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When my grandfather was alive, he gave me a small bottle to collect ghosts. This bottle is called Dingyin bottle. The bottle is three inches long and dark red in color. At the bottom of the bottle is the word Dingyin. Because it is old, the font has changed. It's very blurry. If you don't look carefully, you really can't recognize these two words. This bottle seems to have been around at the time of my grandfather's grandfather, so no one knows its origin. The ancestors used it to collect ghosts and it was always very effective. If the ghost in this bottle is not released as soon as possible, over time, his soul will be scattered and he will never be reincarnated. Therefore, as long as it is not an extremely evil ghost, our ancestors will not use this bottle to collect her.

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Grandpa once used this bottle to collect a ghost by mistake. When he was young, one day, a middle-aged man named Gensheng came to grandpa and said that there was an evil ghost living in his old house. Many people died, and I was almost killed by this evil ghost. I asked my grandfather to subdue this evil ghost. Grandpa believed what he said, so he took the bottle and followed Gensheng to his old house to collect the evil spirit.

At night, Gensheng didn't dare to accompany his grandpa into the old house to collect ghosts, so grandpa came to the old house alone. It was an old house with a long history. The broken walls and tiles were covered by wall-creepers. Coupled with years of exposure to the sun and rain and disrepair, it now looked dilapidated and seemed to collapse at any time. When we came down, the house was even more covered with dust and cobwebs. Other than that, it was completely empty. The moon was very big at that time, shining brightly in the old house, and everything could be seen. The old house was quite peaceful in the first half of the night, but in the second half of the night, there was a rustling sound coming from the broken wooden door of the old house. Near, sometimes light and sometimes heavy. Grandpa knew that the sound was not the sound of the wind blowing on the wooden door, but the sound of ghosts. Sure enough, after a while, a woman in white appeared from the broken wooden door. She was holding her head in her hands and her hair was long. I couldn't see her face at all, I could only see the woman's hair dripping with blood…

Grandpa was used to seeing ghosts and was not afraid. On the contrary, he was very calm. He took out the vaginal bottle, pointed the mouth of the bottle at the female ghost in white, recited a spell and shouted at her: "Come in!" The female ghost in white received it in the bottle.

Great Ghost Cultivator_Gui Cultivator_Unparalleled Ghost Cultivator

After the female ghost in white was put into the bottle by her grandfather, she told him sadly that she was a resentful spirit who had been killed by someone, and the murderer was Gensheng, and she begged him to let her go. Gensheng is an honest man who likes to help people in need in the village. He is a good man in the eyes of the villagers. The only regret is that because his family is poor, he is already forty years old and has not yet married a wife. In the eyes of the villagers, he is just like this. Good old man, how could he kill someone? Grandpa didn't believe her words and thought she was framing Gensheng. He just let her beg no matter what, but grandpa didn't let her go. Later, she died in the bottle.

Another year later, an old man dug up old tree roots buried in the soil near the old house, burned them as wood, and unexpectedly dug up a female corpse. The police quickly solved the case. It turned out that it was the body of a female college student named Lu Xiaoming. She was only twenty years old. She was a junior student at a university in the provincial capital. She was young, beautiful, and very popular. During the summer vacation, she came to the countryside to experience life. One day she came to play near the old house, but was discovered by Gensheng who lived near the old house. The lonely Gensheng was greedy for her beauty, and was obsessed with her for a while. When she was not paying attention, he He knocked her unconscious with a wooden stick, then carried her into the old house and raped her. After the incident, Gensheng was afraid that she would report him to the police when she woke up, so he simply killed her and buried her body near the old house. After her death, her resentment lingered, so she searched for Gensheng every night to claim her life. Gen was afraid of her ghost, so he tricked his grandfather into putting her ghost in a Dingyin bottle, and her soul disappeared. Grandpa did not expect that Laoshi Muna's roots would actually deceive him and thus become his accomplice in murder. After this incident, Grandpa was filled with regret and never used this bottle to collect ghosts again.

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