Chapter 6 The Nancrazi Faction 3

One step…two steps…three steps…slowly getting closer. Through the light beam of the miner's lamp above my head, I could see clearly that that person, who was not a girl, was actually something that had set off one step ahead of us. Huazhen's exterminator, he came here with Wang Quansheng's body.

Old man Zhang pushed me away and got in front of me. Yang Jing stared blankly at the figure standing alone in the tunnel——

"Why is he here?" "Huang Zhihua has obviously recognized this person.

"He's dead!" Old Ghost Chen, who had always been silent, whispered.

I just felt an unspeakable horror rising in my heart. He… the corpse driver, actually drove himself into the grave? Is he dead too?

After taking a few more steps forward, I finally saw clearly that the corpse driver was still wearing the long robe he wore when we parted ways that day. He was holding the hollow gong in his hands during the ceremony. As he moved, the gong Inadvertently, there will be a sound of "Dang…a lot of that…".

"Bang the gong to shock ghosts?" I couldn't help but shudder. This…this evil-proof thing was actually held in the hands of a corpse.

Because his back was to us, I couldn't see his face clearly, but I could tell from the stiff body behind him and the wet robe that this person… no, or should I say, there was something weird about this corpse!

Now, he is standing quietly in the tunnel, with his back to us, blocking the center of the tunnel. If we want to pass by, no matter where we go, we will inevitably come into contact with him.

Huang Zhihua asked me habitually what to do. I looked at Old Man Zhang. After all, this man was once his friend…

Old Man Zhang walked in front of us, only three steps away from the corpse exorcists, and stopped. I was afraid that something might happen to Old Man Zhang, so I held the ancient bronze sword by his side. Most of all, I am very tired of this dead old man, but after all, everyone is in the ancient tomb now, and it is necessary to take care of each other.

"Old friend, let me borrow a way!" Old Man Zhang said in a deep voice.

It was probably Old Man Zhang's voice that alerted the corpse driver. He turned around stiffly and looked straight at us…

For a moment, I had the urge to run away, and realized – this guy should have drowned to death and had grown up alone. On his face was the same ferocious and weird smile that we know, and his whole face was full of smiles. It was twisted and deformed, especially terrifying. The mouth could not be closed, revealing two rows of black teeth, like the fangs of some kind of animal…

"Dang…" There was another sound of a broken gong, hitting our hearts hard and making us feel unspeakably uncomfortable.

The corpse of the corpse driver walked toward us step by step with stiff steps… Old man Zhang seemed to be frightened. I was so shocked that I couldn't help but scream. The ancient bronze sword in my hand pointed at the driver. The corpse of the corpse man was chopped down hard.

The cold light of the ancient bronze sword flashed, and I felt a strong force coming from the sword, and then a hoarse scream came from my ears. The corpse exorcist took a few steps back, staring at me with a pair of unfocused eyes, as if he and I had sworn hatred and unspeakable resentment and anger.

But to my surprise, within less than a minute of confronting me, the body of the exorcist actually turned around, walked stiffly, and ran deep into the tunnel quickly.

"Bang bang bang…" Three gunshots were heard from behind me. I twisted my neck and saw Huang Zhihua holding a gun. Three bullets were fired in front of me almost indiscriminately.

Under the watchful eyes of our audience, all three bullets should have been shot into the body of the exorcist, but his body only shook and he still ran very fast. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the dark tunnel.

I couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief, feeling that my vest was freezing and my clothes were soaked with sweat…

"I hurt him!" Old Man Zhang looked into the depths of the tunnel and whispered to himself.

"Why did you drag all the irrelevant people into this?" Old Ghost Chen complained to Old Man Zhang. I couldn't help but glare at him. Why didn't Wang Quansheng's body be cremated at that time? But he asked the corpse chaser to rush back to Donghua Town. Fortunately now, the corpse chaser himself has become a corpse, driving himself into the grave. The body of the old man Wang Quansheng has disappeared again. God knows where he will emerge from and give us a fatal moment?

And Huang Zhihua, he was the one who believed in old man Zhang's nonsense at the beginning, but now it's better. Wang Quansheng's body was not solved, but another life was lost.

I turned around and glanced at Huang Zhihua, wanting to complain, but in the dark tunnel, against the backdrop of the miner's lamp above his head, his face was so pale that it was no better than a dead person. If I wanted to complain, I would just swallow it all. inside.

"Let's go, now is not the time to talk about this, we have to find the girl quickly…" The young master only has the girl's life, and the rest, no matter how many people die, has nothing to do with him.

I made a promise and walked forward. After walking a few steps, I saw wet footprints on the ground. Apart from the five of us, here were the corpse exterminators just now.

Could it be that there is water near this tunnel? Did it climb up from the water? Otherwise, how could his footprints be wet? Or has his body begun to rot and the ground is full of corpse water? I couldn't help but think of the wet scene after Lao Bian's death…

Could it be said that the corpses of all those who died under the curse of the Yellow River Dragon Coffin were wet?

Thinking of this, I shuddered involuntarily. This… is too weird. The body is wet, so why doesn't it need to rot? I think of Professor Wang, why did his body go to the Guangchuan Royal Tomb after his death? Of course, except for the deceased Professor Wang, I am afraid that no one can answer me…

By the way, Old Ghost Chen should also be the first person to come into contact with the Yellow River Dragon Coffin. Why is it that Lao Cai and others are alone, but nothing happens to him?

Old man Zhang said that I am a tough guy, but not everyone is tough, right?

Thinking of this, I couldn't help but ask: "Teacher Chen, can I ask you a question?"

"You want to ask me why I'm not dead yet, right?" Old Ghost Chen said with a sinister smile.

"Not bad!" I said bravely. The young master next to him turned to look at him and said loudly: "Yes! Old Ghost Chen, since everyone who has been in contact with the Yellow River Dragon Coffin will die, why are you okay? Oh… By the way, Old Man Zhang, your two apprentices It’s not a good thing. If it hadn’t been for the two of them, we wouldn’t have taken that risk at midnight. Lao Xu almost lost his life in it.”

Although Old Ghost Chen can be regarded as a life-saving benefactor to me, to be honest, I really have an unspeakable dislike for their southern crawlers. First, Old Man Zhang brought us in innocently, and now the corpse exorcists are here alone. , he knew clearly that anyone who came into contact with the Yellow River Dragon Coffin would inevitably die of the curse Yellow River Ghost Coffin 3 Download , but he still dragged others into the water again and again.

"I'm just lucky!" Old Ghost Chen said with a sneer of "hehe".

"Good luck?" I couldn't help but sneer, "Everyone who comes into contact with the Yellow River Dragon Coffin going to Europe, except for me and the young master, is also uncertain about life and death. Why are you the only one who has arranged for everyone to be safe?" Are you okay? You are like this, and so are Wang Ming and Hu Lai." I asked the question in my heart. It turned out that I didn't want to think about it, but the more I thought about it, the more suspicious I became.

It seems that everything here is related to them!

Now, together with the evil corpse exterminators Du Yu Fei Ming, if they are southern reptiles and come into contact with too many corpses, will they be immune? So how many corpses have the corpse exterminators come into contact with?

"Why don't you suspect yourself?" Old Man Zhang said in the same cold tone.

"Me?" I sneered. I admit that when I came to Longtan of the Yellow River, it was indeed a mistake, but Wang Ming and Hu Lai are not good people either…

"We, the Nancrazi group, naturally have some things to ward off evil spirits!" Old Ghost Chen said with a frown.

I came to the counter with a "whoop", grabbed old man Zhang, and said angrily: "Since you have a way to deal with the curse, why do you have to let us go into the eye of the shadow Kunlun to die and find some way to break the curse?"

"Our method can only be used against Nanlizi and cannot be used by ordinary people. Of course, if you are willing, you can also try it!" Old Ghost Chen said gloomily.

I don't know if it's my imagination, but I always feel that since entering this tunnel, Old Ghost Chen, who was usually easy to talk to, has become gloomy. Could it be that he has been dealing with the dead a lot, and he has come to a place where he has never seen the light of day? In this world, he naturally turned into this half-dead person?

"Is there any way?" Huang Zhihua asked eagerly. For him, the Kunlun Wind Eye and the Yellow River Dragon Coffin were not important. What was important was how to stop this damn ghost curse from spreading and no more people would die.

Old ghost Chen said: "You really want to know?"

The young master glared at him fiercely and sneered: "Nonsense!"

"Well, I'll tell you that!

Old Ghost Chen sneered sinisterly and said: "It's very simple. Two ounces of hundred-year-old carrion flesh are used together with some special medicines. Those Chinese medicines are not difficult to find. If you really need it, I can prescribe the formula to you. As for rotting corpses, you can always dig up any ancient tomb and look for them.

When I saw Old Ghost Chen opening and closing his mouth, I suddenly felt sick, and the young master couldn't hold it in any longer and had already started to retching! Huang Zhihua covered his mouth and his expression changed drastically.

"What's wrong?" Old Man Zhang suddenly raised his voice and asked, "I guess you are very interested in this formula. Although our ancestors strictly prohibit the leakage of the formula, if you strongly demand it, I don't care about violating the ancestor's rules."

I glared hard at that damn old man, walked in faster, and at the same time winked at Huang Zhihua, telling him to take a closer look at these two old ghosts. I even feel a little regretful now, why did I ask these two old ghosts for help? They are simply… not human beings! Are people who have eaten carrion flesh still considered human beings?

Although Huang Zhihua and I don't have a deep friendship, we cooperated very well because of the several fierce battles in the Ying Kunlun Wind Eye. So with a glance from me, he already knew what was going on, and he gently dripped at me. Nodding, the young master was scared by Old Ghost Chen and rushed to the front, but now he suddenly stopped without warning.

I couldn't hold it back for a while, so I bumped into him and asked anxiously: "What's wrong?"

"Old Xu, look at the soil under your feet, it seems like there is water! I remember clearly that when we came out, there was no water here. If there was water, it wouldn't have been such a pleasant burning!" The young master pointed to his feet and said. .

After hearing this, I hurriedly lowered my head to take a look. Sure enough, the mud under my feet was obviously much moister than before.

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