Campus Headless Ghost

There was a car accident in front of the campus of No. 3 Middle School. A second-year student was hit by a truck in front of the school, and his head and body were separated from each other. After the accident, the incident spread wildly on the campus. At the conference, students should pay attention to passing vehicles, cherish their own lives,

With the passage of time, the short panic period passed, and the students went to and from school as usual. One day, during the evening self-study, the school suddenly lost power. The students were all preparing to go home. Several dormitory students watched on the way back to the dormitory In a horrifying scene, a headless person jumped up and down the dormitory, wearing the uniform of No. 3 Middle School . 3. Soon, rumors about the school being haunted began to spread, and all kinds of random fabrications began to be staged!

The school tried its best to appease the emotions of the students. They did not believe in the idea that there were ghosts. The school decided to call the teachers to watch the night in shifts. There were two teachers together every day, and they were in peace for several days. On this day, it was Mr. Wang and Mr. Li. The main purpose of the vigil was to check the students’ dormitories. Mr. Wang and Mr. Li were sitting in the office playing poker. While playing, Mr. Wang saw something out of the corner of the window. He turned his head and looked out the window. The sight almost scared him. Called out, there was only a headless man standing in front of the window, a headless ghost on campus

He was wearing the school uniform of No. 3 Middle School, and then jumped and disappeared in front of the window. Mr. Li followed Mr. Wang’s eyes, but there was nothing outside the window. Mr. Li shook Mr. Wang, and Mr. Wang said tremblingly, “I see. Yes, I see, what those students said is true, they have no heads, they are jumping and jumping, there are really ghosts!”

Teacher Li broke out in a cold sweat by this remark, and the two sat in the office until dawn before reporting the situation to the school!

The principal heard two teachers say such a thing, so he really began to pay attention to this matter, and the principal decided to keep a vigil to find out!

This night, many teachers who heard about this incident took the initiative to ask to participate in the night watchman play ghost 3 , and they all wanted to see if there were really headless ghosts on campus!

In the evening, the teachers patrolled the campus one by one. They all had flashlights in their hands, but no one saw the shadow of the headless ghost. Finally, everyone was attracted to the school playground by the headmaster’s exclamation. Everyone saw the principal slumped on the ground, and beside him was Mr. Wang who was patrolling with him! Through the principal’s description, the teachers learned that the principal also saw a headless person jumping around, wearing a third middle school school uniform!

So, everyone remembered the car accident that happened in front of the school. Did the dead student return to the school!

For a time, the school was shrouded in fear, the school cancelled the evening self-study, and there was a 24-hour vigil in the dormitory building! The school got in touch with the parents of the deceased students, and after listening to the principal’s description of the situation, the parents began to cry, and they The situation reflected made the hair on the principal’s back stand up. The parents of the deceased students said that recently every night they could see the lights in their son’s room turning on by themselves, and then turning them off in the early morning, but there was no one in the room. The couple felt that it was their son who was reluctant to leave the house, but he did not expect to appear at school!

So the parents decided to go to the mage to figure out why their son always lingered in the world. From the mage, everyone knew that the student’s head and body were separated from the family, and the underworld did not accept the headless soul, so he had nowhere to go. , I can only be a lonely ghost. As long as the student has an accident and burns something for the underworld steward, the child’s ghost can go to the underworld to be reincarnated. Therefore, the child’s parents came to the school gate and burned a lot of paper money. I was talking about something, since then, no one has seen the headless ghost appear on the campus, and I heard that the lights in that house have never been turned on by themselves!

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