No Fate In The World Of Heaven, But Dependent On Each Other In The World Of Darkness: The Full Text Of The Tragic Story Of Baoying And Tian Jun

In Zhangjiazhuang, Lincheng County, there was a wealthy family named Zhang Bohu. Zhang Yuanwai was already at the age when he knew his destiny. Although his family had thousands of hectares of fertile land, many mules and horses, and could be said to be wealthy and powerful, things were not going as planned and things were rarely perfect. Zhang Yuanwai had three wives and four concubines, but he only gave birth to four rich ladies and no sons. Looking at the boundless fields and the lack of successors to such a great business, one cannot help but feel discouraged and sigh.

But it was said that there was a young groom named Tian Jun in the mansion. Because his parents died when he was young, he was left alone and sold himself to the Zhang family when he was ten years old.

The fourth young lady, Baoying, was only eleven years old at the time. She often asked Tian Jun to help her ride on the big show horse and play when she came back from private school. The two of them were innocent, playful, and full of fun. When Tian Junnian reached his weakest years, Baoying also reached the age of his first bamboo shoots. One is broad-shouldered and round-waisted, handsome and dashing; the other is slim and graceful, with an appearance like a flower. Although they are servants of the master, they have been together day and night, and they have already become infatuated with each other. They are secretly in love with each other and are inseparable.

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What does it mean for a wicked person to attain the Dao_Evil people cannot speak the Dao_Evil people cannot express emotions’/>

Just then, the matchmaker came to the door. As soon as Matchmaker Hou left the house, Baoying ducked into the upper room and declared to her parents: "If father and mother really love their daughter, the daughter should make the decision on her own marriage." After hearing this, Zhang Yuanwai was furious and said: "What is this? Say! Since ancient times, marriage matters must be subject to the orders of parents. How can you disobey the words of the matchmaker? You have not yet used up your hair, and you still have the smell of breast milk, but you want to abandon your parents and make your own decisions. How can it be unreasonable!"

Baoying's mother, Mrs. Liu, stood up in a hurry, trying to persuade her husband on the left and her daughter on the right. Then he quietly pulled Baoying to a side and said, "Listen to what my son wants, does it sound like you already have a man you want in your heart? You can tell your parents clearly and let us discuss it. If it suits your father's heart, wouldn't everyone be happy?" When Baoying heard that her mother's words made sense, she took courage and told her with a blushing face: "My daughter will only marry brother Tian Jun in this life. If she doesn't do it as she pleases, she will die." Mrs. Liu's heart sank after hearing this.

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What does it mean for a wicked person to attain the Dao_Evil people cannot speak the Dao_Evil people cannot express emotions’/>

Not expecting the outcome to be good, he anxiously informed his husband, and sure enough, Zhang Yuanwai's white face suddenly turned into eggplant skin, and shouted: "What, what? Want to marry that poor groom Tian Jun? Fart!"

Baoying cried bitterly, and her mother advised: "It's better for Ying'er to follow his father's advice and marry into an official family in order to live a life of glory and wealth. Tian Jun is indeed a good kid, but he has nothing. He is a groom, so marry him. Why don't you skin your father? Ying'er must be ignorant. Don't you know that a girl can't be pretty for three years, and a flower can't be red for a hundred days? Life is like a dream, and your temples are covered with frost in a blink of an eye. Why should you be willful and just want to be happy for a while? Ruining most of my life's grace and glory!" "Mom, there is no need to persuade her, my daughter's heart is already strong, and she will not marry anyone other than Tian Jun in this life." Mrs. Liu saw that her husband was stubborn and her daughter was stubborn. She was in a dilemma and could only secretly feel sad.

The evil person cannot speak the Tao_The evil person cannot express the emotion_What does it mean for the evil person to achieve the Tao

Soon, Zhang Yuanwai took the initiative to choose the son of local tycoon Li Wanwan as his son-in-law. Worried about the long nights and many dreams and unforeseen complications, he hurriedly chose an auspicious day to urge Baoying to get married. Although Mr. Li was born into a wealthy family, his appearance was very ugly. Being cruel by nature, he is actually a disaster to the local area. Baoying is a fierce woman who hates evil as much as hatred, so how can she marry such a person? But after several quarrels with my father, I realized that it was hard to disobey my father's orders and that fighting was futile. I could only cry secretly, sighing that my life would not be saved for a long time, and the auspicious date had arrived. On this day, the sun rises in the east and the sky is blue.

Zhang Yuan's house was decorated with lanterns and colorful decorations, and it was very lively. When the sky was about to fall, I heard the carriages and horses playing and playing, and a sedan chair fell in front of the door. Baoying gritted his teeth and silently got into the sedan chair and left without saying a word. The group left Zhangjiazhuang shouting and walking, and walked three miles away. Just as they were crossing the bridge on the bridge, Baoying suddenly jumped out of the sedan chair and rushed towards the bridge railing like an arrow. Mr. Li, the groom's official, was shocked when he saw this. He rolled off his horse and went to pull Baoying. Unexpectedly, Baoying used so much force that he also dragged him off the stone bridge. The surging river water rolled eastward, and the two men instantly sank to the bottom of the water and disappeared without a trace. It happened suddenly, and everyone was shocked. "Hurry up and save people!" Someone shouted, alerting everyone, and dozens of bearers and drummers who knew how to handle water jumped into the river to save people, but they couldn't save them!

The evil person cannot speak the Tao_The evil person cannot express the emotion_What does it mean for the evil person to achieve the Tao

As soon as the news came back that Baoying had thrown himself into the river, Tian Jun burst into tears and thought: "Baoying was so infatuated with me that he died for me, so what am I doing with my life!" So he found a hemp rope to make a looper, and put it in his heart. The horseman committed suicide in a narrow pass.

Besides, Zhang Yuanwai has a younger brother named Zhang Zhonghu who has been doing business for many years and has shops in more than 40 towns on both sides of the Yellow River. Zhong Hu has a lot of money, spends money like water, and enjoys traveling around the world and making friends. This year coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival in August. On the night of celebrating the celebration at his own silk shop in Handan, the wind was clear and the moon was bright. Zhong Hu laid out a few dishes of side dishes, a pot of shochu, and raised a glass to the moon. He felt very comfortable. Suddenly a waiter came in and reported: "There are some of the master's folks outside the door asking to see him." Zhong Hu was so puzzled that he couldn't guess who it was, so he asked the waiter to see him. After a while, a man and a woman were seen walking into the vestibule with their clothes covered with dust. They both knelt down. The girl cried: "My little niece Baoying pays homage to my uncle!" Zhong Hu hurriedly helped him up and said in surprise: "You are Baoying's niece." Son? When I saw you more than ten years ago, I was studying at 11, and now you have grown into a big girl. I wonder why you came to Handan? How did you know that your uncle is here? " Baoying pointed at the young man and sobbed. : "His name is Tian Jun. He and I have been together since childhood. We love each other sincerely and want to marry each other forever. But my father dislikes the poor and loves the rich, so he blocks the way, beats the couple, and forces Baoying to marry another man. Tian Lang and I I had no choice but to elope and escape. After going through a lot of hardships and traveling hundreds of miles, I finally found my uncle. I hope that my uncle will make the decision with me and fulfill Tian Lang and I's life-long affairs. How grateful is my niece? "Stop talking. I’ll pay my respects again after being inspected. Zhong Hu persuaded Baoying to stop and said angrily: "Brother Cheng is also confused, how can he be so unreasonable! Well, you just stay here, and when your uncle returns to his hometown, he will tell you more about your father's change of heart." At that moment, he ordered the guys to make arrangements. The house allows Baoying and Tian Jun to stay. A few days later, an auspicious date was chosen, a banquet was held, lanterns were decorated, music and music were played, and Baoying and Tian Jun got married. After the wedding, Zhong Hu arranged for Baoying and his wife to make a living in the shop. Baoying had been studying since she was a child and was proficient in writing and calligraphy, so Zhonghu entrusted her with the accounting of the store. Tian Jun is honest and honest, young and strong, and does some chores in the store. Baoying and Tian Jun took good care of the silk shop. From then on, the business became more prosperous, and Zhong Hu was very happy.

The evil person cannot speak the Tao_The evil person cannot express the emotion_What does it mean for the evil person to achieve the Tao

Time flies like water. In a blink of an eye, the geese return south, the dew turns to frost, and autumn and winter have come. One day, Zhong Hu called Baoying and Tian Jun to him and told them, "I haven't been home for more than ten years. This place is not far from my hometown. I want to go back during the Spring Festival to worship my ancestors and reunite with my family."

Before he could finish a word, Baoying's complexion changed drastically, he knelt on his knees, and begged with tears: "Uncle, please listen to my niece: when uncle is gone, you must not mention the word Baoying in front of my father, let alone Let dad know that Tian Lang and I are temporarily staying in Handan. Otherwise, my niece and Tian Lang will have no place in the world. Tens of thousands!" Zhong Hu was confused after hearing this and couldn't help but feel suspicious; he saw Bao Ying's frightened expression again. He looked very pitiful, so he agreed. Entering the twelfth lunar month in a blink of an eye. Zhong Hu asked Baoying to guard the door of the store, buy new year gifts, and ride a tall horse all the way north. Return to my hometown – Zhangjiazhuang five days later. I have been away from my hometown for more than ten years, and its appearance has changed drastically. It is no longer what it used to be. Remembering that my home was located in a village surrounded by a large area of ​​pavilions and pavilions, I led my horse straight ahead. Not wanting to enter the courtyard gate, I found out that the manor had changed its owner. After much analysis, I found my brother Zhang Bohu in a dilapidated courtyard behind the village. When the brothers saw each other and told each other about their hard work, they couldn't help but burst into tears and choked when crying. It took a while for the two old brothers to stop crying. Zhong Hu asked: "When my younger brother went out for more than ten years, my family was not very grand. I don't know why the family business has declined to this point." Bohu shook his head and sighed: "Oh! It's hard to explain! Now my brother regrets it. , it’s already too late.” Zhong Hu asked, “What’s going on? Brother, tell me slowly.” Bo Hu said, “Because of Baoying’s marriage, the whole family went bankrupt. At first, she wanted to marry Tian Jun, the groom of the house, and I He refused to obey her and married her to Li Wanwan's son. He never expected that the evil man could not say anything . This girl was so stubborn that on the day of her wedding, she actually dragged Mr. Li into the river and drowned. Na Tian Jun listened to Bao's words. The news of Ying's death was that he also died at 14 in my home.

Li Wanwan and Tian Jun's family sued me at the county government and started a lawsuit, so they had to sell their property and farmland to deal with it. Later, I lost the lawsuit and I ended up empty-handed. Soon, your sister-in-law died, leaving me alone…" As he spoke, he burst into tears with tears streaming down his face. Zhong Hu, who had been listening to it for a long time, suddenly grabbed his eldest brother's hands and asked eagerly: "Brother, what are you talking about? Baoying and Tian Jun are both dead? Bohu said: "Yes." After her two deaths, I fulfilled their wishes and buried them together at the foot of Beiniu Mountain. Zhong Hu picked up his eldest brother and left, saying, "Let's go, I want to go to Beiniu Mountain to see their graves with my own eyes." "The two brothers staggered about three miles to the west of the village. They saw a new tomb in the middle of a grassy field at the foot of the mountain. Zhong Hu asked: "Is this really the tomb of Baoying and Tian Jun? Did the eldest brother witness the burial? ""certainly. What's wrong with the second brother? I heard you were acting strangely. What's the matter? Zhong Hu said: "Brother, please don't ask too much. I want to break open the tomb and open the coffin to see Baoying's niece with my own eyes. What do you think?" "Why?" "Zhong Hu couldn't bear it any longer and told the truth to his elder brother: "Brother! Baoying and Tian Jun are not dead! "Then he told his eldest brother in detail about Baoying's stay in Handan. After hearing this, Bohu shook his head and said with a bitter smile: "You don't have to make up stories to comfort me. My eldest brother watched her being buried with his own eyes, how could she come back to life and go to Handan? ! Zhong Hu said loudly: "Brother!" What I said is the truth and I am definitely not criticizing you. " Bohu saw that his second brother spoke sincerely and looked sincere. He couldn't help but wonder: Are there really ghosts in this world? Then he said to Zhonghu, "This is strange. In this case, I will go to Handan with you. How about meeting Yinger with your own eyes? Zhong Hu said happily: "That's very good." "

The two brothers returned home. As soon as the Spring Festival was over, they hurriedly packed their bags, rode on their horses, and rushed to Handan. When the two arrived at the silk shop, Baoying and Tian Jun were nowhere to be found and their whereabouts were unknown. A clerk handed a letter to Zhong Hu for inspection: "Young lady and uncle left this, please read it." Zhong Hu hurriedly opened it and read it with his elder brother, and saw that it read: "There are no strong women left in the world of yin, and there are no strong women left in the yin world." We are destined to be husband and wife." Brothers Zhang Bohu and Zhang Zhonghu sighed after looking at it, and shouted repeatedly: "What a ghost, what a ghost.

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