Family Ghost Stories

"Mrs. Zhu, I have good news for you. Someone is interested in your villa. There is no problem with the price. Please take some time to come to the company to go through the transfer procedures."

"Is it true?" Mrs. Zhu couldn't restrain her inner joy.

"I took the buyer to see the house yesterday. The buyer was quite satisfied with the house."

"Have you told the buyer everything?" Mrs. Zhu was happy but also worried, "Well, after all, that villa…"

"Mrs. Zhu, don't worry. It was the buyer who asked me to look for this kind of house. She said she didn't believe it, and this kind of house is very cheap."

Mrs. Zhu put down the phone, a stone finally fell to her heart, and the house was finally sold. The house carries too much happiness and pain. Whenever she thinks of these, Mrs. Zhu's heart feels like it's being torn apart. Mrs. Zhu has always wanted to sell this villa, but because there have been deaths in it, no one has cared about it. Before that, the villa had been empty for several years.

At the housing agency, Mrs. Zhu met the buyer. The buyers seemed to be a couple. The man was middle-aged, fat, and somewhat bald. The woman looks very young, with long hair shawl, a well-proportioned and plump figure, and white skin. Although the woman is beautiful, she speaks in a domineering manner, which makes Mrs. Zhu very uncomfortable. Mrs. Zhu saw that the woman looked familiar, but she couldn't remember who it was.

After the transfer procedures were completed, Mrs. Zhu wanted to say a few words of courtesy, but the woman's distant look made Mrs. Zhu swallow everything she wanted to say. Looking at the speeding car, Mrs. Zhu's heart was full of thoughts.

The villa is located in Qinglong Mountain, close to mountains and rivers, with fresh air and beautiful scenery. At that time, Mrs. Zhu's family of four lived here happily. Unexpectedly, after only living there for more than a year, something unexpected happened. My son, who had just turned eighteen, was electrocuted at home. A few months later, a thief broke into the house and stole. The husband fought with the thief and was stabbed to death by the thief. Only his daughter and him were left to depend on each other. From then on, the family was no longer married. Fortunately, the daughter was doing well and her studies and work were going smoothly. After graduation, I worked in a bank, got married, and gave birth to a son, which gave me some comfort.

Time flies so fast, and in the blink of an eye, more than a year has passed.

Mrs. Zhu was cooking dinner at her daughter's house that day, and a piece of news on TV caught her attention.

"There was a serious car accident on the Qinglong Mountain Highway. The husband of former movie star Shi Yuting died on the spot in the car accident." A photo of Shi Yuting and her husband was broadcast on TV. Mrs. Zhu saw that they were the couple who bought their villa. Mrs. Zhu watched the news with a strange smile on her face.

For half a month, there were overwhelming reports about Shiyuting in newspapers. "Shi Yuting will receive 100 million yuan in insurance, and the insurance company suspects that there is something behind her husband's death." "The police have intervened in the investigation of the mysterious car accident."

And half a month later, the investigation results of the car accident came out, and the police concluded that the possibility of man-made car accident was ruled out. At that time, the car's tires skidded and the car hit a telephone pole on the roadside. The pole fell down and hit the driver's seat, killing the deceased on the spot.

In front of the tombstone in the cemetery, Mrs. Zhu was burning incense and talking.

"I come here every year to offer you incense and flowers. Don't blame me in the underworld. When I bought that villa, I knew that all the men in that family were dead."

The more Mrs. Zhu talked, the angrier she became. She smashed the incense on the tombstone and cursed: "It's all your fault. You are not satisfied with having a wife. You went out to look for vixens and killed my son." After finishing speaking, Mrs. Zhu spat on the photo of the tombstone.

The man in the photo is looking forward with a sad expression.

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