Ghost In Water

As he swam, he felt something was wrong. He felt like something in the river was tickling the center of his feet. It was not the kind of feeling that only comes from touching garbage in the river. (3) The third story is about a water monster, which was told to him by Gui Ge’s grandfather. Legend has it that there is a monster with many arms and legs in the river. It lives by eating meat, whether it is human flesh or animal meat.

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Depths Of The River Of Souls

As far as the eye can see, there are mountains and rivers. If time can be turned back, ancient memories will also be awakened. The man and woman went away together, and Ah Fei wanted to call out, but his throat seemed to be shackled by a thick shackle, and he couldn't make a sound. Those Bana flowers that were so red as to bleed withered one by one, but in the blink of an eye, the mountains disappeared, and there was only an endless river in front of us. Should she look for the end of the river at this moment? A strong thirst for knowledge and curiosity drove Ah Fei to the depths of the river. The river gradually submerged above my head, and my childhood experience came back to my eyes again. … Continue readingDepths Of The River Of Souls