Chapter 87: Poisoned By The Evil Dragon Against Heaven

Wu Daoming sighed: "Yes, after we left Linggu Cave when we were young, we used Qing Kung all the way southward. Unexpectedly, we only traveled a few dozen miles before our true energy ran out. So we sat down to perform the Zhoutian Dynasty, and then we realized that the two of us had lost our energy. If the Lu acupoint is blocked and it hurts when pressed, poisoning will be known.

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Chapter 54: The Yin Bat Is In Trouble

Han Sheng resolutely picked up the Yin Bat leader, walked to Shanren Wu Chu, and said firmly: "Uncle Shanren, I'm going to send it to see its children for the last time. The Yin Bat's mother was surprised at first. As if he couldn't believe it, he then let out a mournful cry and pounced on the leader. Hansheng had made up his mind and reached out to pat the mother of the Yin Bat, gesturing to tell it that he would take the leader to the Celestial Silkworm for healing. … Continue readingChapter 54: The Yin Bat Is In Trouble

Chapter 74 Tai Chi Earth Egg

After a while, the Tai Chi soil egg appeared. It was a black water egg, made of stone, and felt cold in the hand. Wu Daoming held it in both hands, he was so excited that his voice was already trembling: "Junior sister, look, this is the essence of the heaven, earth, sun and moon for hundreds of millions of years. There are also white, green, red and yellow Five Elements Tai Chi eggs below. Give them all. Junior sister. … Continue readingChapter 74 Tai Chi Earth Egg

The Sutra Of Corpse Clothes

The silkworm reappears in the sun, and the corpse accompanies the king. I hide in this Wolong Valley, and use all the different techniques I have learned in my life. People in the world often use masculine techniques to ward off evil spirits, or Zen scriptures or Taoist talismans, and secret mantras to invite Daluo. When he returned to the bat cave with the leader in his arms, countless shadow bats screamed together, and the female shadow bats also got up from the stone platform to greet him. Han Sheng put down the leader and looked at the pink and fleshy little Yin bats who were born less than a day ago. His heart was sweet, after all, this was his first delivery in his life. … Continue readingThe Sutra Of Corpse Clothes