Be Careful When Texting In The Middle Of The Night

“Did you know? In the middle of the night, you can send 10 4s to 444 and you will receive a text message from hell.” Xiaojing told us mysteriously.

Me, Xiaojing, Ah Rong and Jun all live in dormitory 213. Because my hair is of poor quality, like straw, everyone calls me straw. Xiaojing recently bought a mobile phone. Now this kind of thing is not uncommon among college students. Many students in other dormitories have mobile phones, but no one in our dormitory has ever bought them. Xiaojing is the first person to be equipped with a mobile phone. When I didn’t have a mobile phone, I didn’t know it. It turns out that mobile phones are so fun. When I have nothing to do, we see Xiaojing texting there. We often come to see her, and we often borrow her mobile phone to send text messages to friends and classmates.

It was very late. After reading the book all night, we were all about to turn off the lights. Xiaojing suddenly said this, which startled us all.

“Really, I’ve heard this from several people. If you don’t believe me, let’s try it.” Xiaojing’s curiosity is always so strong.

“Boring”, I curled my lips, “Tell me if there is a text message.” I never believed in those ghosts and weird things. Hell doesn’t exist at all, how could it be possible to text back? It’s ridiculous talk. But Jun and Ah Rong seemed to be very interested, so they both leaned over to watch. If a text message is sent from hell, it can’t be a good thing. Later facts proved my idea to be very correct.

“Okay, it’s over.” As soon as Xiaojing’s voice fell, the sound of A Rong’s electronic watch came, and it was really on time. All three of them sat excitedly by their phones, waiting for a text message from “hell”.

10 minutes passed, and there was no movement on the phone, “Xiaojing, you didn’t reply to the text message, how could there be hell in the world?” Jun and Arong both gave up, and Xiaojing also looked disappointed, and the disappointment was still sandwiched With a trace of unwillingness, “Forget it, it’s really boring, it’s not fun at all.” This game seemed to end like this, and we turned off the lights.

Just had some sleepiness, suddenly a strange voice came from the silence.

It was the sound of a text message.

There was really a text message back, the four of us sat up together, Jun turned on the flashlight, and Xiaojing picked up the phone excitedly.

No, is there really a hell in the world?

“Tomorrow will be sunny during the day, sometimes cloudy… What, it’s the weather forecast, I thought it was…” Xiaojing threw her phone on the bed in disappointment again, “Bai is excited, it’s really annoying, I don’t have a weather forecast yet. Ah, who sent this to me, it’s still in the middle of the night, really…” Jun and A Rong were also disappointed when they heard it. I said it was impossible to reply, it was really scary, even I thought it was really hell to reply.

But at this moment, the phone made another sound, not loud but enough to quiet the four of us.

It won’t be some ghost weather forecast again. Xiaojing picked up the phone, and suddenly, her eyes widened and she didn’t move. The three of us rushed over to look at the screen of our phone.

The number for the letter is, 444.

Did it really come from hell? Xiaojing was so excited that she couldn’t hold her phone, she slowly pressed the OK button, and the details of the text message appeared, with only one word – “foot”.

foot? What’s the meaning? The four of us, you look at me, I look at you, and no one knows what it means.

“Forget it, let’s sleep.” Jun played the majesty of the head of the dormitory. We had no choice but to fall asleep in a daze.

It wasn’t long before we knew what it meant, and really, if we had known this would happen, we wouldn’t have sent that text message.

Usually, everyone in our bed got up early, but somehow, we all got up late the next morning, to be precise, we were woken up by the school bell. Strange, my biological clock is very accurate, I can wake up around 6 o’clock every day, just in case, I have set an alarm clock. What mobile phone software does Tang Yu use , and I just changed the alarm clock the day before yesterday? Battery. I picked up the alarm clock and took a look. Hey, the second hand of the alarm clock was still moving, but the time indicated 12 o’clock. Is it out of power again? Forget it, I had no time to think, I got dressed as fast as I could, and I didn’t even have time to wash my face, I just wiped it with a wet towel and was ready to go. There is an exam this morning. The modern Chinese teacher is very strict. If it is late, it will definitely fail. The four of us hurriedly picked up our things and prepared to leave. When I was about to go out, I took another look at the alarm clock, the pointer still pointed to 12 o’clock, and the second hand was still moving. It’s so strange, the second hand is moving, but the minute hand and the hand are not moving, it can’t be broken.

“Straw, why are you still in a daze?” Xiaojing pulled me out of the dormitory and locked the door, “If you don’t leave, you still want to take the exam?” Yes, the exam is important, so I quickly followed them. The more anxious we were, the more trouble happened. When we ran to the door of the dormitory, Xiaojing suddenly fell to the ground. It turned out that her right foot had somehow sunk into a small hole on the ground in front of the dormitory building. There were no holes here. Xiaojing tried it, but couldn’t pull it out. Everyone was anxious, but the more anxious, Xiaojing’s foot couldn’t be pulled out. Xiaojing was sweating with anxiety, but there was nothing she could do.


“Let’s go first, don’t worry about me, I’ll take it and go after you later, don’t delay everyone because of me alone.” Xiaojing said, “explain it for me and the teacher then.” It seems that this is the only way . We left Xiaojing and ran to the main building quickly.

“Foot”, somehow, I suddenly remembered that text message.

Fortunately, we ran fast, and when we entered the classroom, the teacher had just handed out rolls of paper. Although it was said, it was considered to have participated in the exam. But until the time of handing in, Xiaojing didn’t come. Could it be that she… I looked at Jun and Ah Rong, and their faces were full of confusion and anxiety.

We almost walked out of the classroom with the teacher. When we ran to the front of the dormitory building, we found that Xiaojing was not there. There was a pool of blood next to the hole. When I got closer, I could see that there was a shoe inside, which was Xiaojing’s shoe.

The shoe seemed to have gone through centuries of wind and rain, and there was hardly a good spot to be found, and the sole was about to fall off. I tried to take it out, but it didn’t work.

It looks like Xiaojing’s foot is pulled out. But why didn’t she come to the exam? What happened to this pool of blood?

“Go to the dormitory to see, maybe she injured her foot and went back to the dormitory.” Jun’s mind is always so calm and can always play a role at critical times.

But the bedroom door was locked and Xiaojing was not inside.

The blood on the side of the cave is most likely Xiaojing’s. If his foot is injured, he should be able to go to the school hospital. We hurried to the hospital again.

Xiaojing is indeed in the hospital, but the situation is much more serious than we thought.

“At first, the blood flowed non-stop, but after finally stopping the bleeding, I found that the blood suddenly stopped flowing to her feet, as if they were not part of her body. I have never seen such a thing.” The doctor wiped the sweat from his head and said to us.

This is a four-person ward. Xiaojing is lying on the bed quietly, in a coma. The other three beds are empty. I touched it lightly with my hand. Her legs were hot, but from the ankles down, the whole feet were cold and stiff like a dead person.

Doctor, how did she get here? “Jun suddenly asked a question.

“I can’t tell you this,” the doctor frowned and said, “When a student came to see a doctor, she found her lying at the door of the hospital with blood all over her feet, so she told us.”

At this moment, the sound of receiving a text message came from Xiaojing’s body, which startled us all. Ah Rong quickly took out her mobile phone from Xiaojing’s arms, glanced at it, and her face suddenly turned white. Jun took the phone, looked at it, and handed it to me with a blank expression. I took the phone nervously, and it said: “Foot, I got it.” The address is: 444.

In the bedroom at night.

The lights were out long ago, but none of us could sleep. Really sent a text message from hell, and also took Xiaojing’s right foot. Did Xiaojing’s feet just disappear? Does it make sense?

The bedroom was very quiet, we were in our own thoughts, no one spoke, only the ticking of the second hand was heard. By the way, my alarm clock is also broken for no reason. I touched the alarm clock on the bedside, picked it up and took a look.

The second hand was still moving, and the position of the minute and hour hands told me that it was 12 o’clock. Ah, gone again, why does this alarm clock go off for a while and not go off for a while? Just when I was wondering, the second hand suddenly stopped and didn’t go.


“Di—-” was the voice of a text message again.

Jun almost jumped up, she quickly stepped forward and picked up the mobile phone on the table. Ah Rong and I also hurriedly got up and looked at what was written on the phone.

This time, there is only one word on it – “hand”.

Jun sighed, put down the phone, and said, “I hope Xiaojing’s incident is just a coincidence.”

Hearing this, I couldn’t help but hit a doso. Yes, I hope Xiaojing’s incident is just a coincidence, if not, what will happen in the future, I can’t imagine.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get up the next day, or I’m full of nervousness. I can’t fall asleep. The same is true of Jun and Arong. I can always hear the sound of turning over on the bed at night.

I don’t know how long it took before I finally fell asleep. But when I opened my eyes, it was already bright. Look at my alarm clock, yes, it’s broken, the second hand keeps moving, but the other two hands are still at the 12 o’clock position. I turned over and Jun and A Rong also woke up. I picked up my watch and saw that it was already 9 o’clock. I have a class this morning, and neither Jun nor Ah Rong have it. This is terrible, I hurriedly packed my things, said goodbye to them, and went to class. I didn’t listen to what the teacher was talking about in this class. I was very careful when I was doing things, for fear that my hand would be squeezed, touched, or stabbed by something. I have a hunch that Xiaojing’s foot is definitely not a coincidence, it must be related to that text message, and today, I, Jun and A Rong, one’s hand will definitely be taken back by that “hell”.

Usually, if the four of us had different classes, we would definitely meet in the cafeteria for lunch at noon, but today, I was the only one here. There were fewer and fewer people in the cafeteria, Jun and A Rong still didn’t come, and the meals I helped them were getting cold.

Could it be that my hunch has really become a reality? Thinking of this, I hurried to the bedroom.

When I ran to the dormitory, I was out of breath. Oops, there seems to be something wrong. By the way, what about the hole that hurt Xiaojing’s foot yesterday? I was in a hurry in the morning and I didn’t pay attention, but now I suddenly found that the hole was gone. It was replaced by a pile of fragments of flower pots. I walked over and looked down. There were some bloodstains in the middle of the debris.

This, this is so strange, such a hole, how to say it is gone, as if it never existed. And what’s with the debris and blood? Could it be… I didn’t dare to think about it, I just ran to the school hospital.

My hunch turned into reality. I saw Ah Rong in the corridor of the hospital, and Jun was lying on the empty bed next to Xiao Jing.

“I walked with Jun,” A Rong lowered her head and said, “I walked in the front, Jun walked behind. Suddenly I heard Jun shouting to be careful, I was pushed to the ground by her, and a flower pot fell off. , is hitting her hand…” A Rong’s eyes stared aimlessly in the direction of her eyes, without a trace of expression.

“The doctor said that her hand may not be able to be kept, and the blood cannot flow there for some reason, as if her hand is not part of the body.” A Rong turned around abruptly, which startled me, “You know what? The straw, it’s the same as Xiaojing’s feet.” After that, A Rong handed me something, Xiaojing’s cell phone, I took it over to take a look, and stayed there for a while.

On the phone was written – “Hand, I got it”. The mailing address is 444.

It’s not a coincidence, it really has something to do with that text message.

Xiaojing and Jun are both lying in a coma on the bed, who will be next to me and Ah Rong? There are two empty beds next to Xiaojing and Jun, so it wouldn’t be for me and Ah Rong. Suddenly, I looked up and looked at the ward number—

Room 213 is the same number as our dormitory.

Is it all coincidence?


Now, A Rong and I are the only ones left in the dormitory. Neither of us spoke, not even the lights were turned on, we just sat silently on our respective beds. Xiaojing’s cell phone lay quietly on the table, wondering if there will be any more text messages from hell tonight.

It was so quiet, as if we were the only ones left in the world, and only the ticking of the alarm clock was still making the last scream of pain. Another alarm clock. I picked up the alarm clock beside me, and by the moonlight, I saw that the needle on it was pointing to 11:30 pm. Strange, my alarm clock has always been accurate, but lately it has always stopped and gone. In retrospect, it seems that there has been a problem with this alarm clock since the day Xiaojing’s accident occurred. Although the second hand is moving, time always stops at one moment.

“Straw,” Ah Rong finally broke the silence: “Is it possible that nothing will happen if I don’t receive the text message?”

I haven’t really thought about this.

“Shut down, we won’t be able to receive text messages.” A Rong picked up the phone and said to me.

“Yes, it’s a way, but you will still receive text messages after you turn it on. Besides, what if the person who texted…or a ghost, texts every day until we receive it?”

“Then don’t turn on the phone again, and don’t use this number again.” A Rong said, and turned off the power button: “I really don’t want anything to happen again.”

The cause of Xiaojing’s foot is still not found. The school has contacted her relatives and wants to transfer her to a larger hospital, but she has been unable to contact her home. If it goes on like this, I’m afraid she really can’t have her feet.

“Hey, straw, why can’t this phone be turned off?”

What? I became nervous all of a sudden, grabbed the phone from Ah Rong’s hand and said, “No way, did you press the wrong button?” I also tried it, but no matter how I pressed the power button, the phone’s screen was always on. lit.

“Ah Rong,” I suddenly remembered a question: “Since that day, the phone has not been turned off, right?”

Hearing this, A Rong was also stunned: “No, none of us have turned off the phone.”

No, Xiaojing’s mobile phone battery is not very good, even if it is 12 hours of standby, it can only be used for three days at most. It seems that it has been four or five days since Xiaojing was charged last time. We haven’t turned off the power for the past two days. How could there be electricity? Moreover, it is still fully charged.

Just remove the battery. I turned the phone over and it took me a long time to remove the battery. The words on the phone screen disappeared all of a sudden.

Couldn’t turn it off, maybe it’s because the phone is broken. No cell phone can be turned on without a battery. I let out a sigh of relief, and my tense nerves finally relaxed a little.

I hope that as A Rong said, if I don’t receive text messages, nothing will happen again.

Take another look at the alarm clock, it’s 12 o’clock again, and I have to go to bed.

12 o’clock! I was startled. Every time the alarm goes off at 12:00. Will it still be today… My eyes are fixed on the alarm clock, and I keep shouting in my heart: “Don’t stop, don’t stop, go on, don’t stop.”

But the second hand still stopped.


Ah Rong also seemed to have noticed this problem. She stayed there and stopped talking. The bedroom was so quiet that I could only hear my heart pounding non-stop.

No, there will be no more text messages, I unplugged the battery, the phone is not turned on, and there will be no more text messages.


My blood suddenly solidified, it was the sound of the message. In the quiet night, the not-so-loud voice seemed so harsh, as if announcing the coming of death.

At this moment, the second hand started to move again.

This, this must be foreshadowing something. I frantically picked up the alarm clock and threw it on the top shelf of the closet.

“It’s useless, straw, it has nothing to do with that alarm clock, it’s just telling us that the text message is coming.” Ah Rong picked up the phone I threw on the bed.

“No, Ah Rong, don’t look!” I almost shouted.

Ah Rong said: “I don’t want to see it, I want to delete it.”

I hurried to A Rong’s side, she was pressing the delete button. The screen displayed: “Delete?” A Rong hesitated for a moment, then pressed OK.

But the screen purpose shows: “This file was not deleted successfully.” What? It has not been successful to delete the text message.

Before I could think about it, a new text message appeared on the screen of the phone, this time with one word: “Head.”

The moonlight outside the window shone miserably through the window and shone on the ground. The text on the phone gradually disappeared. Useless, even if the phone is turned off and the battery is unplugged, you will still receive text messages from hell. I’m a little desperate.

Ah Rong came over gently and held my hand. Her hand was so cold that no blood seemed to flow in it.

“Straw, if we think of another way, we will definitely find a way.” The moonlight shone on A Rong’s face, and her face was bloodless, as pale as death. I bowed my head, and under the moonlight, A Rong’s shadow was drawn to the elder elder.

Suddenly my eyes froze, and my whole body trembled uncontrollably. Ah Rong seemed to have noticed something and followed my gaze.

In Ah Rong’s shadow, there was no head.

Right here, the lamp above our heads suddenly swayed, shaking faster and faster, and finally broke free from the shackles of the hanging wire on the ceiling, and fell down at once. In a daze, I suddenly reacted and pushed Ah Rong aside. I fell to the ground at the same time as she. The lamp shattered right where Ah Rong was standing just now.

Before Ah Rong could stand up, the photo frame hanging on the wall suddenly fell off and hit Ah Rong’s feet, shards of glass scattered all over the floor. The frightened Ah Rong looked at the photo on her feet and suddenly cried out hysterically.


The photo is a family portrait of the four of us. What’s different from the past is that in the photo, Xiaojing’s feet and Jun’s hands seem to have been burned, leaving only a scorched hole. And Ah Rong’s head is getting darker and darker, and is gradually disappearing. Only I’m still intact.

The accident happened to Xiaojing and Jun on the second day after receiving the text message. Why did the accident happen so quickly when it was A Rong’s turn? It seems that my disaster is not far away.

I helped Ah Rong and asked her to sit on the bed. At this moment, she was full of fear and kept saying, “What should I do, what should I do?”

However, I don’t know what to do. I have to find a way. I can live without my hands and feet. If I don’t have my head, I will die. When it’s my turn, I don’t know what will be more terrifying. matter.

“Straw,” A Rong suddenly remembered something and stood up, but at this moment, a piece of the wall on her head fell off . What mobile phone software Tang Yu was using, the blood demon reborn , was clinging to her He slammed into the place where she was sitting just now.

It was so scary, I didn’t have time to listen to what she was going to say to me, so I grabbed A Rong and ran to the door. But the door could not be opened. I banged on the door frantically.

“Straw, get out of the way!” A Rong picked up the chair beside her and ran towards the door, trying to break the lock, so I quickly got out of the way. However, A Rong didn’t know why, she slipped and fell, the chair was thrown aside, and her body fell heavily towards the closet. This collision was very heavy. She knocked a cabinet door off. A Rong leaned back and avoided the cabinet door. I also quickly went to hold the wardrobe, for fear of hitting A Rong. But it was still useless. An object fell from the upper level of the wardrobe and hit A Rong’s head. A Rong fell down.

It was the alarm clock I threw on the closet that hit her.

“Ah Rong!” I yelled and hugged her. There was blood oozing from her forehead, a clear contrast to the pale complexion. I reached out to touch her wound, and it bounced like an electric shock. Her face turned cold.

Even if a person dies, it is impossible for the body temperature to drop so fast. I struggled to carry Ah Rong on my back and ran to the hospital.

It is said that people have amazing strength under special circumstances. I usually find it difficult to even lift water. I was able to carry Ah Rong to the hospital effortlessly. Even the doctor was amazed. How did they know that, in addition to saving A Rong, I wanted to leave that horrible bedroom.

In fact, I could have long imagined that the result of the rescue must be insufficient blood supply to the brain, and then the blood no longer flows to the brain, so when Ah Rong was taken out of the emergency room and the doctor said these words to me, I Not surprised at all.

Now, there is only one empty bed left. I know, that’s for me.

The doctors and nurses came out of the ward, and I followed them.

“Classmate, your belongings have fallen.” I looked back and saw a little nurse holding something in her hand and handing it to me.

It’s Xiaojing’s phone.

No, I definitely didn’t bring that phone out. I remember that A Rong saw the text message with the phone. Why, the phone will appear here again?

“Classmate, is this your cell phone?” The little nurse’s voice echoed in my ears again and again, and I came back to my senses and took the cell phone.

Don’t let this phone fall into the hands of others, it will only bring disaster to more people.

The battery of the mobile phone is still pressed on the mobile phone, and it is in the on state, and it is still full of three bars of electricity. The screen flickered, and there was a line on it: “Head, I got it.”

Suddenly, I thought of a problem, a problem that none of us had thought about before: Even if these text messages are sent from hell, there should be someone who sent them or a ghost. So who the hell sent these texts back, maybe fixing that would help the whole thing.

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