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"Go and see the most beautiful Gesang flowers and dance the passionate Snow Mountain Langma…hellip…"

Lin Zhuo put on his headphones and started rocking out. Unfortunately, the headphones ran out of power at this moment.

"It's boring!" Lin Zhuo muttered, bending down to plug in the plug. Then she sat on the bed, thinking about what to do next to pass the time. During this boring weekend, Lin Zhuo was almost numb. She brought the mirror over and looked at her face: snow-white skin, and big and lively almond eyes under the willow eyebrows. Lin Zhuo is proud of the soft lines on his face.

So she should be pursued by many boys. This reminded Lin Zhuo of her boyfriend of only three months. That was my first boyfriend.

"Dong dong dong"

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Pictures of a female sitting on a rabbit to death_Little rabbit sitting to death_Funny pictures of a dead rabbit’/>

The door rang, and Lin Zhuo couldn't guess who it was. Because my boyfriend was on a business trip, my mother was doing a beauty treatment at this time. Friends, no one will come at this time.


she asked. A familiar voice answered her: "Lin Xiaozhuo, it's me!"

Lin Zhuo smiled knowingly: "Kai, are you back?"

Pictures of a female sitting on a rabbit to death_Funny pictures of a female sitting to death

As he said that, he opened the door, and sure enough, it was his boyfriend Chen Kai. "Xiao Zhuo, I'm back!"

Chen Kai said with a smile and closed the door: "Are you okay? I brought you a pack of rose mask."

Lin Zhuo smiled even happier and said softly: "You still understand me."

"Of course, I don't know you, who does?" Lin Zhuo handed him a glass of water as he said this . Chen Kai drank it all in one gulp.

Funny pictures_little rabbit sitting to death_pictures of female rabbits sitting to death

He unloaded the bag while Lin Zhuo watched. Then, the two looked at each other for a moment, and Chen Kai smiled evilly and said: "Xiao Zhuo, look at your boyfriend being so good, shouldn't you reward him?"

She blushed, but Chen Kai hugged her and put her on the bed without waiting for her to answer.


Afterwards, the two of them lay on the bed, with Lin Zhuo nestled in her boyfriend's arms.

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"Where have you been?" she asked, and Chen Kai replied: "You were on a business trip."

"Really?" Lin Zhuo asked indifferently.

"What's wrong?" Chen Kai frowned unnaturally. "Let's break up." Lin Zhuo confronted him directly, "I know you have someone outside."

Chen Kai pulled Lin Zhuo back hard: "Xiao Zhuo, what's wrong with you?"

Lin Zhuo threw away his hand coldly: "Oh, I still don't remember what you said at that time?"

"Xiao Zhuo, Xiao Zhuo…"

Chen Kai suddenly felt that it was extremely difficult to breathe, as if he would suffocate in the next second. Lin Zhuo said viciously: "Hahahahahaha, I added something to the water you drank. You can't think of it. Go to hell!"

One day, the news broadcast:

"A man surnamed Chen died in a community. On the other side, there was a picture of a woman sitting on a dead rabbit . On the highway, a woman died in a car…"

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