But Yang Erdan was going to die. After repeated questioning by Lao Yangpi, he learned that there was a group of tomb robbers operating in the Daxinganling area. They were a group of unscrupulous thieves. He is bold and evil-minded, and dares to dig up anything, but he has no idea how to find those unmarked ancient tombs. Yang Erdan is more thoughtful than Lao Yangpi and has learned more skills.

After being introduced by someone, I had evil thoughts and wanted to be in Ni'erhui. At that time, the Ni'er Society was in need of people like Yang Erdan, whether it was women or money, they could give him as much as they wanted. The most important thing was to let him sit in the top position and deliberately flatter him. In the past, Yang Erdan has always looked at other people's faces. He has lived a lowly life for so many years. Maybe he has lived at the bottom of society for too many years, so he himself does not even have the courage to break into the world, and is treated well by others. As soon as Xun found it, he couldn't even find it in the north. Seeing such a good thing, he went to the northeast to build the "big cabinet" of Ni'erhui.

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Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Map_Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Mural_Where did the Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Map come from’/>

Yang Erdan was so greedy for profit that he went to the mountains of Northeast China to work as a trap for the tomb robbers "Ni'erhui". Lao Yangpi only had this one brother, and he valued him more than his own life. When he saw Yang Erdan, he decided to leave. I had no other choice but to follow him to the three northeastern provinces and become the "understander" of the Ni'er Society. This profession was roughly equivalent to a modern technical consultant.

Although Lao Yangpi and Yang Erdan are brothers, they have completely different personalities. Yang Pi is more ambitious, while Lao Yangpi is timid and fearful and just wants to live a peaceful life. Not only that, Lao Yangpi also fears ghosts. God, his superstitious thoughts are deeply rooted, but as the saying goes, "If you are afraid of ghosts, don't rob tombs, and if you rob tombs, don't be afraid of ghosts." With his personality, he is really not suitable for such jobs as "fighting" and "escape".

Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Mural_Where did the Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Map come from_Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Map

The so-called "sneaking" refers to a daily activity that tomb robbers use to conceal themselves from others. The tomb robbers obtained various valuable burial objects in ancient tombs and needed to trade them to find the purchase price. The communication methods in the old society were relatively backward. The pace of life is slow. In order to easily contact buyers and expand business scope, they have to use the "second cover" of the underworld. Those who do business with tomb robbers do not open antique shops, but specialize in various funeral supplies, such as paper horse incense and incense burnt to the dead. , including paper figures, paper horses, paper cows, paper houses, paper sedans, etc. Anyway, they are all things that are useful in the underworld.

There is a word difference between ordinary funeral supplies shops and it is called "Jie Si". The kind of shop opened by tomb robbers is different from ordinary paper shops. In the past, the business shops had camouflage and hung in front of the door. , people can tell at a glance what kind of goods the store sells. The ghost-blow-out human-skin map . When a tomb robber opens a paper shop, he will hang a string of white paper money on the cover. There are seventy-two pieces of paper money in total, which is an evil deed. number. Paper money is always embossed with ominous patterns, a serious businessman, even a trading shop that also sells paper horses and incense sticks. They would never hang such unlucky paper money on the front. Any place where a string of seventy pieces of paper money is hung, this shop is called "Ominous Cry" by knowledgeable people. Even if it is not opened by tomb robbers, at least it is used. Come to a place dedicated to tomb robbers to sell their stolen goods.

_Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Mural_Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Map

The craftsmen who "do it" clean the grave every time they work. As the saying goes, "A thief comes like a shave", and everything in the tomb is swept away. Even the things in the dead man's dung door are not spared. Those valuable artifacts are very easy to sell, and some odds and ends, or some artifacts that have not found a suitable buyer for a while, are all included in this category. "It's fierce", every now and then, some businessmen who are raking in antiques come to buy them. During the negotiation, there was an exchange of dark words and undertones. The paper horse incense sold in the store was completely fake, but most people who didn't know these things couldn't tell at all.

The bandit surnamed Chen opened several "fierce traps" in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, and secretly resold ancient wares. Lao Yangpi made cabinets for him, but he was almost frightened and fell ill. In the ancient tomb The hidden artifacts have been darkened for a long time, and the corpse odor is hard to get rid of. Moreover, some inexplicable strange things often happen to some of them. Lao Yangpi is not the material for this business at all. Later, he followed his accomplices to rob tombs and dig up tombs. He encountered many terrible experiences, none of which he could bear mentally.

Where did the Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Map come from_Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Map_Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Mural

After the whereabouts of the bandit chief surnamed Chen were unknown, Lao Yangpi planned to use the savings he had saved in the past two years to live a peaceful life in the countryside for a few days. He would hang up the black tiger talisman, wash his hands in the gold basin, and stay away from this world where he was exposed to the dead. In order to take care of his brother Yang Erdan, he had to go to the Northeast and become the "understander" of the gangsters.

The "Ni'er Hui" roped in the old Yangpi brothers and asked Yang Erdan to build a large cabinet. It was not out of sincerity, but they used the two of them as spearmen. The one who really has the final say in the "Ni'er Hui" is Tuan The "Mr. Tongsuan" in the book is a map made of human skin . He used to be a teacher, dug mud in the river, and was also a fortune teller. He has been around for many years, and he is well-informed and cunning. , has a dark heart and ruthless hands. As long as it is for the sake of making money, there is nothing he dares to do. The gang of gangsters under him not only rob graves, but also do other unscrupulous things, which can be regarded as full of evil.

<img src='' alt='Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Mural_Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Map_Ghost Blowing Lamp Human Skin Where did the map come from?


Mr. Tongsuan and Yang Erdan led the bandits from the "Mu'erhui" to dig out ancient mummies in the deep mountains and old forests. They dug thousands of holes in the places where ancient tombs might be found in the mountains, and then resold the exposed objects in the tombs. , in exchange for money, smoke and soil, they squandered it lavishly. As long as the buyer paid a high enough price, even if it was sold to a Japanese businessman and he was accused of being a traitor, he didn't care at all. If the people in the group had the slightest objection, they would He will be assassinated by Mr. Tongsuan and lose his life.

Lao Yangpi figured it out, and if he continued to follow the "Mu'er Hui", he would definitely not get a good end. He hit his head against the wall to persuade Yang Erdan to turn back, but Yang Erdan was so obsessed that he didn't take it to heart at all. If you are determined to go all the way to the dark side, you will become a gangster. You will be a popular person, drink spicy food, kill men, play with women, smoke cigarettes, and play with old money. For God's sake, if you are the king, the gangster will be the second king. It is not better than being that Good people who live in peace and contentment are happy, and a lifetime is enough for a person to go through this world once.

That winter, a Japanese man came to see Mr. Tongsuan of the Nierhui, and the two secretly discussed a major plan behind closed doors. It turned out that Mr. Tongsuan had established a relationship with the Japanese Black Dragon Society by reselling antiquities. At that time, the Japanese Kwantung Army was looking for something lost among the Chinese people. According to the intelligence, it might be buried in a tomb or under a temple stele.

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