Cute Monster Online Reading

In the eyes of ordinary people, monsters are a kind of fear. The monster in the next story is very interesting. I even thought this monster was cute. Ten months later, the woman gave birth to three little otters. They were very cute. Originally, the woman's parents wanted to kill them, but someone said, "Even monsters are so trustworthy. As human beings, are we not as good as an otter?" ? … Continue readingCute Monster Online Reading

Don’t Open The Door

After taking the money, the old woman told Shangguan Bo in a low voice: “Don’t open the window when you sleep at night, and don’t open the door if someone knocks on the door in the middle of the night, absolutely, absolutely…” Remember that as long as you don’t open the door, nothing will happen some. “Bang bang bang” there was another knock on the door, followed by the voice of the book boy: “Master, open the door! The door was not locked last night, and the blood on the ground was gone. … Continue readingDon’t Open The Door