Bloody Clay Figurine

The body suppressing, skinning, and cramping charms didn't work, and they almost lost their lives. Da Biao said: I heard from the elders that once something takes up human blood and is placed in a place where there is no sunlight or people, it will turn into a demon and come out to make trouble in seven to forty-nine days. Now this time also agrees, this monster should be the clay figurine or clay horse made by your brother with blood-stained hands, after being hidden, this guy has not seen anyone for a hundred days, he will become a demon. … Continue readingBloody Clay Figurine

Chapter 80: The Ghost Of The Court Lady

Youliang turned his head suddenly, and looked directly at the maid by the well with dark eyes, and saw that she was wearing a stone blue round collar with five-clawed dragon hexagrams, a high flat bun, flower pot sole shoes, and two big earrings. , with a luan hairpin on the head, very graceful and luxurious. Hmph, this is the "Yin Pig", a palace beast in the Forbidden City that has existed since the Ming Dynasty. The harem is haunted all day long. The maid looked at him without saying a word, like a jade statue. "The palace lady seemed to be remembering, but finally she shook her head, "You are neither a corpse nor a demon, why did you hurt Father Bai? … Continue readingChapter 80: The Ghost Of The Court Lady