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Haizi belongs to the type of child who is not afraid of anything and everything . It can be said that if you give him a pair of wings, he dares to fly to the sky, and if you give him an ax, he dares to kill people. However, due to his temper and character, he got into trouble.

Haizi loves to entice several children to play in the wild, so encountering supernatural events is inevitable. One day, he and his friends from the same village were playing by the Bailang River. The green grass and the quiet river surface made everything look so peaceful. They played war and hide-and-seek together. When they turned around a small mound, they found that There was a small light green snake in the grass with some blood stains on its body. It seemed to be seriously injured. Because of the children's playful nature, they stopped. The little snake seemed to see hope, spitting letters at them, his eyes full of begging, and all the children except Haizi were frightened. Because I heard from the old people in the village that the long worm is counting your hairs when it sticks out its tongue. When it finishes counting, you will die. As we said before, Haizi is not afraid of heaven and earth. Not only was he not afraid, he also used a wooden stick to flatten the head of the little snake. Isn't it just a long worm? What is he afraid of? They also returned home.

At night, Haizi had a very terrifying dream. He dreamed that a big snake found him and uttered human words: I know you are not afraid of anything, but you should not harm my child. He is already covered with bruises. Don't you? Forget about rescuing me, you actually went ahead and beat my child to death. I have already confessed your crime to God, and you will be punished by God. Haizi broke out in a cold sweat. These words seemed to be in a dream, but also seemed to be in front of his eyes. Did he really offend the Snake King?

He told his parents about the dream and told them about the ghost city , and his parents found an evil catcher to come to his home. When the person saw it, he shouted, "No, my magic is not good, I can't catch it." His parents asked him why. He said that Haizi was an evil star from the sky, so he said that the sky was not afraid of the earth. But because he killed the son of the ancestor of the grass fairy, how could it tolerate him? How dare I provoke this grass? Where is the ancestor of the immortals? After speaking, he left in a hurry.

Haizi was still a little disapproving and told his parents, don't be afraid of him. While he was talking, a dark shadow flashed at the door of his house. Haizi suddenly saw a big snake and pointed it out to his parents. However, his parents did not see it and always thought that Haizi was crazy.

Haizi could always see snakes in his dreams or reality every day. In the end, Haizi went crazy. Whether it was because of fright or something else, no one knew.

People said that it was a good thing that Haizi was an evil star, otherwise the snake king would have killed him.

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