Chapter 31 Goddess Peak

It has been rainy and rainy for several days, and the hotel lobby manager told me that such weather is not suitable for visiting Wushan Scenic Spot, and it is easy to cause trouble due to slippery mountain roads.

Mr. Bao and Mr. Ge Daochang came over to chat and drink tea every day. Hu blowing from all over the world. After all, Secretary Xing was a leader, and the string of class struggle was very tight. No matter how they tried, they never revealed Wushan’s identity. real purpose.

In the room, Er Ya and You Conscience were so anxious that they wished to find the cave called “Zhu Ying Zhe” earlier, but they were still uneasy. Dead man, is there any reason for this?

“Meow.” Mei Niang suddenly became alert.

“What’s the matter? Mei Niang.” Erya asked in surprise.

Mei Niang jumped up on the window sill, glanced out through the gap in the curtain, and screamed “woo woo woo”.

Youliang walked over and looked downstairs, his heart suddenly shuddered, and he said softly, “Sun Yifeng is here!”

On the street, Sun Yifeng and Li Lin were standing on the road opposite the hotel, looking upstairs…

Why didn’t you get rid of them? Youliang hid behind the curtain to observe carefully, and finally saw an inconspicuous old beggar sitting on the ground at the corner of the street. Yes, that person was Liu Shisan.

“Er Ya, we have already been targeted.” Youliang said in frustration.

“Well, then secretly go up the mountain tonight, the second generation, the grandson of the slippery ghost ,” Erya gritted her teeth, “You can quietly inform Secretary Xing.”

It was night, the rain stopped, and the sky was still gloomy, but the clouds were a lot thinner, and sometimes a faint moonlight was faintly revealed.

Inside the room, Secretary Xing hurriedly wrote a few lines on the note paper.

“Xianggong, what are you doing?” Er packed up and was going to sneak out of the hotel tonight to visit Wushan at night.


“Mr. Bao treats us with courtesy, so I can’t leave without saying goodbye. Write a note to them.” Secretary Xing said with embarrassment and pressed the note on the coffee table.

When the time came, the two of them gently pushed open the door, and happened to meet Erya and Youliang carrying a bamboo basket on their backs, and everyone crept downstairs and walked out of the hotel.

There are no pedestrians on the street, the air is moist and fresh, and it is refreshing. According to the signs on the tour map, you will lead everyone out of the city and go straight to the Goddess Peak.

The Wushan Mountains evolved from seabed reefs and Quaternary glaciers hundreds of millions of years ago. There are many strange peaks and rocks, and they look terrifying in the dark night. Everyone held hands and climbed along the rugged and muddy mountain road. The mystery of the tomb of the King of Medicine was about to be revealed, and they were all very excited.

In the small hotel opposite Chaoyun Hotel, Sun Yifeng and Li Lin took turns to sit in front of the window to monitor. Lao Bai said that now it is a critical moment, and he will not let up at all, and he has to come in person. Now it was Li Lin’s turn, he rubbed his sore eyes and stared at the hotel door with energy.

“Brother, they are out.” Li Lin suddenly called out.

The sleeping Sun Yifeng suddenly jolted, and hurriedly got out of bed and leaned over to the window. Sure enough, he saw that the four of them were quietly slipping out of the door and heading towards Wushan.

“Hurry up and keep up.” Sun Yifeng said, he had already prepared his luggage and went out. Anyway, the small hotel accommodation fee was paid once a day, and there was no need to delay the checkout.

The two of them hurried out of the hotel and followed in the direction of Wushan.

In the corner of the street, the old beggar who was curled up under the porch slowly stood up, put on his worn rucksack, and staggered after him.

At dawn, fish maw white appeared on the eastern horizon, the wind was light and the clouds were clear, and the weather finally turned clear. Due to the continuous rain for many days, the mist between the verdant mountains at this moment is transpiring, looming, like a fairyland.

“Look, that’s probably the Goddess Peak.” With the tour map in his hand, Arira pointed to a strange mountain in the mist.


Looking at the top of the peak, there is a girl-shaped stone pillar standing in the green peaks and clouds, and the smoke is lingering, like a thin layer of veil, which is especially affectionate and charming.

“It’s so beautiful,” Er said with heartfelt admiration, “‘Once upon a time, the sea was difficult to become water, except that Wushan is not a cloud. Take the second flower bush to look back lazily, half the fate of cultivating the Tao and half the fate of the king.’ what.”

“It’s a petty bourgeois sentiment.” Secretary Xing disagreed.

Several people continued to head towards the top of the peak with great interest, their trouser legs were wet with the dew on the weeds, no one noticed Sun Yifeng and others who were trailing far behind, only Mei Niang in the basket behind Er Ya looked restless. .

A large piece of debris is exposed in the weeds in front. The tour map indicates the ruins of an ancient temple in the Tang Dynasty. Several small squirrels foraged in the middle. They were not afraid to see strangers, and they still picked up dead branches and leaves by themselves.

Everyone was tired from walking in the middle of the night, so they sat down to rest.

“Er Ya, is the tomb of the King of Medicine on the Goddess Peak?” Secretary Xing gasped and asked.

“Those monks…” Erya fell into a trance, her eyes blurred, and her questions were not answered.

“What happened to those monks?” Youliang asked.



“Well, I saw raging flames on them, and they turned to ashes with a smile.” Erya murmured.


“Still smiling?” Youliang asked suspiciously.

“It’s been 1,300 years, and they have finally completed their mission…” Erya yawned, suddenly woke up, and said in surprise, “It seemed like I had a dream just now, did I fall asleep?”

“Yes.” Yuli replied.

“Let’s go.” She stood up and took the lead in climbing towards the top of the Goddess Peak.

Not long after, a huge strange rock appeared in front, like the head of an old ape, and even the facial features could be seen, with a few clumps of weeds growing sparsely on it, like hair.

“The creation of heaven and earth is amazing, the mountains and rivers of the motherland are really magnificent.” Secretary Xing exclaimed loudly.

Turning to the “Old Ape’s Head”, a dilapidated cave suddenly appeared in the grass, surrounded by crisp bamboos, the rocks collapsed and fell off, and half of the entrance had been submerged, like an abandoned mining pit .

Erya ran a few steps and shouted in surprise, “This is it.”

Youliang’s eyes stayed above the entrance of the cave. Although it was old, he could not help but feel excited when he recognized it carefully. He saw that the three official script characters carved on the rock were exactly “Zhu Yingshi”.

Everyone stood at the entrance of the cave and looked in. It was pitch black and I didn’t know how deep it was. The second generation of the grandson of the slippery ghost , even the skin felt numb and crisp.

“Let’s go in.” Erya led the way into the cave.

Inside the cave is a long and narrow alleyway, where you can’t see your fingers, and the breeze is breezy, and everyone carefully follows Erya forward.


After walking for about half an hour, the front suddenly became clear, and there was another spacious stone hall, which was several times larger than the one in Wangchuan. A dim light scattered through the cracks in the rock on the top of the stone hall. Hazy and barely able to see things.

There are nine tall stone figures standing on the ground, standing in different corners of the stone hall.

“Tuangu ten witches!” Youliang exclaimed softly.

“Is this the feng shui puzzle that Professor Guan said that Wu Xian can trap his soul and lock his soul?” Er said in a low voice tremblingly, for fear of touching some hidden mechanism.

“Don’t be afraid, the ten sorcerers are all feudal dross. It’s the 20th century now. The atomic bomb exploded and the spaceship went up to the sky. In the face of science, these things can’t stand scrutiny.” Secretary Xing tried his best to comfort them.

“That witch can send out fog.” Er reminded him.

“Let’s not move around,” Yuliang turned to Erya and said, “Did you see the ‘Ten Witches’ when you entered the cave the other day?”

Erya nodded, her eyes searching all over the ground.

“What are you looking for?” Youliang asked in surprise.

“Those monks were burned to ashes in front of these stone statues.”

Yuliang silently looked at these ancient stone statues. The first wizard was holding sagebrush in his hand, followed by those holding snakes, medicine pots and various utensils, and one of them was an elderly woman. He had long hair scattered and braided on it, holding something like salt in his hands.

“There are nine stone statues here, plus the Wu Pan of Wangchuan, it should be the ‘Ten Witches’, but where is the feng shui puzzle?” Youliang was puzzled.


At this moment, Erya stopped in front of a stone wall, looked up, and looked very attentive.

When they walked into the cave, they were all watched by Sun Yifeng and Li Lin who were following behind. The two were secretly delighted that the tomb of the King of Medicine, which they had been searching for for many years, was about to come to fruition.

The old blind man lurked in the grass and watched silently.

After Youliang and the others walked out of the hotel door in the middle of the night, the front desk clerk on duty immediately made an internal call. After a while, Mr. Bao and Daochang Ge hurried downstairs.

“Mr. Bao, the four guests you asked me to pay attention to have just left the hotel and headed out of the city in the direction of Wushan.” The waiter said respectfully.

“Thanks.” Mr. Bao took out a brand new hundred-yuan bill and stuffed it into his hand, then turned around and left the hotel.

In the dead of night, he intuitively felt that the situation was a little unusual.

“Master Ge, look at the blind old beggar in front of you.” He gestured with his mouth down.

“Well, this person squatted on the corner of the street all day, and didn’t go out to beg. Besides, he walked lightly, and he was very dexterous to avoid the stone steps and trees. He didn’t look like a blind man at all.” Daochang Ge also found that things were far from what he imagined. Simple.

“It seems that it’s not just the two of us who are interested in the tomb of the King of Medicine.” Mr. Bao said thoughtfully.

“Keep an eye on the old beggar, let’s go.” Ge Daochang snorted, and the two immediately followed.

At dawn, the sanitation workers on the streets of the county were already cleaning the roads, and more and more elderly people were doing morning exercises.

A taxi with a dirty Shaanxi license plate came and stopped in front of the Chaoyun Hotel. An old man with a low hat and glasses got out of the car with a briefcase under his arm. The sky was hazy. The face is not very clear.

He stood there silently and looked around, opened his mouth and stuck out his pink tongue and turned in the air, then sneered, and headed towards Wushan.

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