Goddess Resurrected After Death

The goddess has no children and lives with her wife. The two of them have a deep relationship. One dark night a month later, the goddess hanged herself. The body of the goddess has been placed in the coffin. The lid of the coffin will be closed after the Taoist priests have finished the rituals and the family members have seen each other for the last time. The Taoist priest had never seen such an occasion. Holding the magic weapon in his hand, he shouted at the old lady: What, who are you trying to scare with a dead man? The news of the deception of the corpse by the goddess had spread throughout the village.

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Green Sac Shroud Part 5: Insect Master

In "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture", she and Ghost Claw used the profound witchcraft in the second half of the "corpse Gu technique" to drive the corpse insects to seize the seven corpses and achieved complete success. "Ghost Claw and Monk Wuyubai came to my house last night…" Xiaojian cried and told what happened that night from the beginning to the end, but did not mention Yaodan and Ah He's undercover. Alas, Master Huang Jianguo was killed in the Grand Canyon in Western Henan, and now Dongdong died unexpectedly again. It was even more unexpected that the head would be taken away by Uncle Fei, and the scroll and dog's teeth fell into the hands of Baiguang Damai in the end… … Continue readingGreen Sac Shroud Part 5: Insect Master