The First Time To Tell A Ghost Story: Halloween Horror

“John, it’s Halloween, and we’re going down the street and we’re going to get some candy.”

“Oh no, Jesse, it’s just the two of us today. I’ll just stay at home and read this book “First Time Telling Ghost Stories” written by an oriental.”

“Oh my God, you read that kind of junk book.” The little boy called John glared at the little girl called Jessie.

Seeing John a little upset, Jesse hurriedly said, “Okay, okay, Halloween, Halloween, maybe we should go get two jack-o-lanterns? Or maybe get a mask.”

“Maybe we have to rub someone’s door first.” John smiled slyly.

“Trick or treat? Well, I like the rambunctious, criminal feel.” Jesse smiled, her whole face almost touching John’s.

“Hey, kids, why don’t you come to dinner soon.” A woman’s scolding came from outside the door.

“Oh no, Mom, we’ve already eaten.” John yelled, holding Jesse’s mouth.

“Really? Children, then your father and I will go out first, and leave the keys on the table. If you want to go out to play, remember to close the door.” The woman’s voice stopped abruptly, and the only thing that could be heard was the sound of A few rustling sounds.

“Yes, Mom!” John replied hastily.

Jesse pushed John’s hand away, glared at him and said, “Hey, John, you haven’t given me back your Barbie from yesterday!”

“Well, my poor sister, I’m sorry to tell you that I’ve lent Barbie to that little girl next door, Lucy.” John waved his hands in frustration.

“John!” Jesse roared, walked to the bedside table in the room, and picked up a silver ring.

“Oh, my God, Jesse, have something to say, this is my lucky ring, you…” John looked at Jesse pitifully.

“Never mind! Hurry up and get that Barbie back to me.” Jesse gave her brother John a vicious look.

John smiled bitterly: “Okay, okay, go out with me to find Lucy, I’ll come back with her in person.”

“All right.”

“Give me back my Lord of the Rings first, and I’ll go out later.”

“Well, since you’re going out, put on a mask.”

“Vampire mask!” John smiled, pointing to the mask on the wall.

“Hahahaha, I heard that Huang Chu’s hair is ugly and scary, that’s why he writes scary things. It would be great if he had his mask.” Jesse suddenly turned his anger into a smile and said, putting the The Lord of the Rings was handed to John, and then he touched the book “First Time Telling Ghost Stories”

“Okay, Jesse’s joke isn’t funny, let’s go!” John opened the door and walked out.

Jesse followed.

The wind outside was blowing, and the whole air was filled with a strange smell.

“Hey John, is that a new one?” Jesse pointed to the last room down the street.

“The smell of pumpkin pie, I love it!” John sniffed the sky.

“Hey, John, why are you in a daze, I asked you about that house.”

“Which one?”

“The new house.” Jesse pointed to the house again.

“Oh, I heard that it was a pair of old people who moved from Chicago.” John said lightly.

“Really? Well, let’s find Lucy.” Jesse nodded disappointedly , and then touched the vampire mask in his hand.

“I like this, stop, I’ll ring her doorbell.”

After speaking, John took two steps and took one step, and walked to the door of the neighbor’s house.

“Ding dong!”

After a while, footsteps came from the room.

“Squeak!” The door opened slowly.

A middle-aged woman stood at the door and looked.

“Oh, it’s John, eh? And with my sister?”

Before John and Lucy could speak, the middle-aged woman took out a handful of candies from behind.

“Auntie, where’s Lucy?”

“Going out with the other kids for candy.”

“Well, we should go too! Hahahaha” John smirked.

“Kid, put on the mask.” Lucy’s mother smiled at John and Jesse.

Jesse takes the candy.

John and Jesse said goodbye to Mother Lucy and left.

“Hey, Jessie put on the mask, let’s go to the new house to make a fuss.”

“But my Barbie…”

“I promise you will find it back.”

“Okay, wait, I’m wearing a mask.” Jesse took out a vampire mask from behind and put it on.

It was a lonely house on a street corner. It was very strange. Although no one was seen many times, the outside of the house was very clean.

And what’s even more incredible is that there is even grass.

The wind blows from time to time.

Jesse and John cautiously knocked on the door, shouting inside, “Trick or treat if you don’t have any candy!”

It was eerily silent inside.

“Isn’t there anyone in there?” Jesse looked at John and asked.

“Listen, there’s movement!” John pointed to the door, and suddenly a strange scream crossed the ears of John and Jesse, and then disappeared all of a sudden. Open.

“Squeaky” is like an old man moaning. Of course, there are indeed two old people living here.

“Yo, it’s a child again, welcome!” The old woman stared straight at John’s sister Jesse.

“If you don’t have candy, make trouble!” John said politely to her.

“Come on. There’s more candy in here, boys.”

The old lady squinted her eyes with a weird smile.

Then she pointed to the room.

There was also an old man living in the room, and when he saw it, he almost scared John and Jesse enough.

The old man’s face was bloodless, and the corners of his slightly trembling mouth showed two long fangs, much like the vampire masks worn by John’s two children.

“Come on, kid, there’s candy here.” The old man beckoned.

John saw something blood-red and blood-red on the table, but he didn’t know what it was, and he guessed it was candy. I only heard the old man smile and point to a corner of the room.

John and Jesse walked carefully, and before halfway through, Jesse said, “John, I have a bad feeling.”

“Me too! Let’s go.”

John took off his mask and said to the two old people, “We don’t want candy, let’s go out.”

The old woman’s face suddenly darkened, and she said grimly, “I’m in, do you still want to go out?”

“We don’t want candy, we don’t make trouble, please…” Jesse turned around and walked towards the door. Could it be that the door was locked at some point.

“Don’t you want candy? I have it here!”

The old man in the house took out the blood-red thing, and when John could see it clearly, he hardly spit out the glowing ghost lights . Omg, where are those candies, those are human tongues, broken tongues.

John hurriedly took his sister and fled in the house.

“Don’t be afraid, kid, there’s candy! Hehehe.”

John stumbled suddenly and suddenly found a Barbie doll lying on the ground, covered with blood, and this doll happened to be her sister Jesse’s.

John screamed loudly.

When he and his sister stood up, they suddenly saw the place where the old man in the inner room pointed, there were several human skins hanging there, and one of them turned out to be Lucy’s.


“Child, do you want candy? Hehehe!”

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