Chapter 311: Recruiting Ghosts

I thought it was just the Graveweeper who didn't leave after getting off the car and was still lingering around, but I didn't expect that the mummy bride didn't leave either.

There are no street lights next to the dim road. Ghost eyes can peek at people1 . Through the little light reflected from unknown sources, ordinary people can only see some outlines in this environment, and cannot distinguish the person standing in the distance at all. Is it a person or a tree.

Yang Jian did not expand the scope of the ghost domain to avoid provoking some unknown horrors here.

But the strange appearance of the mummy bride, standing on the road behind, facing here, really made him break out in a cold sweat.

Compared with the grave-crying ghost, Yang Jian was more afraid of the mummy bride.

At least when facing the grave-crying ghost, his ghost eyes didn't give any strong warning, but when facing the mummy bride, it was frightening.

Even the ghost eyes can feel the ominousness and weirdness. Regardless of its level of terror, in terms of threat to ghost controllers, it is definitely the greatest here.

none of them.

"Zhang Hao was controlled by the mummy bride? Even across two levels of ghost realm, ignoring the attack of the Graveweeper Ghost, could this thing forcefully take Zhang Hao away?" Yang Jian stared at Zhang Hao's distant figure. The mummy was wearing a red cheongsam and a red turban.

He didn't act rashly.

Because I vaguely felt in my heart that if the person this thing was targeting was me, then I would definitely not be able to escape death.

No evidence is needed, just one's own experience and the vague connection between ghosts and ghosts, or to put it more vaguely, it is the sixth sense.

Xu Feng, who was lying dead on the ground, also noticed something was wrong with Yang Jian at this time. He thought that this guy was holding a pistol in front of him and drawing out how to attack, but unexpectedly he turned and looked in another direction.

Following Yang Jian's gaze, Xu Feng also saw the silhouette of a human figure in the darkness across the road.

The thing stood there motionless, but it made people feel inexplicably creepy.

It seems that the crying echoing in the ears can be temporarily ignored.

"Is a ghost more threatening than this Graveweeper Ghost the mummy that got into the car before?" Xu Feng was worried.

He was not afraid of the newcomer Yang Jian, but he was afraid that he would encounter several ghosts in one go and die here after being unable to bear them.

"As long as I hold on for a while longer and wait until the bus restarts, I will be safe when I get back on the bus. I have lived until now and I must not die here unexpectedly." His eyes revealed a strong desire to survive.

The man in the peaked hat on the other side seemed to be in a bad state. He was in a deep sleep as if he had a nightmare. His body was twitching constantly, and his hands and feet were swinging wildly. He was mumbling something, as if As if he was already in danger, he was eager to escape.

Yang Jian's ghost realm, Xu Feng's lying corpse, and the man in the peaked hat sleeping.

The three people used their own methods to avoid the attacks of the surrounding ghosts. However, in the face of such terrifying dangers that may appear at any time, no one can guarantee that they will be able to leave here alive.

After all, there were four ghosts in the car just now.

Only two have appeared so far, and the number of ghosts has exceeded the number of people. This contrast makes people even more desperate and helpless.

"Tap, tap, tap"

A clear sound of footsteps echoed around, and along with the sound of crying reached the ears of several people.

Zhang Hao, who was in the ghost realm, looked stiff and sad, and walked out of the ghost realm step by step with tears in his eyes, and came to the side of the mummy.

He is still alive.

The Graveweeper's cry failed to kill him. Some kind of evil ghost's ability seemed to have saved him invisibly, allowing him to temporarily avoid the threat of death.

However, death came late, but it brought greater fear to Zhang Hao.

Facing the mummy wearing a cheongsam in front of him, Zhang Hao could feel a cold aura emanating from this thing, and at the same time he could also smell a lingering faint corpse odor. The withered palms wrapped in dark brown corpse skin really made one not think of anything good.

Under great fear, Zhang Hao's consciousness was blurred, his thinking had stagnated, he didn't know what to think, he could only watch all this happening.

The only person who could remain calm under such circumstances was an outlier like Yang Jian.

After he came back from the dead, he lost some emotions and diluted many of his emotions. Although the fear was still there, it was no longer obvious.

"How will Zhang Hao die? What is the murder pattern of this mummy bride? Or is it difficult to figure out the pattern of ghosts at this level, involving some kind of unsolvable existence? It can only be avoided, not analyzed." Yang Jian His eyes moved slightly, but he really couldn't figure out why Zhang Hao was controlled.

He is obviously in the ghost realm and is isolated from the outside world. Ordinary ghosts cannot detect people in the ghost realm. Even if this thing is extraordinary, he must ignore Yang Jian's existence and directly attack people. It is indeed incredible to take it away.

However, a strange scene occurred.

The mummy bride standing across the street suddenly made another move. It slowly stretched out its stiff and withered palm, and then took Zhang Hao's hand.

Humans and ghosts come into contact.

Zhang Hao's body trembled slightly, as if he had taken his last breath before death, and he could no longer feel the breath of life.

Just one touch and he was dead.

The dead Zhang Hao's body did not fall down, but moved strangely, then turned around, holding the hand of the mummy bride, and waving to this side.

His face was pale, without a trace of blood, and there was a cry of sadness on his face, but he forced a smile. This look was as weird as it could be.

"Who is Zhang Hao waving to?" Yang Jian's expression changed. He vaguely felt that he was waving to himself, but he vaguely felt that he was not.

While Zhang Hao waved, another situation around him changed.

The cry of the Graveweeper stopped abruptly.

At the same time, rustling sounds came from the woods nearby. A man wearing a white mourning dress, a hat, and a white cloth hanging down to cover his face gradually appeared in the shadows of the woods, and walked towards here step by step. Come.

The ghost crying in the forest has come out!

"Zhang Hao is not waving to me, he is waving to the Graveweeping Ghost. He is attracting ghosts." After Yang Jian realized this, he felt a chill all over his body.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

There was also movement from the stalled bus behind me, like something tapping on the car body , making a dull sound.

There seems to be a ghost hiding on the dark bus.

The ghost never got off the bus. It was on the bus, but because of Zhang Hao's trick, it seemed to be getting off the bus.

The existence of the three ghosts was all exposed at this moment.

There is also an invisible ghost whose location has not been confirmed.

However, the man in the cap next to him struggled more and more violently while sleeping. Sometimes he screamed in terror, sometimes he pinched his own neck, and sometimes his legs stared wildly, as if there was a terrifying creature in his sleep. The ghosts are constantly chasing him.

Seeing his appearance, Yang Jian was almost certain that the ghost was in the body of the man in the peaked hat.

No, he may not be like this in his body, but in his sleep.

That's a ghost that can dream.


Yang Jian thought of a global ranking of ghosts published by various countries on that website. The ghost ranked second among them, codenamed Nightmare, is said to be able to kill people in their sleep.

But the rules have been understood by all countries. As long as you don't sleep, you can avoid being killed.

"Could this guy have met the ghost codenamed Nightmare?" Yang Jian felt his scalp numb when he came up with this conjecture.

This situation is simply more terrifying than a supernatural incident. All four ghosts were present, and none of them were simple things.

One released alone is enough to cause a large-scale supernatural incident.

However, there are only three people facing these ghosts at this moment.

The ordinary people who got on the bus were cried to death by the Graveweeper Ghost when they got off the bus in the first wave. The remaining three people, Yang Jian, could not save themselves and died in the second level of the ghost realm. Zhang Hao was the last one to die. At this time, the ghost slave who became the mummy bride seemed to be controlled.

Zhang Hao, who became a ghost slave, seemed to spread some of the terror of the Mummy Bride, but this wave directly summoned the Graveweeper Ghost and another ghost on the bus.

"This situation can no longer be solved by relying on self-preservation. We must find a way to break this deadlock, otherwise someone will not be able to hold on and die first, and then there will be deaths one after another. In the end, no one can Get out of here alive." Yang Jian had cold sweat streaming down his forehead at this moment.

This double oppression between time and death has not been encountered for a long time.

The only time I remember was when I faced the Knocker in No. 7 Middle School.

Resurrected from the dead, perfectly controlled the ghost shadow, killed his enemy Zhao Kaiming, and became an Interpol police officer in Dachang City. He felt that his life had reached its peak and his future was bright. If he died here because of picking up a mobile phone, Yang Jian felt that he would be able to control him in the future. Anyone in the circle of ghosts will laugh at themselves.

"Xu Feng, you're lying wherever the corpse is anyway. Why don't you do me a favor? Whether you can survive or not depends entirely on you." Although Yang Jian couldn't hear, it didn't affect his speech. He suddenly turned around and covered the ghost realm.

However, the strange thing is that when Guiyu came into contact with Xu Feng's rotting corpse, he chose to avoid it.

He cannot be covered by the ghost realm.

"What do you want to do? Don't do this nonsense. Do you want everyone to die together in this situation?" Xu Feng opened his mouth and yelled.

There was a vague feeling that Yang Jian was going to do something inhumane to him.

Yang Jian was temporarily deaf and couldn't hear what he was saying. Seeing that the ghost realm could not affect Xu Feng's corpse, he knew that this guy was also an alien. He had no time to hesitate and simply covered his body with ghost shadows. A black ghost-like thing was formed, which could ensure that he would not be harmed when he came into contact with some weird things.

Without saying a word, he grabbed one of Xu Feng's corpse's legs and lifted it up like a chicken.

The amount of ghost power fused into his body was tonnage, and it was not easy to lift a corpse.

"What do you want as a newcomer?" Xu Feng became furious.

He couldn't figure out why this person could survive to this day and be more resistant than him and that guy. Logically speaking, this newcomer shouldn't survive until now.

Yang Jian ignored him and threw his rotting corpse like a sandbag towards the mummy bride across the road.

He wanted to break Zhang Hao's ghost-inducing moves, and the key should be the hand holding between the mummy bride and Zhang Hao.

He didn't dare to make direct contact, and he didn't even dare to let the ghost shadow out like this. If the mummy bride took the hand, it would be over, so Xu Feng's lying corpse became a weapon to suppress other ghosts.

next moment.

Xu Feng flew out and headed in the direction of the mummy bride.

"Even if Xu Feng's corpse is useless and can't suppress the mummy bride, it would be good as long as it can be delayed for a while. At least it can't let all these ghosts gather." Yang Jian thought in his heart.

next moment.

Xu Feng's special body flew over and hit the mummy bride's body accurately.

The thing immediately fell to the ground, being pinned down by his corpse. At the same time, Zhang Hao, who was being manipulated next to him, also let go of his hand.

Zhang Hao, who was waving here with a strange expression, seemed to have lost some kind of support at this time, and he also fell to the ground.

"Is it useful?" Yang Jian asked solemnly.

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