Chapter 239 The Extinguished Ghost Candle

The ghost eyes were drowsy and wanted to close them. They were even a little out of control and wanted to sleep forever. "Yang Jian walked in front and lit the ghost candle at the same time. While the ghost candle was burning, everyone could see the surroundings clearly. In an instant, the ghost candle went out." Yang Jian was shocked when he looked at the extinguished ghost candle in his hand. From the moment he got the ghost candle to now, this was the first time he encountered the ghost candle extinguished. Or was it Zhao Kaiming who used his ghost power to extinguish his ghost candle? The firelight emitted by the ghost candle just now allowed him to clearly identify the road ahead and knew how to get out of this ghost place. … Continue readingChapter 239 The Extinguished Ghost Candle