Ghost Stories In Dreams: Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night To Read Online

In the middle of the night, the girl suddenly sat up in shock, slowly changed her clothes, sat in front of the dressing table and slowly combed her hair. Then I found a sharp knife and put it in my bag, carrying it out the door like I usually do when going to work.

At work, the girl doesn't come into contact with many people, and the company isn't big, but having an old man in the same office makes the girl very disgusted. When he first joined this company, this old man always used excuses to come to the girl's desk when no one was around, help her smooth her hair, and pretend to accidentally touch her hand or touch her waist. At first, the girl thought that this was just an elder's care for the younger generation that was a little too much, but then she felt more and more wrong. Because she had just arrived at the company not long ago, the girl did not dare to speak. One day, the old man used his old trick again and accidentally touched her waist when he walked to her table. The girl suddenly stood up and made several gestures with a utility knife in the air. The old man was immediately frightened and returned to his seat. From then on, the girl never had a good life. She was scolded every day. As long as she made the slightest mistake or the mistake was not her fault, the old man would blame her and blame her in every possible way.

During the day, the same thing happened again. A batch of goods was returned obviously because of the customer, and the old man wanted to call the girl who was working outside to hold accountable. The girl didn't refute anything, she just suffered it silently in her heart. In the middle of the night, the opening scene happened. Because the old man's daughter got married before and invited colleagues from the company to his house, so the girl walked downstairs to his house with familiarity. He went upstairs gently, knocked on the door, and then walked back to his rental house hazily. After taking a bath, what will happen to the ghost? He comes back to see his family , changes into his pajamas, and goes back to bed to fall asleep.

The next day, the girl returned to the company to work as usual. Seeing what everyone was talking about, and listening carefully, it turned out that the old man was killed in his own home. His face was slashed many times and his heart was stabbed several times. He was completely unrecognizable. Because after his daughter got married, he, who lost his wife early in his life, lived alone in this community without property management. It is said that his neighbor seemed to hear someone knocking on the door in the middle of the night, but he didn't pay attention, thinking it was just a normal behavior of a man living alone. Hearing this, the girl's heart palpitated. How could everything that happened be so similar to her dream last night? The girl made an excuse to go out on business and ran back home quickly, rummaging for something unconsciously. Suddenly the ghost changed into something and came back to see her family . She found a bloody dress in the corner of the sofa against the wall. The girl screamed in fright and sat down in the corner. At this time, a woman wearing a long white dress floated in front of her, and said in a long and worried tone: "Don't be afraid, I'll help you avenge you…" Finally, there was a frightening and strange laughter…

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