Chapter 955: The Old Man Blocking The Road

() The red coffin has been moved before, but the last time it was moved, it was very heavy, even heavier than expected. But this time, Yang Jian and Zhou Deng lifted the coffin without any effort. Red coffin.

The coffin was very light, almost like an empty coffin.

"But the weight of this coffin is very wrong. If you carry it and bury it like this without confirming it, if something goes wrong during the process, you will be in big trouble." Zhou Deng said.

Yang Jian still refused: "It's the sixth day. Most of the old people in the coffin have recovered from the evil spirit. At this time, the switch is simply releasing a terrifying evil spirit. Even if I hold the coffin nails in my hand, I may not be able to deal with it. Yes, and we are not really here to bury this old man, our purpose is to stay in this ancient house for seven days."

"As for these seven days, it doesn't matter how you survive."

"So what happened to the old man's body, whether there is any abnormality, has nothing to do with me at all. Do you understand what I mean?"

Zhou Deng's expression changed slightly: "So that's it."

Yang Jian has not forgotten his true purpose. Their messenger on the fourth floor only needs to survive in the ancient house for seven days. After seven days, he will deliver the letter and the task will be completed.

The burial, the vigil, the funeral… these are just the process of living, not the result.

If you are willing, you can lie down in this ancient house for seven days like Yang Xiaohua, doing nothing, and then wake up after seven days to deliver the letter. If you can successfully deliver the letter, you have completed the task.

Therefore, Yang Jian refused to open the coffin and conduct an autopsy.

" Let's go out and carry this red coffin to the woods behind and bury it." Yang Jian took action at this time.

He glanced at the two people next to him.

Liu Qingqing carried the body of the eagle on her back, and Yang Xiaohua carried the mutilated and incomplete Li Yang.

Today, there are only so many people left alive. The number of survivors is really small. Compared with the dozen or so people gathered together at the beginning, it seems inexplicably sad.

And it's not over yet.

Someone might die here next.

Yang Jian took a deep look at Yang Xiaohua and Li Yang.

If there are casualties next, they will definitely appear among these two people, because Yang Xiaohua is an ordinary person and Li Yang is incomplete and has difficulty moving.

Yang Xiaohua also saw Yang Jian's solemn eyes, and felt increasingly uneasy.

No one said a word to each other, and Liu Qingqing did not argue with Yang Jian. No matter what conflicts or grudges they had, they put them aside for the time being.

There is no way to get out of this ancient house alive, nothing matters.

Yang Jian acted rashly. He walked in front carrying the red coffin with one hand, and Zhou Deng followed closely behind him carrying the coffin.

Ghost Eyes Peeping at People 1_Ghost Eyes Peering into the Sky to Retrieve Corpses_Peering Through the Window to See Ghosts

A group of people came to the back hall.

The wooden door in the back hall was opened, and the sky outside was dim and oppressive. A path stained with yellow mud loomed in front of us, winding and stretching all the way to the depths of the strange old forest.

The two carried the coffin and walked out of the ancient house.

As previously analyzed by Eagle, the back door of this ancient house was precisely calculated to accommodate a coffin. Even if the coffin is ten centimeters wide, it cannot be moved out.

"Captain, the previous ghosts have all left the ancient house. This means that the ancient house is safe now, but this safety is relative. Although the ghost is not in the ancient house, the red coffin is in the ancient house. We can't deal with it. This red coffin stayed together, so it was necessary to move this coffin out and bury it today.”

"This is the meaning of a funeral. This is in line with the survival rules set by the ancient house. But now we are carrying this red coffin to the old forest…it will definitely be very dangerous along the way." Li Yang was at this moment He spoke with a serious look.

Yang Jian said: "I know that the danger now is not in the ancient house, but in the red coffin, so I have been spending the past few hours in the ancient house, hoping to delay it a little longer, so that everyone can rest more and adjust their condition. , but the conditions do not allow us to spend time in the ancient house."

"I have a hunch that the later the funeral is, the more dangerous this red coffin will be. The back door of the ancient house was pushed open just now, which is a signal for the funeral. Believe it or not, if we spend another six hours in the ancient house, what will happen to this red coffin?" The lip-red coffin will turn into a sinister coffin, more dangerous than the previous days."

"This analysis makes sense. I feel that everything here has been arranged. Let us follow certain steps. Once something goes wrong, we will be destroyed by the group." Zhou Deng nodded. He had gone through these days. It is also very clear to see.

This ancient house, this dead old man, and all the arrangements here were planned in advance.

Just follow the steps and no one will die.

So this is not as simple as a simple supernatural event and a message delivery task, there is something more complicated hidden behind it.

Zhou Deng didn't want to think too much. He came here purely by coincidence. He just wanted to survive and leave this hellish place. Sending letters had nothing to do with him.

Everyone was talking and discussing with each other on the way, while carrying the coffin and continuing to move forward.


Everyone stayed away from the ancient house and gradually walked into this strange old forest along this yellow mud path that had been deliberately cleared.

Once entering the old forest.

I felt a cold breath lingering around me. It was as if there was fog in the depths of the old forest. It was gloomy and dark, revealing an unspeakable evil nature.

"There are corpses buried under this old forest. Those corpses are not ordinary dead corpses. They are all suspected to be sleeping ghosts. We have already experienced this when we dug trees to find mourning clothes… I hope that this time we will wear mourning clothes." It still works." Yang Jian's ghost eyes opened and he peeked around.

Saw nothing.

My vision was blocked, and I couldn't see clearly through the old trees and everything in the old forest.

This situation is normal. There are ghosts buried under those old trees. There are many weird things that cannot be easily peeked under this supernatural interference.

Peeping at people 1

But this obstruction of vision reminded Yang Jian of the danger.

"The ghost hasn't appeared yet."

He carried the red coffin and walked forward slowly.

The road is quite long and will take some time, so there is no point in rushing. Danger will naturally appear when it should appear, and when it does not appear, you cannot avoid it by walking a few steps quickly.

And if you are too impatient, what if the coffin is not supported and falls down halfway?

The only five remaining people set out on the road carrying a red coffin.

Moved on for a moment.

Everyone was completely submerged in this old forest, and the location of the ancient house could no longer be seen behind them, as it was all blocked by the woods.

As a result, Lao Lin seemed more and more drowsy.

The surrounding trees seemed to be gradually swaying.

There was obviously no wind, but there was a rustling sound in the woods. It sounded like someone was deliberately shaking the tree trunks, and the frequency was very regular, one after another.

"Something's wrong." Zhou Deng frowned as he walked while carrying the coffin.

Yang Jian said: "You don't need to pay attention to it. We'll wait until danger appears. Some supernatural phenomena are normal. After all, there are so many ghosts buried in this old forest. Of course, it is also possible that the ghosts that left the ancient house before are still wandering around here." , not completely gone, and now that we have appeared, maybe the ghost has been attracted again."

"But before the ghost really appears, our task is to carry this coffin and bury it. Other things are not worth wasting time."

Zhou Deng nodded, thinking this was the right thing to do.

Being suspicious is more likely to cause trouble.

However, despite saying this, Yang Jian's pace quickened slightly. This was an unconscious behavior, but it indirectly explained the uneasiness in his heart.

The red coffin dragged by one hand was still so light.

No wonder Zhou Deng wanted to open the coffin and conduct an autopsy before, because now Yang Jian also had this idea.

I really feel uneasy.

Because a terrible suspicion popped up in Yang Jian's mind.

That is, has the old man's body in the coffin left the coffin at some point? The body is not in the coffin?

Peeping at people 1

Although everyone was with the coffin from beginning to end, everyone was not staring at the coffin all the time. There were also times when they didn't pay attention. Although the coffin didn't move, the old man's body was not necessarily there.

Ghosts can wander.

But when things got to this point, no matter how curious and hesitant Yang Jian was, he would not stop to open the coffin and take a look.

Continue along this yellow mud path.

At this time, the exception finally appeared.

Yang Jian saw a tree lying across the yellow mud path. The tree fell to the ground as if it had been blown by the wind, blocking everyone's way.

"A tree fell?" Yang Xiaohua was startled for a moment and looked at the others, a little confused.

She did not participate in the funeral on the third day and did not know the meaning behind the trees.

Li Yang said solemnly: "The trees here will not fall down for no reason. Yang Xiaohua, turn your back and take a look. Remember, no matter what happens, don't leave this yellow mud road. This old forest is very scary. If you enter it, you will be lost and unable to come out.”

Yang Xiaohua's heart trembled when she heard this. She nodded solemnly and walked a few steps forward with Li Yang on her back. She passed Yang Jian and Zhou Deng and came to the fallen old tree.

She was very cautious, standing on the yellow mud road, not daring to take another step forward.

Li Yang stuck his head out to take a look, then turned back and said: "Captain, the body buried under the old tree is gone."

"Has a ghost escaped? It's understandable. It's normal for ghosts to revive occasionally in this entire old forest. Just pay attention. Maybe the ghost has left and is not nearby." Yang Jian said.

Li Yang nodded and let Yang Xiaohua carry him back.

Everyone ignored the old tree blocking the road, crossed directly, and continued along the yellow mud path, but their moods on the road became a little heavier.

Because as they walked, they saw a special footprint.

This footprint is very big, and the footprints left on the yellow mud are very deep and very eye-catching.

Everyone walked here before when the funeral was announced, but at that time no one in the crowd had such big feet or such a heavy weight, and could leave such deep footprints… so this footprint was not among them. Someone, but someone who does not exist.

"A fierce ghost has set foot on this yellow mud road." Yang Jian said in a low voice.

At this moment, he had the urge to use a hatchet to dismember the ghost directly, because the footprints were the best medium. If the knife was struck, the ghost would not be able to pose any threat to everyone at least in a short period of time.

However, Yang Jian resisted this impulse.

There is no point in taking action now.

Ghost eyes to peer into people 1_Peering into windows to see ghosts_Ghost eyes peering into the sky to retrieve corpses

Who knows what will happen next. Danger cannot be prevented. It is safer to save some strength and fight hard when encountering danger.

"It's really worrying. How many ghosts are there in this place? You can see the footprints left by the ghosts when you walk on the road." Zhou Deng felt that it was really unlucky, but after taking a look, he didn't have much reaction.

I saw so many ghosts that I couldn’t care less.

After walking forward for a while, the huge footprints disappeared again.

It seems that the ghost walked on the yellow mud road for a while and then entered the old forest. It did not go all the way along this road, because the last footprint was on the edge of the yellow mud road, which proved that the ghost was Wandering left.

This is good news, at least I didn't walk with a ghost on the way to carry the coffin.

Go further.

The surrounding environment is getting darker and darker, and the light is getting worse. Only the yellow mud road under my feet seems to have some light, and the rest of the place is dark. Even the old trees nearby cannot be seen clearly, and only a black one can be seen. contour.

"The supernatural is disturbing the surrounding environment." Liu Qingqing said slowly, carrying the eagle's body on her back.

It’s not that it’s dark or that the lighting is poor, but that the nearby environment has been affected.

Seeing this, Yang Xiaohua hurriedly turned on the flashlight.

Light appeared and illuminated the road ahead, but it could not illuminate the surroundings and could only illuminate a small area in front.

In order to ensure that everyone could see the road ahead, she pointed the flashlight directly in front of the road to avoid getting lost and going astray.

But she was overthinking this.

Even in the dark, Yang Jian's ghost eyes could see everything clearly.

It got darker and darker as everyone walked away, and they began to feel panic and uneasiness.

Liu Qingqing also felt inexplicably nervous. She felt that the eagle carcass she was carrying was getting heavier and heavier, and the cold and dead feeling when she touched it with her palms became more and more obvious. She even smelled the corpse. Stink.

The eagle died not long ago, but the body deteriorated very quickly.

He gritted his teeth.

She still didn't put the eagle's body down and continued to carry it on her back.

But at this time.

Yang Jian and Zhou Deng suddenly stopped, their bodies swayed, and they almost lost their footing and fell to the ground.

"Captain, what's going on? Why did you stop?" Li Yang immediately became alert.

"The coffin shook just now, Captain Yang, you felt it too, right?" Zhou Deng's deep voice came from the darkness.

Yang Jian squinted his eyes and said, "I'm afraid the old man in the coffin has woken up. Even if he hasn't woken up, it's almost the same. He must be buried as soon as possible, otherwise the red coffin may not be able to hold it."

"Gotta speed up a little bit."

"I think so too," Zhou Deng said.

The two people quickened their pace and began to feel inexplicably anxious.

It didn't matter that there was nothing wrong with the red coffin before, but now there is movement in the coffin, which means that the time for burial is getting closer and closer.

Although the pace is slow.

But the road ahead seems to have no end. This yellow mud road is always there, as if it is endless. I cannot see the end of this road, and the familiar clearing in the forest does not appear before.

No matter how you advance or turn around, there is always a road ahead.

"We're not lost, are we? I felt something was wrong before. Why haven't we arrived after walking for so long?" Yang Xiaohua's voice was trembling, and the darkness around him became darker and darker.

Even the light of the flashlight is getting dimmer.

Everyone carrying the red coffin seemed to have entered some incomprehensible and strange place, and was completely lost.

Yang Jian peered with ghostly eyes. Everything in his sight was normal. The road was still a road, Old Lin was still Old Lin, and no ghosts were seen around him.

However, even if Yang Xiaohua didn't say anything, he himself felt something was wrong.

"It stands to reason that it is impossible to get lost." Zhou Deng's expression changed: "We have been walking along this yellow mud road without taking a step away, and we have not been disturbed by any supernatural beings."

"Keep going forward and take a look." Yang Jian couldn't understand either.

It seems that this road is not the same as last time.

But there is only one way to the back entrance of the ancient house, and it is unmistakable.

However, they didn't go very far when Liu Qingqing suddenly looked a little confused and said something out of nowhere: "She's here, we can't go any further."


Yang Jian subconsciously stopped and looked at Liu Qingqing.

At the same time, the flashlight in Yang Xiaohua's hand shone forward, and something horrifying happened. A pair of legs wearing old cloth shoes appeared in the light. The flashlight in Yang Xiaohua's hand moved up slightly, and it was a lift. An old woman with a wrinkled face and a lifeless face holding a vegetable basket.

The old woman stood motionless on the yellow mud road, blocking everyone's way forward.

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