Long Hair Woman

long hair woman

Pictures of ghosts in ghost cars hiding in curtains_Pictures of ghosts behind the curtains_There are ghosts in the curtains

I heard this from a college classmate. It tells the story of when he and his father went to the south to buy goods together when they were young. His father is a clothing business owner. Now that he is in college, his business has grown. The story happened when he was a child. When he was in elementary school, he and his father went to Guangzhou to buy clothes during the summer vacation. His father was in a panic when he went out and forgot his ID card at home. This makes it impossible to stay in regular hotels. The only option is to stay in one of those illegal small hotels. The condition of the hotel was very poor. He told me that even the corridors could be occupied. Of course there are good rooms, but this room is better than other rooms. It is a small room with an ordinary double bed and a small bathroom. They stayed there in that small room.

Pictures of ghosts in ghost cars hiding in curtains_Pictures of ghosts behind the curtains_There are ghosts in the curtains

At night, he was woken up by the wind. The direction in which he slept was facing the window. He opened his eyes drowsily and saw that the curtains were blowing loudly in the wind, and he felt a little cold, so he got up and closed the window. He got off the bed, and suddenly the wind blew, and the curtains blew higher. Just where the curtains came out, he saw a figure hanging upside down on the window, half of his body exposed, and that The shadow's long hair was hanging down, which frightened him so much that he shouted out, shouting that there is a ghost, there is a ghost in dad! His dad woke up and said something, what's wrong with the child. He suddenly rushed over and said there was a ghost on his father's window. When his dad looked at the window, there was nothing there! He was trembling with fear! His dad said those were curtains, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. When he looked back and saw that it was just the curtains, he felt much better. He hugged his father and slept all night~

Pictures of ghosts in ghost cars hiding in curtains_There are ghosts in the curtains_Behind the curtains Pictures of ghosts

The next day, his father agreed to take him out to play, and when he got up in the morning, he was going to go out for breakfast. We were all out the door and ready to go downstairs. He said I need to pee. His dad said you go back and pee. I will wait for you at the door. He went back to the house to pee. The walls of the toilet were covered with white tiles. When he was peeing, he saw a black shadow reflected on the tiles. He thought that his father had come in? No, his father was outside! He just thought Call daddy, daddy! His dad answered right outside the door and asked what happened. He realized it wasn't his dad, and this time he was scared, who could it be! Then he cried in fear and called his dad to come in quickly. As soon as he shouted, he felt someone rush out of the toilet with a brush. His father came in next, and he asked what happened? He said that someone stood behind her just now. His dad said don't cry yet, there is no one here, I am at the door and no one comes in. His father even took him around the small room to see if there was anyone there. He said he didn't want to live here and wanted to leave. His father said that he would take you out to play first, so let’s not talk about it for now.

There are ghosts in the curtains_Pictures of ghosts behind the curtains_Pictures of ghosts hiding in the curtains in ghost cars

After a day of playing, he said that he was so happy that he forgot about the ghost for a while. Because he was very tired after playing all day, he went to bed early at night, and his father said he would get up early tomorrow to restock. He fell asleep and woke up again at night. This time he was facing the window again, but this time he didn't see anything. Out of fear, he turned around and hugged his dad to sleep. When he turned around, he found There was a person at the door of the toilet, his body was in the toilet, and his long hair and upper body were outside the door. When he saw this, the man hurriedly ran into the toilet. He said again, Dad, there is a ghost, there is a ghost! His dad woke up, don’t panic when he hears this, there is no ghost to tell me. He closed his eyes and said toilet. His dad said don't be afraid, I'll go take a look, and then he cursed, "That's nonsense." After his father turned on the light, he found that there was nothing, so he told his son that there was nothing, and that he was not afraid, so he could coax him to sleep. In this way, he slept another night in shock. But his father took him out of the hotel the next day. And business was not going well for a while after that. Many years later, when he was in high school, his mother told him about this incident. He said that actually your dad was also scared because he also found a woman’s hair in the toilet. Moreover, business was not easy to do after that time. Things got better after your father worshiped Buddha. After he finished telling me, I asked, are you afraid of this now? He said that he is not afraid now. He was still afraid when he first came home. Friends staying in hotels, please be careful. If there is something wrong with the room, you must not stay there!

Pictures of ghosts in the curtains_Pictures of ghosts hiding in the curtains_Pictures of ghosts behind the curtains

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