How To Get Death Pearl Into The Blood Curse Of Gossip And Gossip

Meng Keying's family has been engaged in jewelry business for generations. By Meng Keying's generation, Meng's jewelry stores have spread all over the world. Unfortunately, the Meng family has only produced daughters, not sons. In order to continue the family line, they can only rely on recruiting sons-in-law.

It is said that all the women of the Meng family were beautiful and immortal, but unfortunately they did not live long and died almost as soon as they gave birth to their successors.

Meng Keying's mother, grandmother… were all like this. The Meng family almost seemed to be cursed, and every generation could not escape this fate. Meng Keying was twenty-three years old this year, less than two years before the curse. Just after graduating from college, her father arranged for her to join the company and prepare to take over the family business. Unfortunately, Meng Keying was not interested in running jewelry, but she was only passionate about appraising jewelry.

Her father had no choice but to persuade her, saying that this was the hard work left by the Meng family's ancestors and could not be defeated by her. Before the age of twenty-five, the business must be handed over to her in order to carry forward the Meng family jewelry.

Meng Keying disagreed, saying it went in one ear and came out the other.

I had nothing to do, so I took some money with me and went to auctions in various places with a few friends.

On this day, she heard that the Shanghai auction house was going to auction some cultural relics and jewelry from the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty, so she rushed to the auction house early.

There were quite a lot of people coming to bid, all of them were cultural relic lovers and connoisseurs, and the auction house was filled to capacity.

The purpose of her trip was to take a picture of the glass bead. However, there seemed to be quite a lot of people coming for that glass bead. When the glass bead started bidding, before she could make a move, a man and a woman beside her followed closely and started bidding.

Meng Keying thought it was fun, so she simply gave up and watched the handsome man and beautiful woman keep comparing prices. In the end, the handsome man bought it for 10 million, and the beautiful woman glared at the handsome man in anger.

After the glass bead was taken away, Meng Keying thought it was nothing to play with and planned to leave. At this time, the organizer suddenly added a bidding item – a ruby ​​the size of a pigeon egg.

The women of the Meng family are born sensitive to jewelry. They have a unique pair of eyes and can actually understand the secrets in every gem.

And this ruby ​​is a special kind of red that Meng Keying has never seen before. There are only a handful of ordinary rubies that can reach pigeon blood red grade, but this one is actually even brighter red than pigeon blood red. Plus, It is so big that it can be said to be a rare treasure for a century.

Meng Keying stared at the ruby, and she vaguely saw a beautiful man lying in the ruby. The handsome man's face was pale, and he seemed to have slept for a long time.

Meng Keying was startled, thinking she was dazzled. In the past, when she looked at gems, she could understand the origin and age of each gem. But this time, she actually saw a beautiful man in the gems. He was so beautiful that he was beyond words. She was shocked by herself. Jump.

After wiping her eyes and looking again, the man opened his eyes suddenly. A pair of eyes as red as blood made her almost scream in fright.

Meng Keying felt that the gem was evil and actually made her hallucinate. She picked up the bag and was about to leave. At this moment, another tall and beautiful man actually bought the gem for the highest price of 10 million.

After the man bought the gem, many people were stunned by such a huge astronomical figure. As a sign of friendship, they congratulated him one after another. However, the tall and handsome man asked people to bring the gem to Meng Keying.

"If I guess correctly, this lady is Miss Meng Keying, the heir to Meng's jewelry!" said the tall and beautiful man.

Meng Keying looked at the handsome man in front of her and frowned. She seemed to be incompatible with this handsome man. This handsome man actually gave her such a precious ruby, crazy!

"I'm Meng Keying, but I'm not familiar with you sir. I can't afford to give you such a valuable thing. Please keep it yourself, sir!" He picked up the bag and left.

But the handsome man was whistling behind her, and Meng Keying was disgusted by his cynicism.

"My name is Gu Yu! Say hello to Uncle Meng for me! Tell me that I will visit him tomorrow!" The beautiful man shouted to Meng Keying.

His surname is actually Gu! That legendary enemy of the Meng family! Didn't it mean that the surnamed Gu has no descendants? How could such a person suddenly appear!

Meng Keying suddenly thought of the Meng family's ancestral precepts, and returned home in a panic with her mind heavy all the way.

The beautiful man in the gem and the man named Gu Yu could not be erased from his mind.

She thought that she must have thought too much, so the images of these two people were engraved in her mind. She asked herself to relax and try not to think about it again.

At night she had a strange dream.

She dreamed that she and Gu Yu were going treasure hunting together.

The two of them entered an ancient tomb. The tomb was very large and dark. There were many treasures in the tomb. It looked like a noble tomb.

Meng Keying stood among the funerary objects piled higher than hers, looking at this and that, but felt that they were not what she wanted.

Gu Yu said funnyly: "What does Yingmei want?"

"I want something special! For example, a ruby ​​as big as a pigeon egg!" Even she was shocked when she said this.

How could this scene look so familiar? Meng Keying thought, she wanted to wake up, but she couldn't wake up from the nightmare.

She was a little anxious, but Gu Yu comforted her and said, "Don't think about it, these are your memories from the past!"

Meng Keying instantly fell into the ice cellar, seemingly unable to wake up, and the dream continued.

At this moment, Gu Yu had opened a coffin. She put the torch in her hand close to the coffin and took a look. There was a mummy lying in the coffin. The clothes on the corpse were intact and the style seemed to be from ancient times. She didn't dare to specify which dynasty. Sure.

Gu Yu touched and touched the mummy, but found nothing. Finally, he pulled out the short knife in his hand without giving up, stabbed the heart of the mummy, and pulled out a ruby ​​the size of a pigeon egg from the heart.

"Yingmei, your wish has come true!" Gu Yu smiled and put the ruby ​​into Meng Keying's hand.

Meng Keying is either taking it or not.

At this time, Gu Yu said again: "I read in an ancient book that this gem is a spiritual stone used by shamans to communicate with gods. I heard that it can give people endless wealth and wisdom. What a pity. Come on , this person actually swallowed the spirit stone…"

Before Gu Yu finished speaking, Meng Keying got the courage from nowhere and quickly pulled out the knife on the corpse and stabbed Gu Yu.

"Mei Ying, you…" Gu Yu didn't expect Meng Keying to become murderous as if possessed.

Gu Yu fell to the ground helplessly, blood flowing all over the floor. As the blood drained, his face instantly turned pale.

Meng Keying was worried that Gu Yu's soul would seek revenge on her, so she moved Gu Yu's body into the coffin to sleep with the mummy. Unexpectedly, when moving Gu Yu's body, the ruby ​​​​was stained with Gu Yu's blood…

"Ah!" Meng Keying woke up from her dream with an exclamation, covered in cold sweat, which made her unable to calm down for a long time.

She was deeply impressed by that dream, as if she had experienced it herself.

She climbed up anxiously, but she heard someone talking and laughing downstairs. One of the voices was her father, and the other one was familiar, but she was not sure who it was. When she went down the stairs, she almost fainted. It's Gu Yu.

Only then did Meng Keying believe that Gu Yu was not joking yesterday. He said he would come to visit her father today and now he actually came!

Why does Gu Yu feel so mysterious? What on earth does he want to do?

With uneasiness, Meng Keying quickly washed herself and went downstairs.

"What are you doing here?" Meng Keying said angrily.

"Of course I'm here to see you! Don't be so angry early in the morning, as if you've eaten gunpowder!" Gu Yu said with a smile.

Meng Keying rolled her eyes at him, expressing that she hated him very much.

Meng's father took the opportunity to pull Meng Keying aside and said: "Keying has something to tell you. It's time!"

Seeing that her father suddenly became mysterious, Meng Keying smiled and said, "What's the matter?"

"Do you know where your mother's ruby ​​is?"

"Ah?" Meng Keying was confused as to how the death bead was going to be inserted , and why it was related to the ruby ​​​​again.

"How do I know? My mother died when I was born!" Meng Keying replied.

Father Meng shook his head and said to Gu Yu, "I can't persuade her, so you should do it!"

Father Meng reluctantly went upstairs.

However, Gu Yu calmly took out the ruby ​​​​photographed yesterday and placed it on the table: "This one is fake! You can't see it?"

Meng Keying was startled. Yesterday she only looked at the beautiful man in the gem and didn't care about the authenticity of the gem. Now she took a closer look and found that it was indeed fake. The beautiful man in the gem was also missing. Now she concluded that she appeared yesterday. Hallucination.

"Are you confused?" Gu Yu said with a smile.

"What's there to wonder about? Experts sometimes make mistakes, let alone a newbie like me!"

"Oh! How did you sleep last night? Did you dream about something?" Gu Yubie said with deep meaning.

Meng Keying was afraid that her thoughts would be guessed by him, so she expected that she would not be able to talk to this person anymore. He seemed to be able to understand what she was thinking.

I found an excuse and tried to escape.

"Stop running away, okay? Don't you want to know why your family only has girls but not boys? You can't escape the age of twenty-five and you have to die after giving birth to the next generation?"

"How do you know? My dad said so! Haha!" Meng Keying was startled and couldn't help but smile bitterly.

She had never dared to touch this secret because she was afraid, so she had been avoiding love. She didn't expect that someone would reveal it today, and she felt really uncomfortable.

If you fall in love, you must get married, and if you get married, you must have children, so she forced herself not to fall in love, thinking that this would break the damn curse, but she knew that she would not be able to escape the fate of being twenty-five.

"To break the spell, we must find the ruby! Think carefully about where you put the ruby?" Gu Yu reminded her.

Where do you put it? How do I know? I didn't put it there.

Wait, that dream! Suddenly Meng Keying seemed to understand something?

Pointing at Gu Yu, he said: "You are him! You are not dead!"

Gu Yu did not deny it: "That's why I have been looking for the ruby ​​because I didn't want to meet you at the auction! You and her really look like the same person!"

These words made Meng Keying hit rock bottom.

Let’s not ask how old Gu Yu is. Calculated from the time in the dream, he was at least her grandmother’s generation, so she was two hundred years old!

What an immortal monster!

Meng Keying smiled bitterly.

At this time, Gu Yu said again: "That ruby ​​is the spiritual stone of the Witch Clan. Whoever's blood is stained will form an alliance with whomever, and that person will live forever. And the person who gets the ruby ​​will be imprisoned because he is not the owner of the ruby." The gem has been cursed forever! Your ancestors took away the gem, which is why you died young. Now only by finding the gem can we break the blood curse and save you!"

Meng Keying's head hurt, and a voice in her heart told her that the gem was in the safe of HSBC Bank, and the key to the safe was in Huang Binhong's landscape calligraphy and painting scroll, and the password was her birthday.

These memories came out of thin air. She seemed to have returned to the past in an instant. She and Gu Yu went on a treasure hunt together. In the end, she was possessed by an evil spirit. She killed Gu Yu with a knife and took away the ruby. The ruby ​​brought her endless wealth and wisdom. , but when she was twenty-five years old, she died with blood in her blood after giving birth to her daughter…

Gu Yu went to the bank safe to take out the ruby, bit his finger and dripped blood on the ruby ​​to undo the spell.

And he himself instantly turned into a ball of red light and disappeared.

Later, Meng Keying fell in love and got married, and later she gave birth to a son, and that son was none other than Gu Yu…

In fact, the ruby ​​imprisoned Gu Yu's soul. Only by finding it can Gu Yu be reincarnated. At the same time, only his blood can unlock the curse of the evil spirit in the ruby. (End of this article)

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