Chapter 42: Entering The Mountain

"Dong dong dong…" In his sleep, Zhang Yicheng seemed to hear three gentle knocks on the door, and then there was no sound. These three knocks on the door were soon realized by Zhang Yicheng in his dream. In the dream, Zhang Yicheng got up and went to the ground, opened the door, and found Zhou Yunran standing at the door holding a steaming breakfast…

"Dong dong dong…" Not long after, there were three more knocks on the door. Then there was no movement again. In the dream, Zhang Yicheng seemed to have returned to the house inexplicably. When he opened the door again, he found Zhou Yunran standing at the door holding breakfast…

"Dong dong dong…" Not long after, there were three more sounds. Even though he was dreaming, Zhang Yicheng had to start thinking in his dream, "Damn it, what does such a strange dream mean? Could it be again? What kind of revelation does that immortal person have?"

While he was thinking about it, a series of "bang, bang, bang, bang" sounds suddenly came from his ears. Compared with the previous bang, the decibel difference was like a bomb and a firecracker. "Get up, get up! Zhang Yicheng, get up!" Smashing the door. After the sound. Boss Dong's voice came from outside the door.

"Damn it, this time the door is really knocking…" Zhang Yicheng sat up suddenly, put on his shorts and came to the door. When he opened the door, he almost collapsed on the ground, only to see Zhou Yunran timidly standing behind Boss Dong with a hand in his hand. Having breakfast.

"Sister, do you call that knocking on the door?" Boss Dong turned to Zhou Yunran and said, "Did you see that you have to knock on the door like this, otherwise this kid won't be able to get up!"

"Ranran, did you knock on the door just now?" Seeing Zhou Yunran present, Zhang Yicheng quickly took off the T-shirt from the hanger at the door.

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"Well… I knocked for a long time because I was afraid that the breakfast would be cold and not delicious later." Zhou Yunran nodded and said, "I was also afraid of affecting your rest , so I didn't dare to knock too loudly…"

"Oops…" Zhang Yicheng was helpless. It seemed that it would be a problem if this person was too virtuous.

"That's right! Let's eat quickly!" Zhou Yunran gave Zhang Yicheng the bread and milk she was holding, and then ran all the way back to the room. Before Zhang Yicheng could react, she took out several large ones from the room. Shopping bag, "Brother Dong and I went out to buy this earlier. Is it okay for you to try it?"

"How early in the morning?" Zhang Yicheng looked up at the clock on the wall. It was just half past nine, "How early in the morning is it?"

"It's earlier than you anyway!" Boss Dong said with a look of disdain on his face, "Hurry up and eat. A car will come to pick us up later and we will set off into the mountains."

Not long after, an exaggeratedly modified Cherokee off-road vehicle parked at the door of the hotel. According to Boss Dong's arrangement, this car will take the three people to the place closest to the route into the mountain. Because there is a road in the middle that ordinary cars cannot drive at all, so Boss Dong found such a car.

After getting off the bus, Zhong Guiling and Zhang Yicheng , the three of them walked further into the mountains for about seven or eight kilometers. According to the signs on the map, Boss Dong really found a "road" that could barely be called a road. Maybe it was Because no one has walked on it for many years, this so-called "road" is basically in the center of the valley. The only saving grace is that there is no need to chop down trees with a hatchet to clear the way. Even so, Zhou Yunran's new suit is They were all squandered, which made Zhang Yicheng feel quite distressed.

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To be honest, Zhang Yicheng had never climbed mountains before coming to Dali. The adventure he went to Lianhua Mountain in Gansu a few years ago was already the largest outdoor activity for Zhang Yicheng. Compared with Lianhua Mountain, this time Not only is Diancang Mountain a lot more difficult to walk, but the altitude is even higher by more than one level. When they climbed Lotus Mountain back then, everyone under the leadership of Dashou Liu basically just walked along the roots of the mountain without much real effort. Climb to higher places, and even if you climb to higher places, the highest peak is only about 3,000 meters above sea level, and the altitude of Dali city is already close to 2,000 meters, which is enough to say that before you climb the mountain, it is already more than 3,000 meters above sea level. We climbed high in Lianhua Mountain back then, and at this time we were carrying dozens of kilograms of magical instruments, equipment and supplies. The largest mountaineering bag of 80 liters was packed to the brim. Within an hour, Zhang Yicheng was so tired that he was out of breath and his clothes were soaked with sweat.

"Brother Dong, let's take a break… I'm a little tired…" Zhou Yunran, who was walking in the middle, looked back at Zhang Yicheng from time to time, as if Zhang Yicheng was embarrassed to say rest.

"Okay!" Boss Dong poked his hiking stick on the ground and sat down on the floor, took out his water bottle and drank a swig, "Xiao Zhang, I don't think she is tired, right?" Looking back at Zhang Yicheng, Boss Dong understood immediately.

"It's okay! I'm not tired! Where are you now?" Although Zhang Yicheng said that his calf muscles had turned, he still refused to admit it.

"I think back then, I went into the mountains with my father, and we walked thirty or forty kilometers! It was drizzling on such a broken road…" As he said, Zhang Yicheng put down his backpack and lay on the ground with his back stretched out. Although this altitude is definitely not considered Going to a high altitude, but no one else would be able to bear the burden of carrying dozens of kilograms of luggage to climb the mountain. "Damn it, I should have known that I would have carried an oxygen tank…"

"Are you going to climb mountains or leave home?" He drank enough water. Boss Dong stood up and wanted to carry Zhang Yicheng's hiking bag, but he almost lost his waist in the struggle, "What did you pack in it? Why is it so heavy?" To be honest, ever since he entered the mountain, Boss Dong had been concerned about the big bag Zhang Yicheng was carrying. Bao was very curious, but he didn't expect it to be so heavy.

"Magical weapon!" Zhang Yicheng said without thinking.

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"Magical weapon? What is it? Why is it used?" Boss Dong was confused.

"Just in case…" Zhang Yicheng said, "Have you seen those zombie-catching movies from Hong Kong and Taiwan? Those ghost movies starring Lin Zhengying?"

"I've seen it!" Boss Dong nodded.

"That's all false!" Zhang Yicheng said.

"Nonsense! How could I not know that it was fake?" Boss Dong smiled, "I said at that time, the actors in those films were good, but the art was terrible, and the zombies all wore Qing Dynasty clothes. So what happened before the Qing Dynasty? ?”

"When I say fake, I don't mean that…" Zhang Yicheng curled his lips, "What I say fake is that the people in the movie all go into battle lightly, but at critical moments, they can easily have more talismans in their hands. A bunch of copper coins or something. The fake thing is here! The method is not a magic trick. It is impossible to carry all the magic weapons in your pocket, let alone get everything you want! If you really want to have everything, at least it must be like this One pack!”

"You mean, this big bag is all seasoned supplies?" Boss Dong seemed to have a rough idea, "Do you really believe in that stuff?"

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"Boss Dong, look at this!" Zhang Yicheng had almost finished his breathing. He put his arms over his shoulders and stood up with a backhand "carp push", which shocked Boss Dong. "Yo? What a surprise! Your kid is Wu Qiao. Sent by the big circus, right?”

"Brother, I beg you to take a guess at a more advanced place?" Zhang Yicheng opened his zipper and pulled out the sword "Chidori Kiri", "What do you think of this? An ancient Japanese cultural relic sword. Chidori Kiri!" Said that this Yicheng life is so big, the only thing more addictive than playing computer is showing off.

"Holy shit!" Zhang Yicheng yanked the knife out of its sheath, scaring Boss Dong back several steps. "You are from the Boxer Rebellion, right? Why are you taking this with you when climbing mountains?"

"Defend yourself! If you encounter any monsters or monsters. Are you really good at using a peach wood sword?" Zhang Yicheng said.

"Defense yourself?" Boss Dong was stunned, "Defend yourself from what?"

"I've been talking for a long time…why don't you understand?" Zhang Yicheng curled his lips and sighed, deliberately lowering his voice, "I said yesterday that there might be ghosts in the mountains, but you still don't believe it, have you forgotten?"

"Is there really that thing…?" Boss Dong came back to his senses, half-convinced, and then looked into Zhang Yicheng's backpack along the gap in the zipper. In addition to a pile of bottles and cans, there was also a large pile of yellow paper. and bundles of scented wax, which didn’t seem like prank supplies. “You bring this bunch of things…”

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"Lin Zhengying!" Zhang Yicheng stretched out his hand and made a "sword pointing" gesture, smiling strangely.

"Oops!" Zhou Yunran, who had been stupidly acting as an audience next to him, now came to the topic of supernatural beings, and quickly came to Zhang Yicheng again, "Can you please stop scaring me?"

"Huh? Didn't you say you're not afraid?" Zhang Yicheng was stunned…

"Hey…sister, don't listen to his nonsense, I really don't believe it…" Boss Dong didn't seem to agree, so he simply opened his hiking bag and took out a three-foot-long black The baton seems to weigh not more than two kilograms but one and a half kilograms. When the electric button is pressed, the head of the baton crackles and a few electric arcs instantly appear. "Nowadays, it is popular to rejuvenate the country through science and education. Technology is the primary productive force. It is no longer the era of cold weapons. It was defeated by The Eight-Nation Allied Forces did not pay attention to science and technology! Now we rely on this for self-defense!"

"I'm dizzy. I mean, Mr. Dong, that thing of yours is not a rocket launcher. How is it any different from mine?" Zhang Yicheng also collapsed. This uncle Dong is so capable. You can use an electric baton to rejuvenate the country through science and education. There is a connection. The Eight-Nation Allied Forces did not enter Beijing with electric batons.

"Don't you understand? Five million volts of high-voltage electricity. If you touch a small edge, you will be a loser." Boss Dong seemed to want to show off.

"Five million volts?" Zhang Yicheng took the electric baton and weighed it. It was really handy. If the stick had been swung round, it would definitely have caused a brain injury.

"Oh, what are you bringing…" Zhou Yunran also went crazy. One brought a large knife, and the other directly carried an electric baton. Who was he working for…

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