Chapter 87: Poisoned By The Evil Dragon Against Heaven

In the early morning, Nanshan Village was quiet. People had already fallen asleep and fell asleep, and everything was completely silent.

Wu Chushan was tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. After returning from Tai Chi's halo, He Xiang and his daughter had already fallen asleep. He quietly came to the east room and lay down on Han Sheng's bed.

Countless generations of Qingtian disciples have been guarding Tai Chi Yin Hao for more than 600 years, and now they are occupied by a small director in Wuyuan County, that is, the county magistrate. Although Huang Jianguo was born as a gentle scholar, he is no less ruthless than him. Father, if such a person takes control of the capital, it will definitely be a catastrophe for the Central Plains.

Fortunately, I had an idea and wanted to bury him upside down, and thanks to the cooperation of Lingnan Wu Daoming, who was both good and evil, ten years later, the Huang family would only have a secretary and chairman's wife, which was a pity. A treasure of Feng Shui.

At this moment, Wu Chushan's ears heard a slight sound of breaking through the air. With a "pop" sound, a small clod of soil lightly touched the glass of the window and fell.

The mountain man flashed out of the room in an instant, but when he saw a figure outside the courtyard, several mountain men jumped up and chased him out.

Under the hazy moonlight, two people stood on the dirt road.

"The mountain man's empty city plan is a good one." Lingnan Wu Daoming stood in the road with his hands behind his hands and said with a smile.

Wu Chushanren heheed and said: "Since Mr. Wu broke his oath and revealed the secret of Tai Chi Yin Hao, why should he still help Shanren?"

Wu Daoming sighed and said: "Last time we were at Tai Chi Yin Hao, Zhu Biao spied on him. Huang Gansui trapped him and probably forced him to reveal the location of Tai Chi Yin Hao. Then he also linked Wu and The junior sister caught him, and at this moment, Tai Chi Yin Hao has been controlled by them."

Wu Chushan smiled and said: "With your martial arts skills, how can you be easily controlled?"

Wu Daoming said: "The mountain man's words are reasonable, but this Huang Gansui used the excuse of applying for a one-way permit to Hong Kong for his junior sister in exchange for the Tai Chi Yin halo burial method. Wu had no choice but to agree."

Wu Chushan said sternly: "Both the Huang family and his son are not kind-hearted people. Evil dragons defy nature . If you do this, aren't you disregarding the people of the Central Plains?"

Wu Daoming laughed and said: "Although what Shanren said is good, what will happen to me more than ten years later in the Central Plains? I think Wu Daoming lived for more than 60 years before I met my junior sister. Just think about it, how many years do we have left?" The days of living together and flying together? Then even if the Huang family takes over the capital, my junior sister and I are already in our twilight years and there is not much to do. Wu was originally entrusted by someone to search for Tai Chi Yin Hao, just because he was a famous Feng Shui master. I am proud to see Tai Chi faints, and I can make a lot of money, so I spare no effort to pursue it. But since I met my junior sister, all my ideas have changed. Money and reputation are no longer important, as long as we two It is enough to spend our lifetimes together hand in hand, not to mention Wu’s savings in Hong Kong are enough to support me and my junior sister.”

Wu Chushan was speechless after hearing this. Yes, the people suffered when they died, and when they prospered, the people suffered. Wu Daoming stayed with his master all his life, and they only came together in his later years. It was understandable to want to live a good life of his own. Alas, everyone has their own ambitions, but they have no choice but to do so.

Wu Daoming sighed and said: "Shanren, there is no daughter in the Huang family now. Even if they are buried in the Tai Chi Yin halo, it will be empty. It can be regarded as fulfilling Shanren's wish."

"The Huang family doesn't have a daughter or granddaughter?" Wu Chushan asked.

"Exactly, all this is just an empty city plan." Wu Daoming replied.

"Haha…" Wu Chushan smiled bitterly.

After a long time, the mountain man said: "You didn't fly far away, why did you come back to me?"

"Both of us have been poisoned." Wu Daoming said in frustration.

Wu Chushan said in surprise: "Both of you have been poisoned? With your martial arts, how easy is it to be poisoned at the same time?"

Wu Daoming sighed: "Yes, after we left Linggu Cave when we were young, we used Qing Kung all the way southward. Unexpectedly, we only traveled a few dozen miles before our true energy ran out. So we sat down to perform the Zhoutian Dynasty, and then we realized that the two of us had lost our energy. If the Lu acupoint is blocked and it hurts when pressed, you will know it is poisoned."

Wu Chushan was shocked and said: "Weilu point is a collateral point of the Du meridian. Don't go to the Ren meridian. If it is blocked, it will hinder the flow of the surrounding air, and the true qi of the Dantian will not rise and it will turn into death qi."

Wu Daoming said frustratedly: "When we think about it, the problem should be with the food of Huang Gansui's family in Wuyuan, and the amount of poison is calculated, and the weight will be noticed. A light amount has no effect, but just the right amount every day. After a certain amount is accumulated for several days, the poison will cause death."

"It's so poisonous. Do you know what kind of poison it is?" said the mountain man.

"This poison is colorless and odorless. It can accumulate in the body without being dissolved by the daily Qi. I really can't guess what kind of poison it is, but I don't think it is like the poison commonly used in the world." Wu Daoming replied .

"Then why don't you two go to Wuyuan, capture Huang Gansui, and force the antidote, or capture Huang Jianguo in exchange for the antidote?" Wu Chushan asked.

Wu Daoming nodded and said: "I want to see Han Sheng first, and then I will go to Huang Gansui to settle the score."

"Han Sheng has gone to Tianmen Mountain in western Hunan." Wu Chushan said.

"He went to find the old man from Xiangxi?" Wu Daoming asked in surprise.

Wu Chushanren nodded.

"Then the two of us have to go find that old guy Huang Gansui." Wu Daoming said. Wu Chushan frowned and said nothing.

This Weilu point is located between the tailbone and the anus. According to modern Western medicine anatomy, there is a nerve bundle here, which is connected to the human gonads. When men and women have high sexual intercourse, stimulating this nerve bundle can produce strong The feeling of pleasure was something I read in a medical journal when I was teaching at Peking University. Of course, I couldn't say this in front of my teacher.

Now there are two possibilities. One is that they were indeed poisoned, and the poison stayed in the Weilu point, waiting to attack; the other possibility is that they were not poisoned, and no one had ever poisoned them, but , Wu Daoming was a boy for sixty years, and he had been a virgin for decades, and both of them had never lost their virginity. Now they have reached the age of sixty. The so-called Lao Chai's anger, suddenly sharing a room, injured the nerve bundle, resulting in The discomfort at the Weilu point is mistaken for poisoning.

"Come here, I want to talk to you alone." Wu Chushan said.

He pulled Wu Daoming aside and was sure that the teacher couldn't hear him, so he told Wu Daoming his conclusion.

There were two blushes on Wu Daoming's face, and he suddenly looked very embarrassed.

"If Huang Gansui was found blindly and he didn't poison him, wouldn't it be very embarrassing at this time?" Wu Chushan reminded.

Wu Daoming said shyly: "In this case, we will also rush to Tianmen Mountain in western Hunan to find Han Sheng."

"Remember, at this stage, you must never have sex again." Wu Chushan warned.

After Wu Daoming and his teacher said goodbye, they rushed to Xiangxi overnight.

"What did everyone in Wu Chushan say to you?" Master Tai asked Wu Daoming in a low voice on the way.

Wu Daoming smiled and said nothing, his face was slightly red, but his heart was sweet.

At dawn, the two of them got on the long-distance bus and headed straight to Yueyang.

It was night, the moon and stars were sparse, at the ancient ferry crossing of the 800-mile Dongting Lake, Wu Daoming and his teacher stood on the shore, looking at the vast misty lake water. A bright moon was reflected in the lake, with silver scales twinkling.

"Junior sister, there are no night trains to Xiangxi. Instead of staying overnight in Yueyang City, we might as well cross Dongting Lake in a boat at night. Such poetic and picturesque scenery is hard to find in life. I wonder what you think, junior sister?" Wu Daoming said softly. road.

"It's good, I think I have been in the nunnery for decades and rarely come out. I have always heard that the 800-mile Dongting comes from the ancient Yunmengze. It is rare to be able to go boating on it with my Taoist brother." Master Tai agreed happily.

Wu Daoming immediately gave the boatman three hundred yuan and asked him to sail the boat across Dongting Lake overnight. At that time, three hundred yuan was not a small amount of money. It could buy at least two pigs.

The boatman was a man in his forties, and he was very happy. He asked the two of them to get on the boat and sit tight, then rowed away from the ancient ferry.

The autumn moon is like a disk, and the lake is like a mirror. It is endless as far as the eye can see, but the only sound is the swaying of the oars.

"Such a scenery is unimaginable in a nunnery." The master said with emotion.

Wu Daoming smiled slightly and said: "At that time, Meng Haoran wrote in a poem, 'Dongting is in full bloom in autumn, and I want to return to the boat. Don't distinguish between Jing and Wu. The evil dragon goes against the sky , and only the remaining water shares the sky. The trees in the narrow river are gone, and they are all gone. The waves are constantly flowing. I will be a boatman later, and I will help the giant river. 'I think I also enjoyed the pleasure of boating in the lake."

The master stared at Wu Daoming tenderly, as if he was sorry for meeting him so late, and sighed quietly: "Brother Taoist is really a well-educated man."

Wu Daoming felt hot in his heart, and he gently took Master Tai into his arms.

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