What Episode Is The Death Of The School Motto?

Zhang Han, who was driving in front, was indeed not in a good condition.

He felt that the flesh on his back was constantly bulging, and blood was still oozing out.

Even if the ghost behind him didn’t stimulate it at the moment, he started to move around and wanted to come out of it.

In this state, Zhang Han felt that he should die within ten days, and he still did not use the power of the Specter. If he did, he would die immediately.

“Fortunately, I came out of this village alive. As long as the transaction is completed in the past few days, I can prolong the recovery time of Specter and get rid of the current state.”

Death is coming, Zhang Han is not too desperate, on the contrary, he has a strong expectation, a hope to live.

After all, he has completed the mission this time.

Even lie down and win.

However, when he was about to drive into the main road, through the car window, he suddenly saw the location at the intersection, where a cordon had been set up, and the surrounding area was blocked, and there were more than a dozen vehicles. Wherever it was parked, temporary tents were also set up on the surrounding flat ground, and there were many people watching here.

You must know that when you came to the village before, there was no such thing.


校条祭h_校条祭 温柔的王_校条祭 死是哪集

Zhang Han realized that, he honked the horn, opened the car window, stretched out his head and shouted at Yang Jian behind him: “There seems to be a situation ahead, someone has blocked the road, and it’s not coming for us, right?”

Yang Jian, who was driving, had actually seen the situation ahead.

He replied: “Don’t be nervous, it’s not for you, it’s for me, those should be the people from Sun Lihong’s company in the club before, and now they took the initiative to find them to complete the previous deal with me, by the way. …to settle a little personal grudge.”

It seems that the phone was useful when I was in the village before.

Zhao Jianguo still felt threatened, and used his energy to force the people out of that company.

That’s right.

Where can Yang Jian go to find the person in charge of this company alone, and how to negotiate the conditions, it is even more impossible to understand this mysterious company.

So meeting is necessary.

But it is impossible for him to make this mysterious company pay attention, only through Interpol.

After all, Interpol was also involved in this matter.

The car hasn’t come yet.

校条祭 温柔的王_校条祭 死是哪集_校条祭h

There was a group of people waiting at the intersection in front of them, and they also opened umbrellas and set up tables.

It looks like a public negotiation.

Soon, Yang Jian stepped on the brakes.

The two cars stopped on the side of the road, and he and Zhang Han got out of the car together.

“Hello, Mr. Yang, Mr. Zhang, I am Wu Yue, the main person in charge of this company. This transaction is the responsibility of Manager Sun Lihong. Before I get down to business, I should congratulate the two of you for successfully completing the task. It solved the supernatural incident in Huanggang Village.”

Wu Yue walked over with a smile and stretched out his hand.

“Boss Wu just needs to fulfill the promise.”

Zhang Han shook his hand and said, what he is most concerned about now is the way to prolong the recovery of Li Gui.

“That’s a certain episode of the school motto . This is the company’s credit. Please rest assured, Mr. Zhang. Would you like to sit down and have a drink first? I’ll have someone open champagne for the two of you to celebrate and relax.”

Yang Jian looked at him calmly with a body bag in his hand: “Six ghost riders, four died, the remaining one is on the verge of recovery, and the other is full of anger, now you and I Say congratulations and open champagne to celebrate? Are you not taking the lives of people like us seriously, or are you coaxing us like children?”

The smile on Wu Yue’s face froze slightly.

校条祭 死是哪集_校条祭h_校条祭 温柔的王

This Zhang Han is easy to deal with, just an ordinary person.

But this Yang Jian… mental state is not stable, and he is very dangerous and difficult to greet.

“This is a deal between us, isn’t it?” Wu Yue said.

“Deal? Yes, that’s right, so what’s the way to control the recovery of Specter?”

Yang Jian squinted his eyes and said, “I warned that Miss Sun before, don’t do tricks, or I will follow the clues and mess with your whole family. Now that the supernatural incident in Huanggang Village has been resolved, should Boss Wu fulfill his promise?”

Wu Yue let out a haha ​​and said with a smile, “Of course, this is the episode of the school’s death sacrifice that was agreed before , and the method to control the ghost’s recovery will be given to you in a while, please rest assured that our company is here. The side is very committed to keeping its promises and will never breach the contract.”

“After a while? How long will it be, ten days? Half a month, or a year? Now you have to hand over the way to control the recovery of the Specter.” Yang Jian’s face turned cold.

Wu Yue said: “This matter can’t be rushed, you need to collect your information first, and then the company will bring it to the laboratory for related data matching. This process will not take too long, and the results will be available within a week at most. At that time, the company will provide You determine which ghost is suitable for you to control, so as to better maintain the balance between ghosts and ghosts, although the success rate cannot be guaranteed to be 100%, but at least the probability of blindly trying to control other ghosts is much higher than that of individuals.”

“As for the process, it’s a company secret, so I can’t tell you.”

Yang Jian frowned; “What’s your success rate?”

“No more than twenty percent.”

校条祭 温柔的王_校条祭 死是哪集_校条祭h

Wu Yue said: “The specific success rate should be 15%. You should be glad that this method is becoming more and more mature. You must know that three months ago, the success rate was less than 5%.”

Less than 20% chance to control the second ghost.

Although the risk is high, there is indeed an urge worth trying.

However, the success rate of Human Skin’s method of controlling Specter is… 100%.

It’s just that the price that needs to be paid is to send a ghost for nothing to be swallowed by vellum.

Compared with each other, the latter is obviously better.

But the latter has great hidden dangers and risks.

“Can’t the probability of success be improved?” Yang Jian asked again.

“I don’t know this, the person in charge of the laboratory is not me.” Wu Yue said.

Is it still confidential?

Yang Jian narrowed his eyes and stared at the person in charge called Wu Yue with some unkindness.

校条祭 温柔的王_校条祭h_校条祭 死是哪集

“Leave the transaction aside for a while. How much do you know about the archives?”

“File? What file? I don’t have a lot of files about the Huanggang Village incident. I heard that you are half an Interpol, and you already have your own dedicated operator. Although you haven’t officially taken office, you should also be able to investigate any case. Qualifications for paranormal event files.”

“Didn’t you go to Interpol to check the files of the supernatural incidents in Huanggang Village?”

“Pretend to be deaf?”

Yang Jian’s face sank: “What I want is a truth, don’t tell me, believe it or not, I will let you never tell it?”

“Calm down, I really don’t know.”

Wu Yue was very calm, with an innocent look on his face: “If you really want to do it here, the previous transaction will be voided, and your trip is equivalent to running in vain. It’s not worth it.”

“So, you should think about it before you get it.”

Seeing this, Zhang Han hurriedly said: “Yang Jian, you can’t be impulsive, because so many people died, only the two of us survived. If you killed him, we really took this risk in vain. already.”

This young man is prone to impulsiveness, as was the case when he was at the club before.

If you don’t agree with one word, you will act, and there is absolutely no reason to say it.

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