Dreaming About A Little Boy Ghost Chapter 683: My Own Nightmare

After regaining his composure, Yang Jian began to think about the current situation. After confirming that the ghost he controlled had disappeared and confirming the special and weird environment here, he could make a bolder conclusion.

That is what I am dreaming about.

Only dreaming can explain what is happening in front of you.

Because in his current state, even if the starving ghost is released again, or the ghost is still there, he dares to fight against it.

But if it were in a dream, everything would be different.

It seems that the power of ghosts cannot affect dreams, or the ghosts controlled by Yang Jian cannot interfere with dreams.

"This is a supernatural dream. Only when it involves the supernatural can I feel it so clearly and realistically, and at the same time know that I am dreaming." Yang Jian pondered.

So how to wake up?

In other words, how to let one's consciousness go back.

He didn't dare to stay in this supernatural dream for a long time. God knew what would happen. After all, he had lost his identity as a ghost controller and was even a disabled person with one hand missing.

"Xiaoyuan, where are you going? It's not a good thing to be too far away from the village in this situation," Yang Jian said.

"It's okay. Anyway, we can come back no matter where we are, and the farther away we are, the safer it is. There are a lot of unclean things around us." Xiao Yuan laughed.

Yang Jian said: "So you only want to buy a knife during the day?"

"Yes." Madoka nodded quickly.

"Can real things be brought into dreams?" Yang Jian thought: "So Xiao Yuan and the girl named Lin Xiaoxi are wearing the raincoats they bought before and holding fruit knives, but I have nothing on me. , hands empty, only the clothes on my body."

"In addition, the disappearance of my left hand does not really disappear. Maybe the ghost hand is still there, but it just cannot appear in the dream."

"The ghost in the dream cannot pull the ghost in my body in. Dreaming about a little boy ghost means that once you enter the dream, no matter who you are, you will become an ordinary person, even the top ghost controller. No exception."

At this moment, Yang Jian thought of a supernatural event codename he had seen while browsing the website: Nightmare.

Could he have encountered this supernatural event?

After briefly confirming the situation, Yang Jian regained his composure and calmed down.

The top priority now is not to let yourself get into trouble or die in the dream, because according to the nightmare archives, if people die in dreams, people in reality can also die.

Once Yang Jian's consciousness dies, his body will soon revive.

At that time, the entire Meishan Village, no, even the nearby towns, and even big cities, will all be under the shroud of his evil ghost.

"Stay alive until you wake up at dawn." Yang Jian made a rough plan in his mind.

It's up to my cousin.

At the same time, he started to hug his thighs without hesitation.

Judging from the past, my cousin Madoka must have lived in this weird dream for more than a day. She seemed to have some experience. She picked up the weird corpse without any hesitation, just like a female killer. What caught his attention the most was that his cousin was still smiling when he stabbed the corpse.

But speaking of that body…

Yang Jian looked back at this time, and his heart suddenly trembled.

The body that had been stabbed three times by Madoka just now and fell next to it suddenly stood up and stood on the road near the entrance of the village. Its white clothes were stained with blood, and the black hood on its head was still there. Wear it on your head, but judging from the orientation of your body, it should be facing this way.

"What the hell is that thing? Is it a ghost or a ghost slave?"

At this moment, he was a little shocked.

Because Yang Jian couldn't understand the existence of that thing.

After all, if it were a ghost, Madoka wouldn't have been able to succeed so easily just now, and he would probably die if he got close. But if it were a human, it would be impossible to stand up at this moment.

However, the corpse still stood up.

Yang Jian followed Xiao Yuan and continued walking forward.

The scene in the dream was absurd and bizarre. Soon, Yang Jian saw many corpses in the fields next to the road. These corpses were all standing there in a stiff posture, and without exception, they had no heads or necks. It was empty, all the heads had been moved.

A wilderness of headless corpses.

"There weren't any of these things here yesterday." Lin Xiaoxi was also surprised when she saw those headless corpses.

It seems that under her influence, these things should not appear.

Xiao Yuan giggled and said, "Don't be afraid, I will protect you. Besides, my cousin is here, so everything will be fine."

With that said, they continued walking forward.

"These headless corpses seem to be caused by headless ghosts. Could it be that my appearance caused some unpredictable changes in the dream?" Yang Jian thought to himself.

However, as the three people passed by this wilderness.

The headless corpses actually began to turn their bodies strangely at this moment, facing the direction of the three people, as if they were staring at them, which instantly made the hairs stand on end.

Even if you know this is a dream.

"No, these things have moved." Suddenly, Lin Xiaoxi shouted.

A headless corpse began to walk over. Its heavy feet were pulled out of the wilderness and stepped on the white cement road.

Not just a headless corpse.

Other corpses also showed signs of movement.

"We can't deal with so many." Lin Xiaoxi became a little scared at this moment.

"Yeah, I can't kill them. There are too many." Madoka also tilted her head slightly, frowning and thinking hard.

At this time, Yang Jian, who had been silent all the way, said: "Try not to turn your back to these corpses and see if you can avoid being attacked."

"Is this okay? Don't lie to us, it will kill someone." Lin Xiaoxi said.

Yang Jian said: "You won't be at a loss if you try, right? There are too many headless corpses, extending all the way from here. If you are surrounded, you will definitely not be able to get out."

"Then listen to my cousin and try turning around." Xiao Yuan said with a smile.

Fortunately, the headless corpse only occupied a piece of wasteland on the right and did not form a siege situation. At this time, the three people turned around at the same time. Sure enough, something incredible happened. All five corpses stopped moving and started to move. Bit by bit, he returned to the place where he was before.

The incomprehensible mutation was stopped.

"Is this really okay?" Lin Xiaoxi was surprised and a little excited.

Xiao Yuan smiled and squinted her eyes and said: "As expected of my cousin, the method is really effective."

Yang Jian was silent.

He was certain that this absurd dream must have been affected by the headless ghost . Although the real ghost would not appear here, there would be a correspondingly terrifying place.

It seems that it will be more difficult for the ghost master to survive after entering this dreamland.

If it were ordinary, this scene would not happen.

"Let's go, let's go to the town." Xiao Yuan waved her hands with great interest, as if she was going on a trip, with no intention of returning to the village.

Yang Jian had no choice but to follow her and move on.

As he continued to move forward, Yang Jian discovered.

Although this dream world is large and there are many weird and incomprehensible things, there are only a few real living people.

The road was quiet, and there was no one else except the three of them.

And obviously they hadn't walked long before the scenery of the county town had already appeared in their eyes.

The distance in between seemed to have been intercepted out of thin air.

"It's definitely not just the three of us who were pulled into the dream." Yang Jian looked in the direction of the town and actually saw the lights of some cars on and heard the sound of horns.

In just a few steps, as if seconds passed, the three of them arrived at the small town.

There were actually many dead bodies hanging in the sky above the town.

The dead bodies were tied with old straw ropes around their necks, like the ghost ropes that Yang Jian had handled before.

These corpses seemed to have been hanging in the air for a while. Their clothes were all in tatters, but they were not rotten. They were still fresh, as if they had just died.

"This nightmare may be mine."

This idea came to Yang Jian's mind, because all the weirdness was related to him.

If that's the case, is the Madoka who called him out before really Madoka?

Or a ghost in a dream?

I was called into my dream by a ghost.

After realizing this, he couldn't help but subconsciously distanced himself from the two people in front of him.

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