Chapter 971 The Second Resurrected Person

Eagle's eyes moved, but he didn't find it strange, because Liu Qingqing must have known that she was dead, and now that she was resurrected, no one would be able to accept calling her again. "Although I didn't see you during the last letter delivery mission, according to my guess, you should still be alive. If even you die, then the remaining people will definitely not survive." Yang Jian felt that this Resurrecting the dead is wonderful, but just resurrecting one seems a bit unsatisfactory.

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Chapter 955: The Old Man Blocking The Road

"Yang Jian's ghost eyes opened, and he peeked around. Li Yang poked his head out, looked back, and immediately turned back and said, "Captain, the body buried under the old tree is gone. This is good news, at least I didn't walk with a ghost on the way to carry the coffin. Even in the dark, Yang Jian's ghost eyes could see everything clearly. Yang Jian peered with ghostly eyes. Everything in his sight was normal. The road was still a road, Old Lin was still Old Lin, and no ghosts were seen around him. … Continue readingChapter 955: The Old Man Blocking The Road