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Introduction to Necrophilia (1) In our medical university, every year there are a few people who hang themselves because they can't think about it, and every year there are a few people who can't bear the pressure and become insane. In fact, this is common in other schools, and it's not a big deal. The only difference is that the remains of those who committed suicide were not sent to the crematorium, but were kept in the school as specimens for research. Today we are studying anatomy. The specimen is a young female corpse. Although it has been soaked in formalin liquid for a long time, it can still be seen that it is quite beautiful.Oval face, high nose bridge, plump curves, distinctive muscle tissue, and skin

Necrophilia (1)

Every year in our medical university, there are a few people who hang themselves because they can't think about it, and there are also a few people who can't bear the pressure and become insane every year. In fact, this is common in other schools, and it's not a big deal.

The only difference is that the remains of those who committed suicide were not sent to the crematorium, but were kept in the school as specimens for research.

Today we are studying anatomy. The specimen is a young female corpse. Although it has been soaked in formalin liquid for a long time, it can still be seen that it is quite beautiful. Oval face, high nose bridge, plump curves, distinct muscle tissue, and skin that looks quite elastic. Lan Min came over and whispered to me: "Brother, look, she hanged herself." Lan Min was my roommate, and I called him Death.

I took a closer look, and yes, there was a faint red mark on her chin, and her tongue was slightly exposed, and there was a hint of green on her face. I joked to him: "Don't you feel a pity?" Death said: "Yeah, so I want to watch enough of this class."

I also took this class very seriously, but I always felt that something was wrong with this female corpse, but I couldn't tell.

Time flies so fast, it will be night soon. Our Building No. 3 is located on the right side of the school. It was originally a teaching building. It was only converted into a dormitory building because of the school's expansion of enrollment. It just so happens that there are not enough apartments for girls, so our building on the third floor is for mixed boys and girls, with girls on the third and fourth floors and boys on the first and second floors.

It’s funny, in our medical university, the most terrifying thing at night is going to the toilet. Because our dormitory is at the far west and the toilet is at the east, we have to walk more than 20 meters to reach it. And all the lights in the corridor were broken, so it was pitch black for more than 20 meters. There is a light in the toilet, but because of unstable voltage, the light always flickers on and off. According to legend, someone hanged himself here. The boy was okay, he ran quickly for twenty meters, finished urinating, and ran back without looking back. And girls, they never go to the toilet at night.

Today, my stomach was not very comfortable and I woke up again in the middle of the night. The autumn weather was too cold and I didn’t want to come out from under the quilt, so I was ready to endure it.

But no. I think: people have three urgent needs, and this is the most urgent. So he put on some clothes and got up. I hurriedly walked all the way to the door of the toilet, and suddenly I heard a girl sobbing. In fact, the toilet and bathroom are two rooms connected together. During the day, some girls often wash some clothes in the bathroom, which is not surprising. But who could it be this late at night? I opened the door, and there was a woman in green. She was crying by the faucet in the corner. She must have just lost her love. I was a little curious and wanted to go up and comfort her. Unexpectedly, she turned around. The long hair covered half of his face, and there was a trace of blood at the corner of his mouth. There was a red rope hanging around his neck, and his tongue was not only slightly exposed, but completely. The lights flickered on and off, and in the electric light, I suddenly thought of the female corpse in the daytime class. By the way, there was something wrong there. Her eyes were shining green. Although the eyes of the female corpse in the anatomy class were closed. My teeth are dead , but the green light shines directly into my eyes through my eyelids. At this moment, the lights suddenly went dark. In the dark night, I only saw the green light with a hint of coldness, penetrating directly into my heart. As soon as I peeed, I held it back so hard that I ran away. And when I ran over the distance of twenty meters, I always felt like something was chasing me.

Necrophilia (2)

When I returned to the dormitory, I saw the alarm clock pointing at 2:10 sharp. I woke up breathless and wanted to tell him everything that had happened, but it was so terrifying and frightened me so much that it took me a long time to let him understand. Death was quite disdainful. He shrank his head and went back to sleep. He muttered: "Damn old man, you are so suspicious. You are using this outdated trick again. Why didn't you say it was the female corpse that came here to hang herself today?" ah."

Well, forget it, I trembled and got back into bed, but I couldn't sleep well. When I closed my eyes, I saw that green light, and when I opened my eyes, I saw the miserable look of the girl when she turned around.

"No, I have to go back and take a look." Although Death refused to go with me to cut my teeth , I still decided to go back and take a look in person.

I cautiously walked to the bathroom door and pushed it open suddenly. Strangely, the lights were clearly dark just now, but now they are on again, and the room is empty. I searched inside and out, but not only was there no one there, but there wasn't even a single footprint under the tile she was standing on just now. A feeling of fear arose in my heart, and it was ten thousand times more frightening than when I saw the girl just now. The urine that had been held back just now had to be squeezed out. This time I showed the same level as I did in the 100-meter final at the school sports meeting, and ran quickly through the dark 20 meters.

I couldn't sleep, my mind went blank, and I tossed and turned in bed for three or four hours, until it was almost dawn, and I fell asleep in a daze. I slept until nine o'clock in the morning. Since there were no classes in the first or second period, it was not a big problem to sleep a little later. The bad boy came to make noise again, "Old stick, old stick, what on earth did you see last night?"

"Maybe I was really dazzled. I looked again and there was nothing there. Don't make any noise and let me sleep for a while."

"Old stick, this morning, the girls on the third floor found a girl hanging in the bathroom. The detectives are here, and there are police cars outside."

This time my sleepiness was gone. With a swish, he got out of the bed. After a long while, a sentence popped out: "What… what…?"

We don’t have to attend any classes today, the detective wants to talk to us.

"Did you hear anything unusual last night?"

"I didn't hear it, it's just… I saw it."

It's true that trouble comes from the mouth, and he immediately took me in alone to talk.

"Name? Age? Gender? Place of origin? What is your department? ID number?"

It was like interrogating a suspect. I answered the above questions truthfully. Then he re-described what he saw last night. This conversation only lasted two hours, and they only had to share the scandal of almost peeing in their pants. But I also learned that the girl's death time was around three o'clock in the morning, not 2:10 when I went to the toilet, which means she did not die at that time.

Before leaving, the captain said to me: "Thank you, Xiaogun, but we are all materialists. Don't believe in anything that can glow green in your eyes. Only by removing the remnants of feudalism can we better serve the people." .”

The matter ended quickly, and the verdict was suicide. The criminal police quickly withdrew, and the school returned to its former tranquility. It's just the bathroom on the third floor that girls don't dare to go to during the day.

But I always feel that something is fishy, ​​and that green light always shines on my back, which means I don't believe they committed suicide.

So I paid special attention to the suicide incidents in recent years. Because I am a freshman and do not know much about past events, it is a bit difficult for me to do my research. I suddenly thought of the corpse in class. Wasn't that also a suicide? So I decided to go to the human body laboratory again, but since there were students there during the day, it would be difficult to study it carefully, so I might as well go at night.

Necrophilia (3)

During the day, I prepared gloves, a scalpel, a white coat, a flashlight, and a dagger. The main entrance to the research building was locked, so I climbed in through a classroom window in the back. There are usually no janitors here at night, because the research building is full of corpses, skeletons and the like. Isn't it just asking for death to steal things there? I heard before that some people went in and tried to steal something, but ended up being frightened and going crazy.

The anatomy room is on the fourth floor, and the corpses are placed there. Human specimens and corpses prepared for teaching are placed outside. The inside is a cold storage room, which contains a large number of corpses that do not have experimental tasks and need to be carefully preserved. That's my destination.

The door was locked, but that didn't bother me. As soon as I inserted my ID card, the door opened. I ducked in.

The anatomy room is no different from the Palace of Hell, especially at night, with human organs everywhere, corpses cut into thousands of pieces, corpses cut into pieces by five horses, human heads and horse faces, and so on. All in all it was really scary. I didn't get into a good position this time, and faced the face of a pale, stiff male corpse, which made me tremble all over.

Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, I comforted that thumping heart.

I groped in the night and finally came to the female corpse. I put on my gloves and pointed the flashlight at the corpse's face. Then put your hand into the formalin liquid. Indeed, from the outside, there was nothing unusual, and there was a trace of tranquility on that pale face. I stretched out my hand to peel off her eyelids, and by the light of the flashlight, a green light burst out of her eyes. My newly calmed mind returned to panic.

My family has been a doctor for generations, and people brag that I eat more salt than you eat rice. So I brag that I have seen more dead people than you have ever seen alive. Traditional Chinese medicine pays great attention to looking, hearing, asking and feeling. She is just a dead body. There is no need to hear or inquire about her. The most important thing is to look at her. And this trick is also our family’s secret skill. I remember when my grandfather saw a doctor for a nouveau riche. Although he seemed to be strong and strong, his complexion showed that he was extremely ill and could not be cured. Counting on his fingers, he would not live until the end of ten days at most. The nouveau riche didn't believe it, so he bet my grandfather with his family wealth. Ten days later, there was a banquet at home and he was about to drink until midnight. When the alarm clock pointed to twelve o'clock, he looked up to the sky and smiled, asking my grandfather not to break his promise. After twelve blasts, everyone found that he was just standing upright, with no voice left, a stream of blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, and that he was dead. My grandfather said "It's God's will" and walked away. Therefore, ants already have the genetic information for foraging when they are born, and the people in our family have the genetic information for medical treatment since they are born.

This abnormality of hers cannot be seen by others, but it cannot be hidden from me. In literature, it is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. In fact, this is also true in medicine. The eyes reflect the information of the body. Then the strangeness in her eyes proves that there must be something wrong with her body. I took out the pliers and pulled her belly apart, and a stream of dirty water came straight over and hit my face. Damn it, I cursed silently. At this moment, I heard slight footsteps coming from far away. Fortunately, my brain reacted quickly and I immediately hid behind a skeleton, leaving only one head exposed.

Squeak, the door opened, and with the faint flashlight, I discovered that this thin man turned out to be one of the top ten outstanding young scholars of the Medical University, our class teacher-Liu Yuan! His face was as pale as a piece of white paper, and there was no expression on his face. Unexpectedly, he, who is usually amiable and amiable, turned out to be unexpectedly terrifying.

As if he was very prepared, he took out the key from his pocket and opened the door of the inner refrigerator. A pale white light shot out from it, and among the white steam were corpses. Liu Yuan searched among the corpses, as if he was looking for something.

Suddenly he stopped in front of a corpse. Since he only gave me a back view, I couldn't see clearly what he was doing. About half an hour later, he came out of the refrigerator, with a sneer hanging from the corner of his mouth. The door slammed shut with a bang.

I started working again, but I couldn't get into the mood anymore. I kept thinking about Liu Yuan's sneer just now. Forget it, call it a day, so I collected some human tissue in a bottle for further research. After everything is done, go wash your hands. It's not far to wash your hands, just turn a corner and you'll get there. The moment I turned the corner, a monster with red mucus on its head appeared in front of me. This time he was so frightened that he actually let out a cry. Even my feet were a little weak, but fortunately my eyes were able to accurately determine the source of this monster. Bastard, I couldn't help but cursed secretly. It turns out that there is just a mirror in front of me, so the person with the bloody head is myself.

Necrophilia (4)

How could those guys in the logistics department, who have enough to eat and nothing to do, think of installing a mirror here at the faucet? When I returned to the dormitory building, it was already half past twelve, and the door was already closed, so I had to ask the old man to open the door. "Uncle, uncle." After a few words, the old man came out and stared at me with a suspicious look. His wrinkled face, gloomy look, and hunched body looked even more gloomy in the dark night. "Oh, pick up girls." I explained.

I had a decent sleep at night, no nightmares.

There were still classes during the day, but Liu Yuan paid more attention to his expression. It was normal and no different from before. However, heinous thieves often appear to be decent people, so the apparent calmness does not explain anything. Do you want to explore Liu Yuan's background? Although I was just a little confused, I had already made up my mind to get the key to his dormitory. This was not difficult, because he would usually give us the key when he asked us to carry the teaching aids. I could use this opportunity to match it. A handful. Sure enough, he asked me to carry teaching aids again. "Classmate Xiaogun, please take a few people to lift the human muscle tissue." I couldn't ask for more. I took this opportunity to run to a hiding place and shadow the key. When my wife came back, I was still blamed for her death. "We've all arrived, and you just came. Where did you go just now?"

"Toilet, toilet." Then we carried the teaching aids into the classroom together.

I found out that he had classes in the afternoon, so I could take this opportunity to go to his dormitory. During the first or second class in the afternoon, I pretended to be unwell and asked the teacher for leave to go back and rest.

Everything was going well, his home was simple and nothing special. His desk was locked, which didn't bother me because I had all his keys. Sure enough, there is something I care about here. The record book records the name, age, gender, and location of those who committed suicide in the medical university. I ordered a little bit and there were twenty-two people, from twelve years ago. I made a quick copy. Seeing as I was born to be a spy, I was asked to be the leading actor in the 2002 James Bond film series. But this is really not bragging. Speaking of my grandfather’s ancestors, he can be regarded as the originator of criminal investigation in China. You have heard of Bao Qingtian, who is an expert in solving crimes. I am his grandson for countless generations.

I looked at my watch. It was already four o'clock in the afternoon. They should have finished class. I'd better go. On my way back to the dormitory, I kept thinking, what does it mean that he has this list? Just when I walked to the stairs of the dormitory building, I met a woman in white coming down from the stairs. She seemed to be unfamiliar, and her long hair covered half of her face, so she couldn't see clearly. But she has a good figure, so her walking posture is also very beautiful, like a white cloud.

When I returned to the dormitory, my death came. "Xiao stick Xiao stick, a woman in white came here just now. She must sit in our dormitory. She said this is the place where she lived before. Do you think it's strange or not?"

"What's all the fuss about? Maybe she lived here before?"

"Xiao stick, what are you talking about? This used to be a teaching building, how could she live here?"

My heart skipped a beat. Yes, this is a teaching building. Could it be that she lives here? I immediately chased him outside. This was only two minutes ago. With my speed, I could still catch up. I took long strides. There is only one way to go from the dormitory building to the gate. But unfortunately, she has disappeared without a trace. My thoughts were confused and I walked back with my head down. In front of the dormitory building, I met the old janitor again. Why not ask him.

"Uncle, think about it, has anyone stayed in dormitory 201 before?" I handed over a cigarette. He took it and took a deep breath. "201? It used to be a biochemistry laboratory. Oh, a girl hung herself there before. It's on the iron hook of the ceiling fan on the left."

Ah, bah, why are you so unlucky? Hanging again. When I returned to the dormitory and looked at the iron hook of the ceiling fan, my mood became worse and worse, because it was facing my bed.

Although I have come to hate the night, its arrival is irresistible. And strange things started happening again. I have been having trouble sleeping. At two o'clock in the night, my conditioned reflex woke me up. I really felt like going to the toilet, but today I made up my mind not to go. In the silence, I heard the girl's sobbing again.

"Death, death, death, listen, is there any sound?"

Shi Ming sat up and listened carefully. "No way. Don't scare yourself." Indeed, the voice stopped again. Death fell back to sleep, and the voice started again.

Necrophilia (5)

Since I couldn't sleep anyway, I might as well go and see what was wrong. I studied medicine and firmly believe that there is no such thing as ghosts. I got dressed and tiptoed out of the dormitory. The closer I got to the bathroom, the louder the noise became. When I reached the door, the sound stopped again.

I muttered silently: There are no ghosts, no ghosts. But my whole body was still shaking.

The door was ajar when I pushed it open and went in. There was another woman, all dressed in white clothes. She seemed to be the girl from the afternoon. He was standing by the pool, his back to me, his hair hanging loosely behind him. Although my body was shaking, I still walked towards her. Just when I was about to approach her, a voice suddenly came from behind and behind: "What are you doing?" I looked in the direction of the sound. It was the old janitor, with a sinister look on his face and a sneer on his lips. The flashing lights made him look like he came from hell.

"There is…a girl…here…I'm just checking…to see…what's going on…with her." I explained tremblingly.

"Where are the girls?"

I looked back. Sure enough, there is no woman in white. I rubbed my eyes hard, but still nothing. I searched inside, but why was it missing? I was wondering, and when I looked up, my God, suddenly I saw the woman in white appearing behind the old man, raising her bright red hands and making a heart-stopping cry. I really can't bear it this time. He yelled and rushed out of the door.

When I woke up my classmates in the same dormitory and went to the bathroom again, there was no one there again, and not even a trace was left. Because of the loud noise just now, students on the entire floor were woken up.

"What's going on?" Everyone asked curiously. I'm not afraid of anything when there are many people. I couldn't find her even by digging three feet in the ground. Just because she's not here doesn't mean she's not there in this building. I thought of the old janitor just now. It must have been him.

Go to his room. His room was at the corner of the first floor, next to two rooms where debris was stored.

When we knocked on his door, he actually pretended to be sleeping! Anger rose from my chest, I grabbed his chest and pushed him against the wall.

"What were you doing just now?"

The old man looked innocent: "Just now, I was sleeping. If you don't believe me, you can touch my bed, it's still warm." I reached out and touched it, and sure enough, his bed was warm. I calculated that this was only three minutes ago. When he returned to the room, he had to take off his clothes and heat the bed. It seemed impossible in terms of time. But… no matter so much, this time, we turned over the entire building, including a few rooms that no one had ever gone to, but we didn't find anything. I have always wondered, there is no reason why we can hide a woman in white without being discovered by us.

Death blamed me very unhappily: "Old man, you won't harm us with this trick. It has made us highly nervous. It seems that we won't have to sleep anymore today." Even Death doesn't believe me anymore, but What I clearly saw, can’t I even believe it with my own eyes?

But I know one thing, no one in this building will believe me.

During the day, I almost didn’t listen to the teacher’s lectures. I didn’t know what he was talking about, but something he said woke me up. "Go back today and analyze the similarities between human bones and ape bones."

Yes, so what do these suicides have in common?

I didn’t even listen to the afternoon class, I was already studying this problem. I found that 16 of the twenty-two people committed suicide by hanging, and the rest jumped into the lake, took poison, and took sleeping pills, and one actually had a caesarean section. Eighteen of these twenty-two people are women. The earliest one was twelve years ago. Before that, I didn’t know what happened, but after that, there were suicides every year. And the trend is becoming more and more intense as time goes by. In recent years, there have been about three every year, and last year there was a record number of four. Perhaps there is a conspiracy hidden in this.

For dinner in the evening, the dish was braised pork, which was good and very tasty. Death and I were sitting together, and he suddenly asked me: "Old stick, do you think this meat is male pork or female pork." I looked at him suspiciously. "Is there any difference?" "Of course, the sow's pork cannot be chewed by the usual cooking method. It must be steamed in a pressure cooker first, so the taste is different."

I suddenly reacted again and took out the human tissues collected in the autopsy room from my pocket.

"Old stick, what is this you took out?"

"Human flesh."

"Wow" Shi Ming squirted out all his rice in one mouthful.

I didn't care about eating anymore. Since the meat cooked by sows and boars is different, then the contents in these bottles must be different from those of normal people. This time my destination is the laboratory. In fact, the conditions of our medical university are quite good. Since President Wang took office five years ago, various software and hardware have become increasingly better. We have been among the best medical universities in China for some time.

The teacher in the laboratory is very familiar with me because I asked her to give me more access to the laboratory in exchange for helping her with chores. To be honest, she quite likes students who strive to make progress.

Maybe my level is limited, or maybe there's nothing wrong with it, it's just me being suspicious. In short, the test results were very normal, and there was not even a trace of abnormality. Come to think of it, the forensic doctors in their Public Security Bureau are not just ordinary people. If there is a problem, they won't be able to tell? However, this normal result still worries me because the most abnormal often lurks underneath the most normal. Perhaps the body had been stored for too long, or some ingenious means had been used, leading to errors in the results. In short, my suspicion has not been shaken at all by this result.

When I came out, it was already 8 o'clock. In front of the research building, I saw Liu Yuan again.

"Teacher Liu, are there any classes tonight?" I said hello to him.

"Oh, no, I still have some issues to study." After saying that, he went upstairs. Research? Aren't you going to a human laboratory to study corpses? I thought so. Since yesterday’s experience, I won’t join in the fun anymore. Although I really didn't want to join in the fun, when I saw the gloomy look of the old janitor, I got angry. Damn this old* slippery guy. The most puzzling thing is that this guy actually came out of the research building. Could it be? !

So, I followed him secretly from behind. He did not go back to the dormitory building, but went north. That is where the No. 1 Teaching Building is located and where the Life Center of the Medical University is located. The Life Center of the Medical University is said to be the best in the world. There is some fame in the world. However, few people come here usually, and classes are basically not arranged here. And at night, it becomes even more remote. What would he do there?

He turned left, turned right, entered the hall on the first floor, and then entered the room under the stairs. I waited outside, but there was no movement, and I waited for half an hour. I was really impatient, so I walked inside, entered the hall, and then walked into the room inside. It was pitch dark inside, so I turned on the light. When I turned on the light, it wasn't the air-conditioning that made me gasp. It felt like I had suddenly arrived in Antarctica from the equator, and even the air had turned into ice. There were corpses inside, all hanging from the ceiling, with long bright red tongues sticking out and pale faces. The worst thing was that there was a corpse's face 30 centimeters in front of me.

Something like slime dripped down, and there was a piece of red sewage on the ground. When I turned around and wanted to run, I accidentally fell over and was covered in liquid all over my body.

I have never run so fast. At this speed, I suspect that the Asian records are already gone. There is a distance of 800 meters from Building 1 to the school police station. The comrades at the police station were very dedicated and immediately followed me to Building No. 1. It was not a terrible thing to have corpses in the Medical University. What was terrible was that the corpses had never entered Building No. 1. So it's definitely very suspicious that there's a body there.

Something strange happened again. When we came to the room together, we were shocked to see that what was there were not corpses at all, but some plastic mannequins. There was no blood on the ground anymore, but a dry floor. My head feels a little swollen. Am I really neurotic? I suddenly realized, I just fell and there was some blood on it, wasn't it? This is the evidence.

"I'm not lying to you. Seriously, look at the blood of the corpse still stuck to my body?"

"This classmate, what on earth are you doing? The liquid on your body is clearly some yellow oily liquid, how could it be blood?"

So I started my investigation work, and finally I found that the doubts were concentrated on the center of life. But you know that Dean Fang came to the Medical University four years ago, so I believe there is still a biggest mastermind hidden. I'm going to wait for him to show up. But maybe this will all be a secret because we are running out of time. Tomorrow, you will be used as a test subject, and they will remove one of your kidneys in front of medical students. Because there was an observation class, and the topic was about kidney removal surgery. However, don’t worry, removing a kidney will not cost you your life. They will make you die slowly in torture. "

The observation class is separated from the operating room by only a piece of transparent glass, and the students are looking through the window. As for the teacher, he used a microphone to explain the key points. But what I didn't expect was that this teaching tool would be me. My mysteries were solved one by one, but it was too late.

Campus Horror Finale

As the time approached, the fear became more and more serious. Even the final sound of the door opening became thrilling.

On the operating table, my hands were tightly stuck by an electromagnetic force and could not move, and my face was covered with a black sheet. The students arrived one after another, and the operation was about to begin. They were already preparing surgical tools, and the sound of metal clanking was extremely startling. And he was very trustworthy and did not give me any anesthesia.

"First of all, we will see a wonderful surgical teaching. Under the eyes of the students, the mysteries of medicine will be revealed for the students." After this, there should be time for the students to applaud. At this moment, I suddenly felt that I could move my hands. In other words, the electromagnetic suddenly failed. Desire to Survive I sat up immediately and pulled off the black cloth covering my face. I saw that the door to the surgery had been opened. It was my father standing in front of me, and a group of policemen were behind me. Now I feel relieved.

"Let me reveal a shocking secret to everyone."

I pulled off the mask of the surgeon, and it turned out to be Dean Fang.

"Actually, everything that happened at the Medical University was not caused by ghosts, but only because of him – Dean Fang. Everyone who studies medicine should know the role of vivisection in our medical research. And this extremely inhumane method is It has become a tool for Dean Fang to get ahead. Because they had started a series of experiments twelve years ago, and all of this was discovered by your dream lover Wen Youlan. Although you loved her deeply, But for your own safety, you still had no choice but to kill her, and even created the illusion of hanging herself." My eyes stared at him like a sharp sword.

"However, everyone must still have questions, because after this, why did he let girls hang themselves? Are dead people more valuable to him? This has always puzzled me. It wasn't until I met Liu Yuan yesterday that I Understand all this. There is a kind of person who suffers from fetish in this world. This kind of person will be obsessed with a special object, and they will immerse all their feelings in it. Yes, Dean Fang suffers from it. Necrophilia. Twelve years ago, Wen Youlan was his dream lover. He loved her very much and developed a psychological dependence on her that he couldn't extricate himself from. He was immersed in this unique feeling and it was hard to get back. .So after controlling them with drugs and after the experiment, they had only one way to go – hang themselves. This method was used to satisfy his perverted hobby, so the corpses were stained with his body fluids. And that time, after I accidentally bumped into that woman, they were afraid that the conspiracy would be exposed, so they wanted to make me insane and become another of their experiments." Everyone suddenly seemed to understand.

"However, everyone must have questions, because Dean Fang came to the Medical University four years ago, how could he be related to the murder case twelve years ago? And how could he have a relationship with Wen Youlan? This is also I was puzzled by a mystery that could not be dispelled for a long time. So I made a bold hypothesis. Because in the medical university, there are only two people who never appear at the same time. In other words, it is the same person who appears in two identities. , In other words, Dean Fang is just a fictional character. And this mysterious figure – he is – "I grabbed Dean Fang's hair and pulled it hard, and it turned out to be a hood. Everyone finally saw the true face of this person.

"Our beloved President Wang! Think about it, everyone, why everything that has happened over the years has been so seamless, just because the president of the Medical University has the power to cover up everything!"

Principal Wang stumbled a few steps, raised the scalpel high and inserted it into his lower abdomen, making a strong stroke, just like he usually did during surgery. "It's time. Youlan, I'm here to find you." At the end of the sentence, his breath became weaker and weaker, and he was already dead.

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