Good Soul And Evil

In the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a teacher who was sleeping at night and vaguely heard someone calling his name. When he woke up, he saw a distant friend who hadn’t seen him for ten years sitting in front of the window. The teacher was very surprised.

The friend said: “Don’t be afraid. Although I am dead, I am going to the underworld. Before I leave, I will meet you and talk about my friendship. I will leave in a while.” Scanning the emotional part, the friend was choked up and sad, and the husband was also sad and weeping.

Suddenly, my friend stood up and said to Mr.: “It’s time, I’m leaving.”

鬼新郎by天桥txt_鬼新郎小说_鬼娃的新郎txt 小说

The husband was sad and advised him to stay for a while, but the friend just persuaded him and talked for a while. This is the friend’s skin cracked, his house elongated, and his eyes red and protruding, staring at Mr. The husband felt a chill and felt that something was wrong, so he rushed out the door.

鬼新郎小说_鬼娃的新郎txt 小说_鬼新郎by天桥txt

The friend’s fangs turned outward, and he jumped up and down, claws and claws, and chased him out. The husband was frightened and shouted loudly, but there was no one on the street at this time. His friend jumped faster and faster, and he was about to catch him. The husband desperately climbed a tree.

鬼新郎小说_鬼新郎by天桥txt_鬼娃的新郎txt 小说

The friend was so stiff that he couldn’t climb the tree, and he couldn’t jump up the tree, so he bit the tree with his mouth and scratched it with his hands, and the sound was horrible. Someone in the neighbor woke up , but they didn’t dare to make a sound when they saw this scene.

鬼新郎小说_鬼娃的新郎txt 小说_鬼新郎by天桥txt

Fortunately, the trunk of that tree is very thick, and it has not been bitten down. After the rooster crowed, the friend stopped, his body gradually faded, and finally disappeared into the air.

鬼娃的新郎txt 小说_鬼新郎by天桥txt_鬼新郎小说

After getting down from the tree, Mr. saw a big hole in the trunk. If there was another moment, it would be dug down. He secretly rejoiced and never dared to go home to live again. He ran to a nearby Taoist temple and asked him why the friend started Very friendly, but in the end he was going to kill him.

The Taoist priest told him that people have three souls and seven souls, and the one who talked to him was the soul of a friend, and then the soul left, leaving only the soul. The soul is good and the soul is evil, and the seven souls are the source of evil spirits, so they want to harm you.

The gentleman let out a long sigh , and then he understood.

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