Chapter VIII Ma Zhenren

Captain Li could of course see that Zhang Guozhong was not Li Daming’s opponent of the Qing Dynasty Jinshi, but then again, after having invited so many gentlemen over and over again, none of them had a solution, but only Zhang Guozhong analyzed the whole story.

Back home, Captain Li kept comforting Zhang Guozhong, who was frowning, “Okay, Fazi thinks slowly, it’s not a problem for you to be so worried, anyway, the second girl of the Li family has already taken a fancy to you. A few years ago, the playground river commune once I have fought an old Dao Maoshan master to cast down the ghost spell , and now he is still working in the production team, his surname is Ma, you might as well go and find him, he was the one who planted willow trees in the village back then.”

Hearing that Captain Li mentioned Li Erya again, Zhang Guozhong wanted to kill him on the spot to show his innocence, but when Captain Li mentioned Ma Laodao in the neighboring village, Zhang Guozhong came to the fore. Willow’s Ma Laodao, maybe even the savior!

The next day, Captain Li’s second son took Zhang Guozhong to the neighboring village, Playground He Village. It turned out that the playground river was the dividing line between Li Village and this village.

Criticism during the Cultural Revolution had to be carried out in every village. It would be best if there were landlords to fight. If there were no landlords, then the rich peasants would fight, and if there were no rich peasants, they would fight the second-rate sons. If there were no poor peasants, the shroud sellers were pulled out to fight. Anyway, there must be a fight. , Under this kind of social atmosphere, the Taoist priest Tongtian Guanma, who is two miles away from the playground and Hecun, has naturally become the main target of criticism. Feudal superstition is a big tumor. Talking and fighting three times a day is almost the same as going to work.

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When Zhang Guozhong saw Daochang Ma, the image of the wise man who had imagined the immortal style completely collapsed. This long horse has a messy beard, which is no different from the wormwood in the field. His hair is messier than his beard. , with a broken cigarette bag pot in his waist, he was sitting on the field and drinking water.

“Master Ma…” Zhang Guozhong stepped forward and called out awkwardly.

Ma Laodao turned his head alertly, and looked at this young man dressed as an educated youth, “I’m sorry for the people, I’m sorry for the party, I’m guilty.”

Ma Laodao continued to drink water, wiped his face with his sleeves that could basically be used as linoleum, and said coldly.

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Captain Li’s second son was obviously quite familiar with Ma Laodao, so he approached and muttered a few words with Ma Laodao, almost like a spy connection. Ma Daochang’s face immediately changed from indifference to joy, and he approached Zhang Guozhong, looked up and down, and smiled wrinkled.

“You see the mourning place by the river in the playground?”

“Yes, but the disciple doesn’t know how to decipher it, so I came here to ask the Taoist priest.”

“How about you being my apprentice?” Daoist Ma didn’t hear what he just said.

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Zhang Guozhong’s heart was broken again.

The people in this place are really weird. First, a village chief Li took the person who verified the falsity of “Maoshan Tuzhi” as a god of dance, and then he involved himself with Li Erya, and then Another Taoist priest who was not much better dressed than a beggar would recognize himself as an apprentice. Alas, no matter how strange the ghosts in the countryside are, it can’t be blamed on these incredible people.

“Master, I just…”

“Okay, don’t talk about it, Ergui, just tell your father that this person has worshipped me as his teacher and asked him to prepare a table of good wine.” After speaking, Daochang Ma breathed a sigh of relief, and even hummed. Xiao Qu lit the cigarette bag. And Li Ergui, the second son of Captain Li, seemed very happy when he heard it. (Captain Li has been in private school for several months and is considered a cultural person in the village. His three sons are named “Li Fugui, Li Ergui, and Li Sangui”)

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Finding Ma Laodao from the Playground River Commune immediately became the focus of Captain Li’s recent work. Ma Laodao is the person who most meets the conditions for criticism in the playground. If he is released, who will he fight in the future? And just after the work team in the town left, this feudal superstitious bull, ghost, snake and god was released. What will the work team explain later? Playground River Commune is determined not to let people go.

When it comes to important people, Captain Li really put a lot of effort into it. In terms of seniority, Captain Li is the cousin of Captain Liu of the Hecun Production Brigade in the playground, but the two don’t usually communicate with each other . Captain Li brought out the uncles and grandfathers who could not be beaten by eight poles. Finally, with a smile on his face, he used one animal (at that time, there were not many animals in the production team. Worth the money) The takeaway 30 yuan replaced Ma Zhenren, and Captain Li was so distressed that he almost jumped into a well and committed suicide.

When he became a master, Ma Laodao was very happy. After listening to Captain Li, after drinking a pound of white wine, he described how Zhang Guozhong fought bravely and bumped into customers, and how witty analyzed the ruins by the river in the playground. I love my apprentice to death. In this age where sports are everywhere and everything is smashed ideologically, to receive such talented apprentices is also considered a Taoist disciple.

After apprenticeship in confusion, Zhang Guozhong learned that Daochang Ma was already 102 years old, but in Zhang Guozhong’s opinion, he was in his 60s at most, and he could still work in the fields. How could he be a centenarian? Zhang Guozhong has always been skeptical about Ma Daochang’s statement about his age. Of course, Zhang Guozhong’s first thing was to show Ma Daochang “The Map of Maoshan”, but he did not expect that Ma Daochang said in a playful manner, “Children’s play…Children’s play…”

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It turned out that the Daoist Ma was a descendant of the Taoist master Ma Danyang during the Jintianhui period. Although the master Ma Danyang was only the head teacher of “Quanzhen”, the Daoist Ma in front of him, no, it should be said that he was Ma Zhenren, was proficient in the earth. The essence of various Taoist schools such as , Mai, Zhongge, Quanzhen, Maoshan, Zhang Guozhong’s “Maoshan Tuzhi”, in Ma Daochang’s view, is only a vernacular version of the late Qing Dynasty. The solution is illustrated without any description of the “heart” of Maoshan.

“Mind art” is the essence of Maoshan art, which is to stimulate some of the human body’s degenerated instincts, and use this method to cure monsters and exorcise evil spirits. Just knowing how to draw talismans and assemble materials is simply too elementary for the profound Maoshan art. Some unhealthy little ghosts and monsters may be cured, but for such a powerful thing in Li Daming, there is nothing to do.

In fact, Ma Zhenzhen had also heard about Li Cun and Li Daming, but at this time the Cultural Revolution had already begun, and even the Taoist temple was set on fire. Li Village and Playground River Village are only a few miles apart, but Captain Liu of the production team of Playground River Commune is a stunned young man in his early thirties. It fell into his hands. If it was Li Cun, Captain Li would have been a grandfather.

Ma Zhenzhen took Zhang Guozhong to an open space not far from Tongtian Temple, and dug up the “Quanzhen Thirty-Six Dharma Interpretations” and a book that looked much older than “Maoshan Tuzhi”. “Maoshan Shuzhi”, several medical books and a compass, this is the housekeeping treasure that Ma Zhenren had hidden in advance when he thought his catastrophe was approaching. Among them, “Quanzhen Thirty-Six Dharma Interpretations” is completely strange to Zhang Guozhong, like acrobatics, while the ancient “Maoshan Shuzhi” describes some of Zhang Guozhong’s “Maoshan Tuzhi” A thousand times more bizarre theories unheard of in .

At the end of the Yuan Dynasty and the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, there were continuous wars, corpses everywhere, and the ghosts cried thousands of miles away. It was this special historical background that created the prosperity of Maoshan Taoism. This book, which has been well preserved to this day, is a treasure passed down by Ma Zhenren’s family.

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