I Was Made Into A Sister By A Ghost Rainy Night Inn, Formerly Known As Night Rainy Night Inn

Yu lived in a small inn. The silent hotel was illuminated by lightning. "Thank you." Yu put on his bag and walked out of the inn. It was raining in the woods. ""There is a Xianlai Inn on the street in front, it's not bad. Come to Xianlai Inn. In the house is a Taoist priest. In the morning, the town is misty. There are also leech arrays." Yu bid farewell to the inn, and was about to climb the mountain to go to the Taoist temple. Yu passed out alone in the barren mountains and ridges. He returned to the Xianlai inn. "Breaking ghosts, Taoist priests are ghosts" and someone called him after running." "Okay Ghosts are also ghosts," Yu said, and gave the treasure map to the old Taoist. Rain remembered the spell written in the corpse law. … Continue readingI Was Made Into A Sister By A Ghost Rainy Night Inn, Formerly Known As Night Rainy Night Inn

The Female Ghost Looking For A Substitute

The Taoist said: “You have evil spirits lingering in your body, why do you still say that you haven’t encountered anything?” “After hearing the Taoist’s unusual words, Wang Sheng became suspicious of the girl he met, but then he thought, she is obviously a beauty, how could she be a monster? This thing is also very pitiful, and I have never been able to find a substitute. , so I don’t have the heart to harm its life.” The Taoist said, “The ghost is at your house.” The Taoist said, she is an evil ghost. The Taoist cut off the ghost’s head with a wooden sword, and the evil ghost turned into a puff of smoke and coiled into a small pile on the ground. The Taoist thought for a while and said, “My spells are very shallow, and I really can’t bring the dead back to life. … Continue readingThe Female Ghost Looking For A Substitute

The Love Of The Demon

The young man in white showed a look of embarrassment and remained silent for a while. Chu Yan is a very smart girl. Seeing this, she already understood most of it. She sighed quietly and said slowly: “The family is broken, and people are dead. I would rather die than live.” What? “Chu Yan was so ashamed that his ears were red, and he was very happy in his heart, looking forward to the arrival of this little life.” After speaking, Sanlang reluctantly let go of Chu Yan’s hand, turned into a puff of white smoke, and flew away. … Continue readingThe Love Of The Demon