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Chapter Four

I felt like my heart had stopped beating, my body was weak and weak, and I was in a state of severe collapse. It's difficult to move, as if someone is holding your whole body tightly. I wanted to shout, but nothing could come out of my throat. At most, I could only hear myself "humming". In the blur, I seemed to have opened my eyes. No, it was the feeling of not being able to open my eyes. I saw a vague shadow swimming in front of me. The shadow became clearer and clearer. I saw clearly that it was Cheng Fei's. That pale face and sad smile… are pressing towards me… I think my mother is going to die, and she really encounters a ghost.

"I'm right behind you, why do you always ignore me?" Cheng Fei said. His face was almost touching mine. I want to close my eyes, but I can't. My heart felt like there was a big lump of cloth stuck in my heart, and I couldn't breathe.

Suddenly, I heard a "pop" sound, and a bamboo stick hit Cheng Fei's white face. Cheng Fei subconsciously shrank her neck and took a step back. I saw the one-eyed man. He picked me up and ran away. It was extremely dark all around and I couldn't see anything clearly. I feel that my body is very light, as if I am floating. Where are we going? ! I yelled. I can actually talk!

"Shh, keep your voice down, he is always behind you, I will take you away from him!" the one-eyed man whispered.

My eyes slowly began to adjust to the dark surroundings. The one-eyed man held me with one hand and used his stick to explore the way ahead. It looked like he was walking very hard. Is it because you are dragging me along? I didn’t seem to be walking, I was actually floating! I looked down at my feet carefully, surrounded by white gas below, ah! My feet are off the ground, walking on air… Could it be me? Suddenly, a chubby man floated on the ground, his face covered with blood. He immediately hugged my feet with one hand and said, "Take me away, take me away… Take me away…" This is not Fatty Wu? He only has one arm left, and the other arm is missing. There is a white bone branch on the shoulder, and blood is dripping…

I couldn't stand it anymore, so I jumped up desperately, trying to get rid of this fat man's hand as soon as possible! "Ah!" I finally shouted wildly. His body rolled down from the sofa, and he vaguely heard the one-eyed man's voice in his ear: "Remember, don't go to bed before 12 o'clock at night! Don't go to bed before 12 o'clock at night! Otherwise I can't help you…"

I was wide awake.

Warm sunlight was shining into the room from the window, and it was already bright. Under my feet, I stepped on a towel quilt, which was the quilt covered by the light snow last night. When did she come to cover me?

I wiped the cold sweat from my forehead and realized that I had a terrible nightmare.

"Xiaoxue! Are you still sleeping?" I shouted towards the bedroom door. I didn't hear anything.

I walked to the bedroom and there was no snow on the bed.

"I'm in the kitchen, you're sleeping so deeply! You don't even know I'm covering you with a quilt."

The bedroom door faces the kitchen, where Xiaoxue is making breakfast. She was wearing a light red nightgown, and the curves of her body were vaguely visible. I swallowed. Xiaoxue said are you hungry? I said, well, I'm a little hungry.

I just watched her working like that. No matter how I looked at her, she didn't look like a woman who had just lost her husband. There was always a sweet smile on her lips. This makes me feel weird. Why are you laughing?

As if she hadn't heard it, she was still smiling foolishly. I suddenly felt a little cold on the back of my neck.

Xiaoxue placed breakfast and porridge bowls on the table, and then waved her hand for me to come over for dinner.

I looked at her stupidly, listened to her instructions, and sat on the chair obediently. In a daze, I felt like she was my wife.

"Cheng Fei, come on, let's have some rice-treasure porridge. Don't you like the rice-treasure porridge I make the most?" Xiaoxue looked at me with confused eyes.

How did I become her Cheng Fei? I looked around and suddenly discovered a secret. There were no mirrors in every room in this house!

"Why did you come back late yesterday? Why didn't you go to bed? I know you were afraid of disturbing me…I also know that my health is not good…it will affect you…wuwu…" She started to cry.

I held the chopsticks in my hand and looked at her at a loss.

"Xiaoxue, you…what's wrong with you?" I put a hand on her shoulder and felt that her pajamas were so smooth and warm. I really couldn't bear to take my hand back.

She suddenly tilted her head and put her cheek against my hand, with wet tears sticking to the back of my hand.

I looked at her blankly, asking myself: Who am I? Am I really Cheng Fei?

My waist went numb, and then I heard the ringtone of my cell phone. who is this? So out of place?

I didn't want to withdraw my hand, so I simply put down the chopsticks and answered the phone with my left hand.

After listening to the phone call, I couldn't sit still anymore. Withdrew his hand and ran away. I knocked over the porridge bowl, and there were blood-red miscellaneous things on the ground. I looked back and felt like vomiting just once.

The call was from Lao Wei, ordering me to go to Xicheng Expressway immediately to collect breaking news. He said he had just received a tip that a strange car accident had occurred there and a driver had died. It's not surprising that the driver died. It was a car accident. What's strange is that one of the deceased's arms was knocked off and could not be found within a hundred miles. The arm just disappeared. Lao Wei finally said, this is news. I asked the deceased if his surname was Wu? Lao Wei didn't know very well. He only knew that he was a big fat man. Don't hang out with me here. You'll know when you go there, right? By the way, where are you? I said don't worry about it, I'll just go.

I quickly rushed out of the building area and onto the street. I must have looked very panicked. Otherwise, why would there be so many people looking at me with surprise?

I got into a taxi and headed straight to the Xicheng Expressway.

There were a lot of cars jammed there, and the police were clearing the road. I managed to squeeze in close to the isolation line, and I bent down to get in. A policeman held me back and asked, "What are you doing?" Step aside! I quickly took out my press pass. The policeman looked at me carefully, then looked at me and said, Brother, did you get the wrong one? I have met reporter Zhou Zhengda. Are you his new colleague? I said you were… joking… Are you kidding me, comrade police…

I inadvertently looked at the rearview mirror of a car next to me, and saw a pale smiling face in the mirror…

Preface: There are no ghosts in the world, they are just scary people. Even if it is true, then what is there to be afraid of? Unless you have done something bad… In fact, it is not ghosts that are scary, but the human heart is the most terrifying thing. If there are "ghosts" in people's hearts, then that is scary! Do you think so? After reporter Zhou Zheng attended a strange funeral, many strange things happened…

Chapter One

The last thing I want to attend is a funeral. Initially, it was because I was young and afraid of seeing dead people. Later, I was afraid of hearing the bursts of crying. The crying in the crematorium is the most real and the most unbearable. When you see the grief-stricken family members of the deceased who were dragged out of the farewell hall, you feel both sympathy and bitterness. But what can be done? In this world, who can escape the fate of separation and death?

There is a common saying among the people in our city: It is better to have a wife than to have a funeral. This is a very real but helpless statement.

Every time I come back from a funeral, I have a profound understanding of life that is difficult to express in words. It seems that I understand everything, and yet I seem to understand nothing. Later I thought: Forget it, what can I do if I understand? That is asking for trouble!

Attending Cheng Fei's funeral should have started in front of the hospital morgue at three o'clock in the morning on Saturday. The family members of the deceased all want their deceased relatives to practice the first furnace, saying it is because it is "clean".

But when I woke up, it was almost four o'clock in the morning. This made me a little angry. I clearly remembered that I set the alarm clock before going to bed last night! This crappy thing doesn't bark when it should. Sometimes it will suddenly make a nervous "ring" in the middle of the night, which can scare you to the core.

He put on his clothes haphazardly and rushed out of the building. Standing on the deserted street, I looked for the shadow of the taxi. It was the season of summer and autumn in the north, and the morning breeze blew coldly on my cheeks and neck, making me shiver. The Third Hospital where Cheng Fei's body is stored is located near my building, three minutes away. If I had gotten up on time and arrived, wouldn't I be sitting on the bus heading straight to the crematorium wearing a small white flower? In other words, we have arrived to pay our respects to the remains of the deceased. What a broken alarm clock! Cheating! But did I really press the timer? Yes, I have been so busy lately that I feel confused. During the day, he was busy collecting and writing manuscripts for "Wancheng Morning News". He also worked as a novel editor for two literary websites. He edited and reviewed manuscripts until late at night every night, making his life a mess. Fortunately, I was full and the whole family was not hungry, just one person. My wife ran back to her parents' home and is divorcing me.

When I got into the taxi, I felt a little calmer. But Cheng Fei's shadow immediately appeared in my mind. Everything is really unpredictable. Last month I was sitting with Cheng Fei for dinner, but today I have to see him off and watch his tall body being burned into a small pile of white broken bones. There was a burst of sadness in my heart. Bai Xiang is so old, he is only one year younger than me, and he is my classmate in junior high school. At that time, he looked fair and clean, like a little girl. In addition, his name was Cheng Fei, a very feminine name, so his classmates called him Yatou for a while. But I always protect him and don't let other students bully him. He transferred from a city in the south. He only studied in our school for one year in the third grade of junior high school, then transferred again and left, and then there was no news from him again.

The reunion with Cheng Fei was also at a funeral. Thinking about it now, it seems a bit ironic.

That day I went to attend the funeral of an old comrade, and then went to a designated restaurant for dinner. In front of the hotel, there are white wine, a basin filled with water, and a plate filled with biscuits. This is a rule that I don't understand very well, but when I saw others gargling their mouths with white wine, washing their hands with water, and then eating a biscuit before entering the restaurant to dine, I followed them one by one. I figured, there's no harm in doing it anyway, just do as the Romans do. Just as I was washing my hands, another pair of hands reached into the basin. I'm annoyed and I don't like washing my hands with other people. I turned around and saw a big white face smiling at me. I was stunned for a moment and finally recognized him. I didn't wipe my hands, so I punched the kid in the chest and said, "Girl, where have you been hanging out all these years?" Cheng Fei just looked at me with a silly smile and said nothing. Only then did I notice that there was a woman standing next to him, a very beautiful woman. It is difficult for me to determine her age. I would say she is a beautiful girl, but she also has the charm of a young woman. I would say she is a young woman, but she still has the innocence of a girl. For a moment, I was stunned. Fortunately, my concentration was not average, so I quickly turned around and asked Cheng Fei: "Is this… your lover?" Based on Cheng Fei's handsome appearance, I was already sure.

Cheng Fei nodded and said: "This is my wife Xiaoxue. Xiaoxue, this is my junior high school classmate Zhou Zheng. Just call me brother. He is a big reporter."

"Hello, Brother Zhou Zheng. I have read a lot of your reports." Xiaoxue smiled and stretched out her white and tender hand to me. I shook it gently. It felt so smooth and nostalgic.

"What are you doing now? We haven't seen each other for more than ten years." I said. This kid is wearing a blue suit today and looks more energetic.

"After I graduated from university, I was assigned to work as a technician in the machine repair workshop of our city's repair shop. Now I just joined the agency and became the section chief of the technical department."

"Hey! Not bad, you've become a section chief. Looking at you as a frail scholar, you should change careers with me, a rich and powerful Northeastern guy!" I said with a laugh. To be honest, I feel a little uncomfortable mentally. I see Cheng Fei has become a section chief, but I am still working very hard as a foreign reporter.

During the dinner, Cheng Fei forced me to sit at the table where his wife was sitting. There were only female customers at that table, which made me very uncomfortable. As soon as we both sat down, someone picked us up from behind.

It was a coincidence that I met two classmates from my third year of junior high school: Fatty Wu and Qian Zhigao. These two boys were gangsters when they were in school. After barely getting their junior high school diplomas, they went straight into the society. I had several fights with them when I was studying, all because I couldn't bear to see them bullying Cheng Fei, an outsider. Cheng Fei is an orphan. His parents died young. He came to our city and went to live with his cousin. He is a very poor child. Therefore, at that time, I didn’t have a good impression of Fatty Wu and Qian Zhigao, two bully guys. I heard that they were now working together to engage in long-distance freight transportation. Looking at their clothes, their pockets seemed to be very bulging, and of course their beer bellies were even more bulging. Seeing how enthusiastic they were made me feel a little touched. No matter what time period you were classmates, after you get married and start a career, it will be difficult for you to remember or look for someone in your busy life, unless it is an extremely good classmate, or a high-ranking official who this classmate has done, and you need his or her help. help. Is this the so-called cold world?

We were pulled to sit at the next table to drink. There are all men here, and looking at their posture, I can’t stop drinking this wine. Fatty Wu held the wine bottle and wanted to pour a large glass of white wine for everyone. He said that it was rare to meet an old classmate today and he must drink well. Cheng Fei sat next to me and quietly pinched my thigh with her hand. I get it. Just as he was about to say something, Qian Zhigao spoke, "Get out of here, you damn fat man. Do you think you are attending a wedding? You can get out of here by eating something quickly. If you want to drink, why don't we have a class reunion?" Fatty Wu immediately nodded in agreement. Then he turned his attention to Cheng Fei and me and said, "It's better to choose a different day than to hit the sun. Just tonight, come to my house. I'll be the host! It's not that we don't have money, we just want to get close."

Qian Zhigao immediately took over the conversation and said, "Why are you so pretty? Fatty, didn't you just build a two-story building?"

"But I…I'm afraid I don't have time." Cheng Fei said.

"What? When you become a section chief, you look down on us working people?" Fatty Wu said happily.

I smiled and said, "Okay, I'll go." I know that it's very popular to hold class reunions in recent years.

Cheng Fei said: "Okay then, Brother Zhou will go and I will go too."

However, I never dreamed that that meal would be my farewell to Cheng Fei.

I tipped my head back in the seat and closed my eyes. Trying to remember the scene while eating that meal.

In fact, the meal was very rushed, but also very peaceful. Not as I expected, Fatty Wu and Qian Zhigao would look like nouveau riche to me and Cheng Fei, and their speech and behavior were very polite. But when I look at the two of them, I feel really awkward. People with quiet personalities are not just pretending. In the end, I told two dirty jokes, which made everyone laugh a little. Where is Cheng Fei? I vaguely remember that he was sitting next to me and rarely heard him speak. It seemed that he was always lowering his head and fiddling with his mobile phone.

Hey, why is this guy so short-lived? Even if you become a section chief, your wife is still so beautiful…

The car finally stopped in front of the crematorium.

The crematorium is located near the Forest Park on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by green trees. Looking up, the large chimney is emitting light smoke. I sighed. It seemed that Cheng Fei's body had disappeared.

I raised my wrist to look at my watch. The time was ten past five. There were many cars, large and small, parked in front of the crematorium. There were a few strangers leaning on the cars smoking, who looked like the drivers. There were many people standing in the crematorium compound, but I didn’t recognize any of them. I hurriedly went to the management office to inquire, only to find out that Cheng Fei's hearse had not arrived yet, so I arranged for the deceased who was second in line to start practicing.

I quickly took out my cell phone and dialed Cheng Fei's number. After putting it to his ear, he smiled. Isn’t there something wrong with me that I’m thinking? Why call a dead person? Is it really a professional habit? Just when I was about to put it down, there was a connection over there.

"Zhou Zheng, are you here to see me off too?" The voice is very low, but you can hear it clearly. Oh my gosh! I almost threw my phone away, it was really Cheng Fei's voice!

"I'm right behind you." Cheng Fei said again.

I turned around suddenly, and there stood a man in the weeds beside the big wall in the distance, a man in a green suit, smiling and waving to me! The gesture of waving was slow but wide, as if his body was stiff but his hands were like thick noodles.

His mother's, that's really Cheng Fei! In a flash, Cheng Fei disappeared. I rubbed my eyes hard with my hands, and all I saw again were the withered weeds and the high brick walls.

Is it an illusion? The phone was also hung up.

Damn it! I saw Cheng Fei's body in the hospital. He committed suicide! There are still purple marks on his neck. Also, his autopsy was performed by the forensic doctor from the Public Security Bureau. There can be no miracle resurrection!

I was busy finding Xiaoxue's number on my phone and called it. It took me a long time to get through.

Xiaoxue cried on the phone and told me that when the funeral was about to take place this morning, she discovered that Cheng Fei's body was missing…

Chapter two

I held the hand holding the phone like that, and it took me a long time to put it down. Cheng Fei's inexplicable suicide has already puzzled me. Well, this incident has arisen out of the blue… It's news, no, it's an anecdote that can shock this small town!

I hurriedly ran out of the crematorium gate, got into a taxi and went straight to the Third Hospital.

A large group of people gathered outside the morgue of the Third Hospital. I observed that almost everyone had a look of horror on their faces. At the same time, a woman's cry like a pig was heard coming from the morgue. This voice did not sound like Xiaoxue's voice at all. Immediately, a fat woman was helped out from inside. Who is this woman? I looked around and found Xiaoxue being surrounded by several policemen asking about the situation. I know one of the policemen, named Sun Ye, who is a forensic doctor. I hurriedly came over, but before I could get there, Xiaoxue rushed towards me. Xiaoxue said: "Brother Zhou, why are you here? Cheng Fei didn't like to socialize and didn't have many friends when he was alive. It's really hard for me to find someone to discuss some things." I was very touched by what she said, so I started again I blame myself for getting up late today. That damn alarm clock!

I said what happened? Xiaoxue was wearing a tight black windbreaker today, which made her figure even more slender and attractive. It seems that beautiful women look beautiful in any kind of clothes!

"Brother Zhou, when you came here the day before yesterday, didn't we make an appointment to hold the funeral this morning?"

I said yes. It was on that day that Xiaoxue gave me her mobile phone number.

"I burned the midnight paper for Cheng Fei last night and then went home. In fact, I didn't want to leave, but everyone saw that I was too weak… I left some colleagues from Cheng Fei's unit to keep vigil. When the funeral was going to be held this morning… everyone just Lifting the body outside… suddenly a gust of wind blew off the covering… only then… discovered… that the body carried out was not Cheng Fei… it was… it was…"

"who is it?"

"It's Qian Zhigao! He's still wearing Cheng Fei's shroud… just lying on Cheng Fei's place…"

"What…Qian Zhigao?!" My head buzzed. And suddenly I understood that the fat woman who was crying just now must be Qian Zhigao's family, maybe his wife.

"How did Qian Zhigao die?"

"Comrades from the Public Security Bureau are about to conduct an autopsy on Qian Zhigao." Xiaoxue's face was frighteningly white. She stood very close to me, and I felt her body trembling. It made me feel very sorry for her, and I really wanted to lend her my shoulder to lean on. Suddenly, my cell phone rang, which made me break out in a cold sweat.

The call was from the editor-in-chief Lao Wei. He said there was big news and he wanted me to cover it, and the location was at the Third Hospital. I said that I was in the Third Hospital now, and the two protagonists in the news were both my short-lived classmates. Lao Wei said okay, learn about the situation as soon as possible, and I will record overtime work for you. It's best to send a message back first.

Lao Wei is so damn well-informed. He has countless pairs of eyes, all of which were attracted by the newspaper's hotline with prizes soliciting sudden, touching and disturbing news.

I said I'll try my best.

I want to send Xiaoxue home, and want to have a good talk with her to see if I can find any more clues or something. Xiaoxue nodded obediently, and we walked outside the hospital. Suddenly, she actually took my hand. I felt her hands were so cold, and my hands were so hot. I intentionally shook her hand gently, trying to convey warmth to her, but her hand responded and shook my hand, making me instantly feel a strange feeling in my heart.

When passing by Jingyuan Cafe, Xiaoxue suddenly proposed to drink coffee. This was exactly what I wanted, so I hurriedly led her over.

Jingyuan Cafe has just opened, and several waiters in red jackets are busy tidying up the lobby. I found a relatively remote location and sat down with Xiaoxue.

"Can you tell me something strange happened recently?" I went straight to the topic.

"Something strange? It's nothing, it's all normal." Xiaoxue's eyebrows moved, as if she was thinking about something.

At this time, two cups of fragrant hot coffee had been placed on the tea table by the waiter. Xiaoxue took a small sip and said, "It's so hot." Then she casually unbuttoned the three windbreaker buttons under her neck, revealing half of her white and tender breasts.

My eyes were a little straight and my nose was almost bleeding. That part of my body responded very strongly. I said I had to go to the bathroom.

The bathroom was very quiet, no one could be seen, and no sound of the toilet flushing could be heard. I let out a long sigh of relief when I looked at myself in the wall mirror, and found that my eyes were a little blue. What's going on lately? Is it time to take a break? I tried my best to wash my feverish cheeks with cold water, cursing myself for being an asshole. We had only been separated from my wife for less than a month, and this is what the hell is happening to you? At this time, I suddenly heard a long sigh coming from behind me. This sigh was so clear and familiar. Was it Cheng Fei's voice? !

Immediately, my scalp became numb and I felt weak. But I am a man after all! I suddenly plucked up the courage to turn around, but there was nothing behind me. The doors of the four toilet rooms side by side were closed tightly, and no sound could be heard anymore. I gently opened the first small door, but there was no one inside. When I opened the second small door, there was no one inside. I opened the third small door, but there was still no one. Just as I was about to open the fourth wicket, I heard a "bang" behind me…

The door to the bathroom was knocked open, and a waiter ran in: "Sir, it's bad, the lady who came with you suddenly fainted, please go and have a look!"

I fled hastily.

Xiaoxue was lying on the red carpet under the table, her face pale. A middle-aged man who looked like a coffee shop owner was standing next to her. I knelt down to pick her up. The middle-aged man said loudly: "Don't touch her. I don't know what the disease is. You should wait for the doctor to come… Yes, I'll call 120."

"No, I'm just too tired these days… No need to call 120, thank you." Xiaoxue had woken up and was trying to get up from the floor. I hugged her soft body and put her on the chair.

"Let me take you to the hospital and have a good check-up, okay?" I looked at her with concern.

"No, there's really no need. Brother Zhou, you'd better take me home. I'll be fine after a while." Her face looked really haggard.

After sending Xiaoxue home, Xiaoxue rushed into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. Her home is on the first floor, with one bedroom and one living room. The furniture in the room is very ordinary, but it feels so warm and tidy.

"Why don't your family come to stay with you?" I was a little surprised that after such a big thing happened, none of their relatives came to visit.

Xiaoxue smiled bitterly, stretched out her little hand to me, and motioned for me to sit next to her. I hesitated for a moment, then sat on the bed and held her hand. Her hand was still so cold.

"Cheng Fei and I are both orphans. Cheng Fei is better than me and has a cousin, but his cousin passed away after Cheng Fei started working. In this world, Cheng Fei is my only relative, but… "Xiaoxue's face was filled with tears, and I felt sad. Cheng Fei's face that always liked to smile appeared in front of her eyes again.

"You should have a good rest. If you need my help with anything, just call me. Everything will be fine." I said.

She yawned tiredly and said, just help me close the door. Then he fell into a deep sleep.

When I left Xiaoxue's house, I didn't know why, but I stood near the family building of the municipal repair factory and stared at the window of Xiaoxue's house for a long time, unwilling to leave.

When I walked back to my home, it was already past nine in the morning. I didn't feel any hunger, I just felt dizzy and sleepy, so I simply fell asleep. I don’t know how long it took, but I seemed to hear a knock on the door, so I got up from the bed in a daze and opened the door to the building. It was quiet in the corridor, not even a shadow of a ghost. Damn it, is this some bullshit hallucination?

My stomach started growling, and I realized that it was already past 1 p.m. I walked into the kitchen, boiled water, and started cooking instant noodles. I was stirring the pot with chopsticks and thinking, how should I write this report? The materials in hand now are enough to send a short message at most.

After feeding my stomach, I turned on the computer. My ideas are very messy and I don’t know how to start. I started browsing websites that serialized my novels. This is a habit I have when writing. When I can’t continue writing, I especially like to browse literary websites. A message calling for manuscripts caught my eye. It was an invitation for manuscripts from the "Phantom Fantasy" series of Huacheng Publishing House. The scope of the invitation was fantasy, fantasy, magic novels and thrillers. I suddenly felt that the things I experienced this day were bizarre and terrifying enough, so I thought I might as well write them down first, and maybe I could write a thriller novel!

After recording today's experience, I looked at the time and realized it was almost evening. At this time, my cell phone rang again.

third chapter

The caller was Fatty Wu, and I heard his voice trembling as he spoke. Asked me if I went to attend Cheng Fei's funeral today. I said I went and asked him why he didn't come to participate? What kind of old classmate are you? I did not see his shadow for a day. Fatty Wu said that he was driving back on the highway from the provincial capital, but unfortunately his car broke down halfway. He was repairing the car and tried to get home before 10 o'clock tonight. It seems that he still doesn't know the news that Qian Zhigao is also dead. I wanted to tell him about Qian Zhigao's death, but I swallowed it back. I was afraid that he would be irritated, so I just said that you should drive slowly after repairing the car. If it's too late, find a small hotel to stay. Anyway, It's too late for you to come back. I suddenly heard something wrong with Fatty Wu’s voice over there. He seemed to be crying. Then the call was hung up.

I turned off the computer and felt hungry again. I walked out of the house and wanted to have a bite at the snack city downstairs.

Snack Town gathers all kinds of snacks from all over the city. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the busiest times here. I finally found a place to sit down, ordered Yangzhou fried rice and a bottle of beer, and drank while eating. Sitting across from me was a young man who looked like a college student, eating a bowl of cold noodles. As if there was something urgent, he took a few bites and left, leaving more than half a bowl of noodles. I wonder why young people today waste food like this? Just as I was thinking about it, a man wearing old blue clothes and a pair of sunglasses sat down in front of me. He looked about fifty years old. A blind person? This man didn't want anything, didn't order anything, and just faced me like that with his hands on his cheeks. The light in the room was very dim, and I couldn't see his eyes clearly, but the two black glass pieces facing me like black holes made me very uncomfortable. I hurriedly shoveled the fried rice into my mouth, drank the beer as quickly as possible, got up and left. But my way was blocked by a bamboo stick. He said, sir, don't leave yet, sit down. I looked at the stick in his hand and thought he was really blind. I said what's the matter with you? At the same time, he found some change from his pocket and put it on the table and said, "That's all I have, it's enough for you to buy a bowl of noodles." He smiled and said: "I never ask for money from charity. I am a fortune teller. Sit down and I will tell you your fortune. If you think I am right and not telling lies, I will tell you the fortune." Keep the money." I said I didn't believe those things. He said it doesn't matter whether you believe it or not, just sit down.

"Oh! I…" Xiaoxue realized that she was not wearing anything and hurriedly ran into the bedroom.

"Don't leave. If you want to leave, just take me with you, okay? Wuwu… I'm afraid… Wuwu…" Xiaoxue cried.

"Okay… okay! I won't leave, I'll stay with you!" I said loudly. I don't believe it, you bastard! What the hell is going on!

I sat on the sofa and looked at everything in the living room. Everything was very ordinary: an ordinary coffee table, an ordinary 21-inch color TV, an ordinary desk, ordinary… I was stunned. I saw the big photos on the wall. , Cheng Fei and Xiaoxue leaned against each other, smiling and looking at me together. I said in my heart: "Cheng Fei, you damn ghost! What did I do wrong that you did this to me?!"

The light was still on in the bedroom, it seemed that Xiaoxue had not fallen asleep yet.

"Xiaoxue, where did you put the mobile phone that Cheng Fei used when she was alive?" I asked.

Xiaoxue did not answer my question. I became nervous and hurried to the bedroom. I stopped next to the big bed and looked at Xiaoxue. She was sleeping soundly and breathing evenly. A white and tender thigh stretched out from the towel quilt. I didn't dare to look any further, so I quickly turned off the light and flashed out.

I didn't dare to turn off the lights in the living room, didn't dare to sleep, and stared at the big photo with my eyes wide open.

It's going to be a long night!

I looked at my watch and it was already 22:10.

I don’t know how long it took, but my eyelids started to fight. I pinched my thighs to wake up, but I fell asleep on the sofa without knowing it. In the past few days since my wife left me, I haven't had enough sleep.

In my sleep, my consciousness told me that it was time for me to wake up. I heard a sound, a "chacha" sound, but I didn't dare to open my eyes. At the same time, I felt an object coming towards me. Move around…

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