Fake Ghost Turns Into Real Ghost

Pretending to be a ghost to scare people is one of the most terrifying pranks. If you are not sure how to do it, you will either scare the person to death or be beaten to death by the person you are scaring, so it is better to keep this kind of joke to a minimum.

Especially when pretending to be a ghost fails to scare people, but instead attracts real ghosts to take their lives, that is called scary!

On the wall of the toilet of Miao X Elementary School, the four characters "Confidentiality and Prevention of Spies" were once written (in fact, such words could often be seen on the campuses of various schools in the past). Later, after a strange incident happened, that toilet It has truly become the "anti-espionage center" that all teachers and students in the school keep away from.

I don't know when it started, but at dusk, there would be some strange sounds in that toilet. For example, when going to the toilet, they hear muffled crying or the click of clogs when walking. Therefore, some timid students dare not go to that toilet. In addition to the inexplicable strange noises, people often see white shadows shaking next to the toilet after nightfall, so the theory that the toilet is haunted disappears.

Later, when a teacher was going to the toilet, he was frightened by a scary face outside the window and cried. According to the teacher's description, the white face was so pale that there was no blood at all. Two blood-red eyes stared at her fiercely, which frightened her so much that she fell to the ground. Later, she finally summoned the courage to stand up. There was no trace of that face.

However, the school's explanation was that it was a gangster deliberately pretending to be a ghost to scare people, and students were asked to be careful. Later, the school said that they were some perverts who sneaked into the toilet to peek, and asked students to go to the toilet together to avoid being brutally injured. Wolf kiss.

Whether it was a spy pretending to be a ghost to scare people, or a pervert pretending to be a ghost to spy on people, in the end, a person died in the toilet. Only then did they understand that the strange things about the toilet being haunted were indeed man-made, and everyone felt at ease.

That day happened to be cleaning time in the morning. Several students who were responsible for cleaning the toilet found that there was a door inside that could not be opened. One student wanted to climb over the wall to open the door, so he climbed up the wall, and immediately screamed strangely and fell off the wall.

"There are…there are…there are…ghosts!"

When everyone heard that there was a ghost, they all ran away in fear and quickly asked the teacher to deal with it. Following the student's guidance, the teacher also climbed up the wall and looked into the toilet. Sure enough, there was a very scary person lying inside.

The teacher immediately dismissed the students and asked the school janitor to open the door. They saw the man lying in the toilet with white paint on his face. It was surprising to see him at first glance.

What's even more frightening is that the man's head was turned behind his back, and there was still a trace of black blood on the corner of his mouth. It was obvious that the man had his neck broken and died. Because of the thick white paint on his face, it is generally believed that that person is a pervert who often goes to the toilet to peek.

Although some people doubted why the man's death was so tragic, the police had no clues to pursue, so they had to treat the matter as an unsolved case, and the theory that the toilet was haunted had to come to an end.

The end does not mean the end. Perhaps it was because the pervert died in the toilet. A few months later, something strange and haunted really happened in that toilet.

At first, the toilet was closed for a period of time because of a murder. Later, it was reopened at the request of students.

Nothing happened in the first few months after it was put back into use. At most, when students entered, they felt it was a bit eerie, as if it had natural air-conditioning.

Later, some strange stories gradually spread, such as the toilet door being opened for no reason even though it was locked; or someone was suddenly pinched hard on the buttocks while going to the toilet, but when he turned around, There was no one in sight, and they were so scared that they dared not go to that toilet again.

"I'm the most unlucky. There are so many students in the school, but it happened to me." Xu Ruiping was still a little frightened when she thought of the ghost incident.

Xu Ruiping had heard that there were some strange things going on in that toilet before, so when she went to the toilet, she felt a little bit weird in her heart, so she always went with her classmates, so she was not so scared.

"You go ahead! I'll wait for you outside!"

Xu Ruiping's classmates kindly asked Xu Ruiping to use the toilet first. Xu Ruiping nodded and walked in.

Xu Ruiping didn't feel anything strange at first, but after a while, she suddenly felt a cold chill coming from behind her. At the same time, she felt like someone was peeking at her, which made her whole body feel creepy and slightly uncomfortable.

At that time, Xu Ruiping didn't dare to think too much. She just wanted to leave the toilet quickly and get dressed in a few seconds. Suddenly, someone tapped her on the back. Wasn't it scary ? Xu Ruiping turned her head to look without thinking, and was so frightened by the sight in front of her that she screamed.

Xu Ruiping turned her head and saw a pale face pressed against the wall, grinning at her. This smile scared Xu Ruiping away. She hurriedly opened the door and was about to rush out. At this moment, Xu Ruiping felt her scalp tightening, which made her cry. :

"Don't scratch my hair! Don't scratch my hair!"

The classmates waiting outside were startled by Xu Ruiping's actions. When they looked up, they saw someone standing behind Xu Ruiping, and they were so frightened that they started crying. As soon as these two people cried out, everyone in the toilet gathered around, and the people behind Xu Ruiping disappeared immediately. Xu Ruiping felt her scalp loosen, and immediately rushed out of the toilet, squatting on the ground and crying with her classmates who were following her.

After the news broke, the toilet was sealed again and demolished a few years later. As for whether similar things will happen in the future, Xu Ruiping doesn't know.

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