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In the eyes of ordinary people, monsters are a kind of fear. Imagine that in ancient times, human beings moved from trees to under trees and began to live in caves. The vast jungles and endless dark nights were everywhere. Even in the sunny day, there is still an inexplicable fear lingering in their hearts.

When you are walking alone in the forest, and the sunlight cannot squeeze in through the dense leaves, you seem to be in an endless dark world. At this time, there was a strange noise. You closed your eyes and began to imagine what it looked like.

In our nature, our ancestors created two kinds of energy for us. The good energy, loved by our long-term ideological evolution, has become a righteous god that makes us worship, while the evil energy has turned into an evil monster that makes us fear.

This is the result of our lack of understanding of nature. The question is, must those who are righteous be gods, and those who are evil must be demons?

The monster in the next story is very interesting. I even thought this monster was cute.

The story takes place in the Tang Dynasty, and the location is Baitian, Chuzhou. Chuzhou is now Huai'an District, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province. There is a witch in Baitian County. This witch claims to have received the true message from King Jintian and can drive away all monsters and ghosts. In the spiritual world of the Tang people, they believed that everything had spirits, and these shamans were people who could communicate with spirits. On the one hand, they hope to make themselves healthy and live longer through prayer; on the other hand, it can be said that they can lose money and avoid disasters. There is also some element of getting rid of a difficult life through this luck. This witch's surname is Xue, commonly known as Xue Erniang.

There was a little girl surnamed Shen in the village who suddenly contracted a charm disease. The specific symptoms were that she sometimes ran around for no reason, sometimes stood in the fire, and even more terrifyingly, she walked into the river outside the village. .

The strangest thing is not this, but that the little girl's belly is growing day by day. Looks like a pregnant woman. The child's parents are very panicked. Their daughter has not yet left the court, and now she is like this. Who will dare to marry her then? When the parents were at a loss, someone suggested that they go find Xue Erniang. The little girl's mother clapped her hands and said, "I should have thought of it earlier." So she invited Xue Erniang.

When Xue Erniang came, she asked the Shen family to prepare an altar and let the little girl lie on the altar. The Shen family didn't dare to say more about who was responsible . Although they didn't understand what the witch was doing, they still did as she was told. Then she asked the Shen family to dig a hole next to the altar. A large iron pot was set up on top. Xue Erniang, dressed in bright and colorful clothes and jewelry, was playing drums and dancing, while music was played beside her and she began to invite the gods.

After a while, the god came, with a majestic appearance and kind eyes. The people watching quickly knelt down and kowtowed. The wizard brought a bowl, filled it with water, and chanted the incantation while spreading it. Finally, he said, "You monster, you monster, come out quickly." After saying this, the wizard walked straight into the fire and sat down calmly. The raging fire surrounded the wizard, but the wizard did not receive any damage.

Everyone bowed their heads and worshiped again.

The wizard stood up, dusted himself off, walked to the pot, picked up the lid of the pot and put it on his head, and started singing, dancing and playing drums as before. The people nearby were chattering and talking, not knowing what Xue Erniang was up to. The wizard may be tired from dancing. He pulled up a chair and sat on it, then called the little girl to his side and asked her to tie herself up. When the little girl's mother was about to stop her, her father quickly grabbed his wife's hand. He put a finger on his lips and made a silencing gesture. She glanced at her husband bitterly and began to watch the changes.

The little girl obediently turned her hand away, as if her hand was trapped. The wizard asked what was going on, but the little girl refused to tell. Her mother yelled at this time to tell her something quickly, but the little girl just cried and kept shedding tears without speaking. The wizard was very angry, picked up a knife and chopped it. It was too late for the child's parents to stop it. At this time, I saw the little girl acting like a fine person, but trembling with fear. Kneel on the ground and beg for mercy and say I am convinced. He added: "I was originally an otter by the Huaihe River. That day, I saw her coming to the river to wash her yarn. I was immediately fascinated by her. I didn't expect that I met you, the wise wizard. Please allow me to From now on, I will hide my traces. However, I can't bear to part with my children. I have an unkind request. If she can give birth to my children, don't kill them, and return them to me, this is not an excessive request. , I hope you, the wizard, will grant me permission." After saying this, she started to cry, and everyone present was affected by her and begged for mercy.

The little girl picked up a pen and wrote a farewell poem: " Who is responsible for the tide coming and chasing the tide? The tide falls on the empty beach. What comes and goes eventually, love is easy to come back and love is hard to regain. A heartbroken baby, a bright moon and a cold autumn river. ." This little girl was illiterate before, but now the poems she wrote were so powerful that even the private school teachers present felt they were powerful. Moreover, this poem is completed in one breath without pause. Judging from the artistic conception of the poem, it is indeed a masterpiece.

After a while, the little girl fell into a coma. Her parents hurriedly took her home, and the little girl didn't wake up until the next day.

After waking up, the little girl said: "That day I went to the river to wash clothes and met a handsome young man. He seduced me. I don't know what happened. I had an inexplicable feeling for him. Then we started dating. Until now. I don’t know what I’m doing either.”

Ten months later, the woman gave birth to three little otters. They were very cute. Originally, the woman's parents wanted to kill them, but someone said, "Even monsters are so trustworthy. As human beings, are we not as good as an otter?" "?" The woman's parents sent three little otters to the lake. There were splashes of water on the lakeside, and a big otter jumped up to the shore. The little otter obediently climbed on top of the big otter and slowly crawled into the lake. go. Finally disappeared.

The poem in the story is included in the Tang Dynasty Poems, and is called "Poetry of Bai Tian Da Mei Farewell Village Girl". The author is no longer known. It may be that the author used this story to express his emotions. Things come and go, which illustrates a law in the world. What is lost must be gained, but love is easy to come back and love is hard to come back. It means that everything in the past has passed, and it is impossible for us to be together again, but after all, you are pregnant I was understandably sad and crying when I lost my baby. Now, let me take the memories with me. Fortunately, I still have three children with me.

The Tang Dynasty was an era that paid attention to family status. Of course, ancient societies also paid attention to family status, and this is also the case today. Maybe the author of this poem came from a poor family, while the heroine came from a family of officials. She fell in love with her and had no choice but to take measures to win the beauty back. Although she didn't understand poetry or humor, in the eyes of the poet, she was The brightest star in the sky, even if the sky is as dark as ink, the poet can still find that star quickly. Due to the obstruction of the world, they can't be together at all, so they have to leave, and he has to leave with his children.

What a cute monster, but he met a girl who was illiterate, but still lingered in the world of love games. But he couldn't let go of his child. Maybe, the little otter will have the breath of his mother. He would also think of that bright early spring, that picturesque woman, and that shy boy at night. In this way, you will be immersed in dreams.

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This story is based on the folklore of the Tang Dynasty, showing ancient people's fear of monsters and curiosity about the unknown. Although the otter monster in the story brought disaster, its persistence in love and care for its children made people sympathize with it. Xue Erniang's demon exorcism ritual and the appearance of the otter monster add a mysterious color to the story.

The poems in the story are not only literary masterpieces, but also emotional sustenance, reflecting the poet's helplessness about love and his feelings about social reality. Through this story, readers can understand ancient society's complex attitudes towards monsters, as well as people's profound thinking on emotions and morality.

The whole story has rich plots and vivid characters. It has both the heritage of traditional culture and the depth of modern thinking. Through this story, readers can experience the fear of monsters and yearning for love in ancient society, and at the same time reflect on similar issues in modern society. The end of the story brings inspiration to people, reminding people to maintain compassion and understanding when facing the unknown and fear.

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