What Is The Use Of Dead Sea Mud? Diary Of Chapter 37 Of Qinling Sacred Tree

The cave was about to collapse, and big and small rocks were thrown at my head at any time. If I stayed for a second longer, I would be in danger of being buried under the rocks. In this case, it was good to have a road in front of me, so how could I care about anything else? I grabbed him and shouted to him: "Why can't you go in? If you don't go in, are you waiting to die outside?"

Lao Itch said: "The situation inside is unknown, you should take a look first before talking!"

I said to him: "I can't control that much. Look at this situation. It's a dragon's pool and a tiger's den, so I have to break into it." Then I pulled him and walked into the cave.

Lao Itch held his hand hard to prevent me from pulling him in, and said: "Please listen to me once, you really can't go into this hole!"

As he was about to pull me out, I was furious. I was about to ask him if he wanted to die or something, but suddenly a stone suddenly fell down. I quickly let go, and both of us fell back. The stone fell between us with a "rumbling" sound, and the cave entrance was suddenly blocked.

I was so frightened that I hurriedly shouted and asked him if he was okay. After a long time, I heard him groan and replied: "It's okay. His mother's head was hit. It's not collapsed anymore. What's wrong with you?" Sample?"

I told him that I was fine, and pushed the stone without moving. I knew that the way in had been cut off, so I looked around. I originally thought that this was another cave on the rock wall, and there must be an exit on one side. However, now I saw that it was another cave. It is a closed space, very narrow, it seems to be a natural mountain gap, and the scene always feels familiar.

After climbing a few steps on the gravel, I suddenly realized that this was also a collapsed cave. However, the collapse here was several years old. Everything that should have collapsed has collapsed, and the ground is full of gravel.

I was still wondering just now why this giant snake is so powerful, and it knocked the hard rock into this shape after several impacts. Now that I think about it, it turns out that there has been a collapse here, and the last accident must have caused great damage to the surrounding rock formations. The seemingly solid rock was actually already cracked inside. It was hit by the giant snake and finally burst, collapsing out of this passage.

I looked above my head and found that this was the gap between two collapsed boulders. Judging from the fit, it should be very strong. Even though the collisions continued outside, only dust fell here.

The giant snake seemed to have used up its strength, and it became lighter every time it hit it, and finally calmed down.

What are the uses of Dead Sea mud_Dead Sea mud_Dead Sea mud bath

I was in shock. I remembered that Lao Itch had just pulled me. If I hadn’t let go in time, I would have turned into a meat pie. I was so angry that I said angrily from behind the stone: "You just took the wrong medicine." ?I almost got you killed."

Lao Itch was blocked by stones and couldn't get in even if he wanted to. He also said, "Why didn't I take the wrong medicine? Why don't you say you're awkward? You see how good it is now. What should I do?"

I picked up a few stones and saw Lao Itch's flashlight shining through the gaps in the stones. However, the largest stone was at least as big as a table of the Eight Immortals. The gaps between them were limited. I could reach out my hand, but people I am determined not to get out.

I hit it with a stone several times and broke out a few white stubbles. The two stones have the same hardness and it is very difficult to smash them. Lao Itch saw that the broken stone I hit on my head started to loosen again, and he quickly asked me to stop doing it. He said, "Take it easy, if I hit it again, it will collapse again."

I said: "Extending your head and retracting your head with a knife are just the same. Anyway, you will either be crushed to death or starve to death, so don't worry so much."

Lao Itch said: "You'd better not. Before we are at the end of our rope, you should look around first to see if there is anything special. If you find anything, call me immediately."

I looked around and it was dark here, and all I could see was gravel, so I told him there was nothing inside.

He was silent for a moment and asked, "Is there really nothing? Take a closer look."

I said, "Why are you lying to me? This is a place with a bigger butt. I must have seen something."

What are the uses of Dead Sea mud_Dead Sea mud bath_Dead Sea mud

Lao Itch said: "Okay, look carefully. I'll go to the front to see if it's so tightly blocked. Maybe there's still a gap where I can crawl out."

As he said that, his flashlight light moved away. I rested on the stone for a while, crawled into the gap, and looked around. I knew there would be no exit here. The stone on my head weighed several tons, which made me trapped. I'm afraid I won't be able to leave here for a year and a half.

After walking further inside, there was no way. Just as I was about to turn back, I suddenly saw something that seemed to be painted on the stone wall, so I hurried over to take a look.

When I first saw it, I thought it was some graffiti-like cave paintings, very primitive, probably left by the ancestors who cast bronze trees. A closer look revealed that no, the pattern on these graffiti was an airplane and several English letters, which were the work of modern people.

Who would do these things in a place like this? I am very confused.

Half of the graffiti was buried in the pile of rubble at my feet. I moved the stones away to see what was painted on it. After removing a large stone, a group of dark rags appeared, which seemed to be a pieces of clothing.

I pulled apart the rag, and a shriveled human hand that had rotted to the point of exposing its bones was revealed. His hands were claw-like, as if he was trying to crawl out of the rubble, and he finally died of exhaustion.

I was startled and almost screamed. How could a dead person be buried here? Could it be that he was buried alive when the cave collapsed? Then who is this person?

I continued to move the stones away, and soon, a body appeared. The body has been completely decomposed. It seems that it has been buried here for many years. The clothes on the body are in tatters. Judging from the texture, it is not clear what the original color was. However, judging from the amulet hanging around his neck, this person may be related to We are also here to fight.

Dead Sea mud_Dead Sea mud bath_What are the uses of Dead Sea mud

Thinking of the corpse I saw at the bottom of the waterfall, it was almost as rotten as him. Maybe these two people were in the same group. It was true that people died for money and birds died for food. These two people might be my fate.

I continued digging and dug out the entire body, and found another backpack. It was extremely rotten. It was almost empty, with only some black residue. I didn’t know what it was made of. I looked through the back again. , a notebook fell out from the mezzanine.

The notebook is almost falling apart, but fortunately the paper is good and the words written on it with a blue ballpoint pen are still clear. I picked it up and looked at it. The front part contained some geographical locations and phone numbers. I turned to the back and was suddenly stunned. There were some diaries here. When I read the first entry, it seemed that I had started recording it three years ago.

This person's handwriting was relatively childish, and he probably wasn't very good at writing. Each diary entry only had about a hundred words. I quickly turned through a few pages, and I felt chills running down my spine.

Judging from the records in the diary, this person should have come here three years ago. The diary did not record the process of his coming, but started recording from the time he was trapped in this cave. However, in the following content, he occasionally mentioned his experiences before entering.

There should be a total of eighteen in their group, because one of the articles mentioned: I am the only one left among the eighteen. It also mentioned that they did not enter through our route, but from a huge tree hole wrapped in aerial roots in the banyan forest on the top of the mountain.

This should be the banyan forest that Lao Itch mentioned. We didn't have the chance to go in. We didn't expect that there was such a big fish in it. If we had known this, we wouldn't have gone through so many troubles.

But as I read on, I couldn't help but be glad I didn't take that road, because it was written that the road they came down was extremely dangerous. Eighteen people went in, and only six were left when they came out, and all the others died on the road.

It is estimated that the tree hole should be opened in the middle of the forest, one of the ancestral banyan trees that Lao Itch mentioned cannot be surrounded by more than a dozen people. However, a single banyan tree forms a forest. Is that forest a few trees or one? , I can’t tell clearly now. What was the use of the Dead Sea mud after these people came down? It should be exactly the opposite of us. We climbed directly up from the bottom of the bronze tree, while they should have fallen directly to the top of the bronze tree.

Dead Sea mud bath_Dead Sea mud_ What are the uses of Dead Sea mud

To my surprise, he also said that after they found nothing on the sacrificial altar, they walked down the surrounding plank road. The bottom of the plank road was full of water, like a very deep pool, and the water was green. Can't see the bottom at all.

They jumped into the pool and found that the depth was extremely deep. They could not dive in without equipment. The diving equipment they brought was too small. After trying it for a while, they had to give up. The six people surfaced and were dumbfounded when they saw it.

It turned out that when they were diving, the water level dropped extremely. When they came out, the plank road where they kept their equipment was six or seven meters away from them. They didn't expect that the ropes were all in their bags and they didn't have them with them, so they all panicked.

The water level dropped rapidly. Some of them climbed to the bronze tree, and some ran into the hole exposed on the rock wall. The owner of this diary entered the cave where I was at that time, but unfortunately, not long after he entered the cave, a giant python like a black dragon suddenly coiled out of the water and chased him along the bronze tree. When he went up, he only heard the screams and gunshots of his companions, and was so frightened that he hid in the cave and did not dare to go out.

This disaster was caught off guard, and his companions were all desperadoes. One of them was fighting a giant python and activated the explosives before he died. They were preparing to open the mountain to blow up the tomb, so the explosives were heavy, and the earth exploded all at once, including him. The cave he was hiding in was also destroyed by the shock wave.

The owner of the diary was temporarily knocked unconscious by the explosion. When he woke up, he found that he had been trapped. He expected that no one outside would survive such a violent explosion. He had no purpose in robbing the tomb and expected someone to be there. Rescue was impossible, and I felt discouraged for a while.

What follows becomes a bit boring.

He was trapped in the gap for seven days. He didn't bring much food with him, and he ate it all at once. He was thirsty and hungry, and the battery was exhausted. In the darkness, he knew that his end was coming, and he thought of his mother. People take care of them, and they can’t help but feel miserable.

In the next few days, he was in a daze because of hunger. One day he woke up and didn't know what time it was. He just felt that his thirst had reached the limit. In a daze, he picked up the long-dried water bottle and drank a few gulps. Then a miracle happened, and sweet water suddenly poured out of the kettle. He didn't know what was going on, but he drank greedily for more than ten minutes, but there was no shortage of water at all.

Dead Sea mud_Dead Sea mud bath_What are the uses of Dead Sea mud

He thought he was dreaming, thinking that he must be dying and hallucinating, so he might as well die like this. He also thought that since he was dreaming, there might be food in the bag. When he took it out, it turned out that there was food. The bags were all full. He was overjoyed and ate with all his might. As a result, he almost choked to death.

Gradually, he discovered that all this was not a dream. At first, he thought God appeared and came to rescue him. Later, he felt more and more wrong. Finally, he discovered that the occurrence of all this had a certain connection with his thoughts, but It’s not like everything works. For example, when he wants to eat something, that thing won’t appear. But when he touches the food in his bag, he will often find something he likes to eat. Although There is nothing in the bag.

He began to consciously analyze and do thinking experiments, and gradually he discovered his ability to materialize. He wrote a lot about this section, and the experimental process was very complicated. In the end, he did not draw the conclusion of materialization ability, but believed that he had become a "trance God."

The graffiti on the stone were painted during this period, probably for fun when he was extremely bored.

At the end of the diary, he wrote that he would use this ability to try to get out of here . What is the use of the Dead Sea mud ? If he succeeds, he can go out and become a superman. If he fails, he will die here. I don’t know. What kind of experiment did he make in the end? Anyway, it seems that it failed in the end.

However, when a person with such ability comes to the real world, I don’t know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing.

Seeing this corpse and thinking about my own situation, I couldn't help but feel chilled. There was no food around me, and I might not be able to survive even seven days. Besides, even if there was food, it would be better to die happily if I was trapped here endlessly. .

I put down the diary, rummaged through the pockets on the body, and found a mobile phone, which had already run out of battery. I threw it aside, and found a wallet with some money in it. It will rot, what is this?

There was this person's ID card in my wallet. I pulled it out to see what this unfortunate guy's name was. When I looked with a flashlight, I saw that the person's photo had been blurred, but the name was still clear. It was "Xie Ziyang".

This surname is really rare. Xie Lianhuan, who died in a tomb under the sea, also had this surname. I looked at his birthday and saw that he was still quite young. It was a pity.

Suddenly, a flashlight flashed from behind, and Lao Itch had crawled back, and asked me from behind the stone: "Old Wu! What are you looking at?"

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