★ Fortune Teller

In fact, I believe in fortune-telling more, of course not referring to the so-called fortune-telling of those crooks. I believe in the Book of Changes, for example. I think the Book of Changes is very similar to arithmetic, except that ordinary arithmetic counts numbers, and Yijing What counts is the fate of man.

Xiao Chen is a colleague of his mother’s unit. He is usually a resolute materialist. He graduated from college at a young age and became the deputy director of his mother’s unit. He is very capable. This happened relatively early, in 1996. Let’s go right, once my mother’s unit organized a trip to Qingcheng Mountain. At the foot of the back mountain, I met a fortune-teller. Everyone had nothing to do, so they all went to him for fortune-telling. And this fortune-teller is very strange, he doesn’t charge any fees. Mom helps I also did some calculations, and it actually worked out later. Of course, this is a later story, so I won’t mention it for the time being. Let’s talk about Xiao Chen. At that time, he saw that everyone was doing the calculations, and he thought it was fun, and he didn’t charge any fees, so he followed suit. Get ready to line up.


Unexpectedly, when it was his turn, the fortune-teller wouldn’t count it for him. Xiao Chen felt a little embarrassed about his face, so he was in a hurry with the fortune-teller. If I don’t give it to you, you are a mortal person. If I give it to you, I can’t help you, but if I give you advice, it will leak the secret, and it will not be good for me. Xiao Chen listened to it. I was so angry that I almost beat the fortune teller. I had to let the fortune teller figure out how I would die. The fortune teller sighed and said, “Young man, on the 30th of this year, you must go to the temple to burn a stick of incense, maybe you can I have escaped this disaster. That’s all I can say. This trip made Xiao Chen very depressed. Yes, whoever hears the fortune teller saying that he will die will feel uncomfortable.


It was spring, and in a blink of an eye it was New Year’s Eve. Xiao Chen was free from illness and pain during the year, and his work went very smoothly. It is possible that he will be promoted to the director of the factory after the new year, and Xiao Chen’s wife is about to give birth to a child. At this time, Xiao Chen is proud of the spring breeze, and his career and family are very smooth, so Xiao Chen does not take the fortune teller’s words to heart. The New Year’s 30 is coming, Xiao Chen and his family have dinner together and go out to play with friends. At about eleven o’clock, I suddenly remembered what the fortune teller said. At this time, Xiao Chen thought, forget it, I’d better go to burn incense sticks, no matter what, I would rather believe it or not. Friends also advised him to go, So Xiao Chen drove to Bishui Temple, a famous temple in our place. By the time Xiao Chen arrived at Bishui Temple, it was already twelve o’clock. Unfortunately, since today is the 30th New Year’s Eve, there are special people who come to burn incense. Duo, it happened to be raining again today with a dead man’s horoscope for fortune-telling . The Bishui Temple is close to the mountain and the river. In order to prevent accidents to the pilgrims, the Bishui Temple closed the temple door before twelve o’clock. Xiao Chen rushed to another place. A temple, I didn’t expect the same situation. It made Xiao Chen very depressed.


No one expected that on the second day, that is, around 7 am on the first day of the new year, Xiao Chen received a call from his mother-in-law and asked him to drive to a nearby county to pick up a relative, just on the way there. , Xiao Chen’s car had a car accident, Xiao Chen died on the spot, but his pregnant wife was uninjured. After hearing about Xiao Chen, everyone said that if Xiao Chen listened to the fortune teller, he might have escaped. robbery!


Maybe this is just a coincidence, after all, there are too many coincidences in the world. However, the fate that my mother helped me with that time was actually realized last year.


One more thing. Do you still remember the drowned child in my story? The little boy lives upstairs in my house, his name is Wu Yao, I forgot his name, a very cute child. After his accident, his mother told me Mom chatted and talked about another thing. She said that when Wu Yao was three years old, she once took Wu Yao to visit relatives and met a flower-watching woman in the countryside. Hua Po is very famous in the neighborhood and happened to know her relatives. Her relatives were visiting that day. As soon as she saw her, she said that she was destined to have no children. At that time, Wu Yao’s mother laughed, and I have both I have a son, how can there be no son? Guanhua said: No, I think you only have one daughter. Wu Yao’s mother didn’t care about it at all. She didn’t expect that Wu Yao would have an accident within two years. Wu Yao The second year after she went out, she gave birth to another daughter named Wu Yinghong. The strange thing is that this newly born daughter has exactly the same character and appearance as Wu Yao. The most amazing thing is that Wu Yao has a red red on his left hand. Hemorrhoids are located in the center of the palm, and this newborn daughter actually has a red hemorrhoid on her left palm. Everyone said that Xiao Wuyao wanted to be her family’s child, so she was reincarnated in her family.

Later, I saw this little Yinghong in my mother’s unit. Sure enough, she looked exactly like her brother. Her mother called her my sister, and Xiaoyinghong obediently called me sister xx. I fainted at that time, because In the past, all the children in the neighborhood called me Sister X, only Xiao Wu Yao called me Sister X, and Xiao Yinghong actually called me that.

Maybe it’s Xiao Wuyao who can’t bear his parents, so he’s back. Xiao Yinghong is probably in junior high school now. He uses a dead man’s horoscope to tell his fortune . He has a boyish personality and is naughty and cute. May Xiao Yinghong always be healthy and happy !~

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