Folk Ghost Stories

Let’s talk about my grandfather. It has been more than ten years since his death. In fact, when the old man was seriously ill, he once told his grandmother that he saw two young people walking around his bed. At that time, everyone felt very bad. Some elderly people said that this was the result of a seduction. The old man is probably dying.

Due to the different status of my grandfather, the local government sent the old man to Shanghai for treatment. After the old man left home, my mother had a dream. In the dream, she saw that the old man had failed to return home, and she also saw the family members taking care of the old man's death. After waking up, the whole experience was still vivid in her mind. My mother was very scared, but she only dared to tell her father.

As a result, what happened next was like replaying a movie.

From that time on, we all began to believe in dreams.

Not long ago, I had an aunt whose neighbor's old man passed away. The family chose a good cemetery and buried his urn in a dream with the deceased and his family .

But not long after, the old man's daughter often dreamed of her father. The old man complained in his dream that his family had not found a good place for him to live. The neighbors were all young people and he did not even have anyone to talk to.

The old man's daughter didn't take this dream seriously. She dreamed of dead people and family members , thinking that she was missing her father and was crazy.

Later, the old man's wife also started to have this dream. In his wife's dream, the old man not only complained, but also lost his temper. He said: After all, I am already over seventy years old. Why did you put me together with a group of short-lived ghosts? It is really shameless.

The old lady told her this dream while chatting. Because of their own family experiences, my mother and aunt were very nervous when they heard it, and asked the old lady to go to the cemetery and take a closer look.

The old lady and her family thought it was funny, but they still asked their son to take a look.

Soon, the son came back with a blue face.

Oh my God, during this period of time, four or five more graves were added around the old man's cemetery, and they were all buried with people who only lived thirty or forty years old.

The family was so frightened that they quickly burned paper and moved the grave.

Later, I really never dreamed of the old man getting angry again.

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