in the surging water, but suddenly the underwater vortex changed. Through the iron tree fossils, I could feel abnormal vibrations coming from the bottom of the sea.

I looked through the moonlight under the water and saw that the vortex behind the stone gate suddenly disappeared. It turned out that the death of the mother-of-pearl was equivalent to breaking the feng shui in Guixu. In the water-absorbing sea eyes, the remaining sea air was gradually disappearing. The intricate coral caves underwater and how to enter the dead beads in the whale belly cave were originally shrouded in chaotic sea air, causing the sea water to rise and fall and change erratically. But once the sea air disappears, some fragile coral caves It will collapse, and a disaster will occur where the sky collapses and the sea collapses.

At this time, the swarms of sharks in the water were either sucked away by the water hole, or they fled desperately. The fossils in the coral cave began to collapse, and the rocks blocked the sea eye in the stone gate. I hastily gave up the idea of ​​climbing to the bottom of the tree and destroying the jade plate. I pushed Duoling, Uncle Ming and other panicked people, telling them not to leave the largest iron tree fossil on the seabed. In the astonishing upheaval of the earth and the sea, it was difficult for everyone to protect themselves. Even if they wanted to save each other, they were unable to do anything.

The sky inside the coral cave collapsed, the cave where Grandma Shark was hiding suddenly opened several holes, and the coral reef that was pressing on her became loose. It took the opportunity to climb out of it, how to get in the turbid water mist, and crawled up the stone cauldron. Unexpectedly, it used too much force and broke several copper chains. The copper figure in the cauldron swayed with pearls, and was covered by the water. The surge was so overwhelming that it was about to collapse.

I wanted to take a closer look, but suddenly a huge hole opened under the cauldron, and the sea water was sucked in swirlingly. I hurriedly buried my head to avoid it, but suddenly there was another rapid rise in the ground. The Yin River buried under the sea rolled back and surged upward. No matter how strong the copper man hexagram plate was, it couldn't hold it back. Hundreds of moonlight pearls as big as dragon's eyes were washed away by the undercurrent. A goddess scatters flowers.

I could no longer hold on to the iron tree fossil, and was involuntarily swept up by the gushing Yin River. The huge change in water pressure made people feel separated from the body and mind, as if the soul had been separated from the body, and the sky was hanging on the ground. Surfaced. I almost choked to death from the water, so I tore off my breathing tube and frog goggles, and hurried to find the other people. Fortunately, everyone was proficient in water, and there were no injuries due to the turbulent flow of water, but I was inevitably frightened. They were all gasping for air with their mouths open, unable to make a sound.

At the place where the ruins are located, there is a skylight above and an undercurrent below. The undercurrent in the coral cave surged upwards. Before we could take a few breaths on the water, the water kept rising and rolled over the whale bone reef where the corpses were stored. In the blink of an eye, the water surface has passed the copper gate under the Tongyue Shenmu, and is about to approach the rock formation above the head.

At this time, the coral cave was completely dark, and the pearls scattered at the bottom of the water had long been washed away by the turbulent currents. I grabbed the old scaled bark of the oak tree and shouted to everyone: "The scuba has no oxygen, we can't stay in it." In the coral cave, quickly enter the copper door…"

The rest of the people immediately understood that the rising undercurrent would soon fill the cave. If they did not leave the Coral Cave Tomb as soon as possible, they would either be swept to the bottom of the sea by the current, or they would drown directly. It is possible to escape this disaster only by climbing back to the ancient city of Huixu through the Zhongmu passage. Everyone was struggling to swim over, preparing to dive into the copper gate with one breath. The longer the time passed, the higher the water level was, and the chance of swimming into the copper gate became slimmer. Therefore, no one could think about anything else. He swam to Zhimu with all his strength.

Uncle Ming was eager to escape and plunged in first. I took a deep breath and prepared to dive into the water, but before I took the breath halfway, I heard continuous loud rumbling sounds in the coral cave. Sea air is an immortal energy in Nanlong. After it disappears and weakens, some coral reefs and rocks suddenly become decayed and fragile. I saw a dragon flashing through the sky above my head, the rock formations penetrated by the oak tree quickly collapsed and split on both sides, and a canyon opened at the bottom of Guixu. The water level above the ancient city is low at this moment, so there is not a large amount of chaotic water pouring down. Instead, the two large caves, the Coral Cave and the Whale Belly, are connected to each other.

We were so horrified by the earth-shattering momentum that we were stunned. For a moment, we were holding the huge sacred tree sunk in the sea and were stunned in the water. We forgot about the plan to dive into the copper gate. When we raised our eyes, we could vaguely see the Guixu Dome House. The yin fire is like lava fire dragons hanging upside down, rolling and flowing in the rock formations.

At this time, Uncle Ming suddenly popped his head out of the water and shouted: "No, Grandma Shark at the bottom of the water was also washed up by the current. She was holding the sacred tree and blocking the entrance of the passage." He panicked and said He had to go to the water to escape, but he actually didn't know where else to escape.

I grabbed Uncle Ming's arm, and without saying anything else to him, I pushed him directly onto the sloping body of the sacred tree. At this point, I had no choice but to improvise, pass through the cracked ruins of Guixu, and climb directly up. The top of the tree is full of belemnites to avoid the approaching currents and sea monsters.

Then I lifted Duoling and Gucai up from the water. Uncle Ming took the lead, like a strong old ape, leading the two siblings up the tree quickly. Then I asked Shirley Yang to follow me. At this moment, the flow rate had reached its limit. I grabbed the fat man and shouted to him: "Commander Wang, can you do it?"

The fat man wiped the water on his face and said: "For the free beer and Vietnamese bitches on Coral Temple Island…fuck you, I will risk everything this time." After saying that, he wrapped his belly with straw and used his hands and feet together, sliding step by step. The ground climbed up the sacred tree. This time he caught a lot of green heads in the coral spiral. Although he was in a desperate situation and almost died, he still seemed to be full of energy and extraordinarily energetic. In other words, he was burning money. At this time, even his fear of heights, which has always been difficult to overcome, The disease was also forgotten.

I followed closely behind and climbed up the sacred tree. Collapsed rock fragments kept falling from us. At this moment, we not only had to pay attention to the slippery wood scales, but we also had to keep dodging the falling rocks. However, no one could care about fear. Even if you can save your life by climbing up, if you slip and fall or get hit by a rock, you will have to accept your fate.

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