Amazing Red Carp

Daming and Haizi were college classmates, and their relationship has been good since graduation. On this day, they made an appointment with another classmate Xiaoling to go to Lianshui Lake together. Three people rented a small boat and were boating on the lake. Suddenly, a red carp jumped out of the water, drew a beautiful arc, and jumped into the cabin. The three of them couldn't help but exclaimed, but Daming reacted the fastest. He hurriedly caught the fish and put it back into the lake.

But not long after, the red carp jumped out of the water again, turned over, and jumped into the cabin again. Haizi hurriedly said: "Hold it, don't let it run away again, this is delicious food delivered to your door."

Daming looked at the red fish with pitiful eyes, as if begging for himself. His heart softened, he caught the red fish and wanted to put it into the water again, but the red fish struggled hard. When Xiaoling saw this, her heart moved and she said, "Is it possible that this fish doesn't want to return to the lake?"

Daming thought the same thing, and quickly took a plastic bag, put the red fish in it, and poured some water into it. He was afraid that the plastic bag was too small and would suffocate the fish, so he stopped playing and hurriedly bought a fish tank, put the red fish in it, and then took it home and took good care of it.

The next day, Daming suddenly received a call from Haizi. Haizi said excitedly: "Daming, that fish of yours is really a magic fish! There was a major pollution accident in Lianshui Lake, and all the fish died. He was the only one who escaped." Now! I want to see this magical fish!"

When Daming heard this, he was extremely surprised. He hurriedly walked to the fish tank. When the red fish saw him, he immediately swam over affectionately and jumped towards him.

Soon, Haizi came too. He walked to the fish tank, but when the red fish saw him, it turned around and swam away. No matter how Haizi knocked on the fish tank, the red fish just ignored him. Haizi had no choice but to leave disappointed.

Daming was feeling surprised. At this time, his mother came over and said, "Look, these are the photos of girls I collected for you. Whichever one you like, we will go on a blind date soon!" She said, handing over a few photos.

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Daming frowned and picked up a photo. Suddenly, a jet of water spurted out, hitting the girl's photo. Daming was startled and turned around to see the red fish looking at him. He smiled, waved his hand and said, "Don't make trouble!"

Daming picked up another photo. Unexpectedly, another jet of water spurted out, making the photo wet again. My mother said angrily: "This dead fish is deliberately causing trouble! Let's go to the next door house to pick out the dead summer carp and see what else it can do."

But Daming said: "Mom, this fish is spiritual. It doesn't let me choose. There must be a reason for it." After saying that, he turned to look at the red fish and sighed: "Fish, who do you want me to choose?" Woolen cloth?"

In fact, he has always had a crush on his classmate Xiaoling, but he knew that Haizi had been chasing Xiaoling, so he buried his feelings in his heart. At this time, Red Fish seemed to hear his voice and raised his head towards the computer.

Daming's eyes suddenly lit up. Could it be that the person Red Fish wanted him to choose was in the computer? He tried to open a photo of his college classmates, turned to Red Fish and said, "Tell me, who should I choose?"

The red fish raised its head and shot, and a drop of water hit Xiaoling's face. Daming was stunned for a moment.

His mother asked tentatively: "Son, do you really like this girl?" Daming nodded and said helplessly: "But Haizi also likes her and is chasing her."

Mom asked again: "Did she agree?" Daming shook his head.

Analysis of carp death causes in winter_Carp death_Carp dead in summer

The mother clapped her hands and said, "Silly son, if this girl liked Haizi, she would have agreed a long time ago! If you really like her, confess your love to her once, so as not to regret it for the rest of your life."

Daming was moved, but after all, he and Haizi were good friends, so what should he do? He looked at the red fish and suddenly had an idea. He immediately called Haizi back and told Haizi the magical actions of the red fish just now.

Haizi curled his lips and said, "How can you be so awesome? If you want to chase Xiaoling, go for it. Why do you have to make up such a story for me?"

Daming hurriedly said: "How about I make a bet with you? If it shoots Xiaoling again, I will chase her; if it misses, I will quit." Haizi agreed.

Daming opened the photo again, and then looked at the red fish and dead carp in summer , and silently prayed in his heart: Fish, please shoot accurately for me. The red fish seemed to understand his thoughts, and with one shot, another drop of water was accurately sprayed onto Xiaoling's face.

Haizi was stunned and said sourly: "Then you go after it. I want to see how amazing this fish of yours is!"

Daming didn't feel confident, so he wrote a message to Xiaoling on QQ to express his love. Unexpectedly, it didn’t take long for Xiaoling to reply on QQ: You made me wait too long! I agree! When Haizi saw it, he was so shocked that he couldn't close his mouth for a long time, so he had to leave in frustration.

In this way, Daming and Xiaoling fell in love. Soon, Daming's magical love story spread in his company.

Analysis of carp death causes in winter_Carp death_Carp dead in summer

On this day, when Daming just went to work, his boss came to him and said that the company had a project recently, and two companies were bidding. The conditions were evenly matched, making it difficult for him to make a choice. He wanted to borrow Daming's magic fish to help him choose. . Although Daming felt something was wrong, he couldn't refuse, so he had to bring his boss to his house, took out two contracts, and placed them on both sides of the fish tank.

I saw the red fish swimming to the edge of the fish tank, its eyes widened, as if it was reading the contract. Suddenly, it took a big sip of water, and then spurted it out, and the water jet hit a contract.

The boss smiled, picked up the contract and said, "That's it."

After that, the boss really handed over the project to that company. Daming told this matter as a joke to Xiaoling, but Xiaoling said worriedly that this might be a trap dug for him by the boss. Because the boss is Haizi's uncle, he might be entrusted by Haizi to take revenge on him. When Daming thought about it, he also felt that it was very possible. If the company chosen by Hongyu had a problem while doing the project, the boss would have to fire him. Daming couldn't help but feel uneasy.

Unexpectedly, within a few days, the boss actually gave Daming a big red envelope and promoted him. It turned out that the company that Hongyu did not choose was the one that contracted the Lianshui Lake accident project, and had just been investigated and punished by the relevant departments. Therefore, the boss is very grateful to Daming.

On this day, Daming held two contracts and was about to let Red Fish choose again. Xiaoling on the side smiled: "You really believe this." But Daming said seriously: "Yes, it is an accurate choice." ”

Xiaoling looked at the red fish and pondered: "I think maybe because it is a red fish, it is particularly sensitive to the color red and wants to attack when it sees red things. In that photo, I was the only one wearing red." Clothes, that’s why the red fish shot me. And those photos of the blind date might all have a bit of red, that’s why the red fish squirted wet.”

Daming said thoughtfully: "I remembered that the contract of the company chosen by Red Fish had an eye-catching red trademark, while the other company had a pure white one…"

Xiaoling smiled and said: "Since the red fish has repaid us, we can no longer rely on it in the future. Let's do things down-to-earth."

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