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★ Campus ghost stories

During the military training in our freshman year, we were taken by the school to a military camp in a county town more than 100 kilometers away from Kunming. We were all young people. A few days later, we and the instructors had already had a ghost story session . One night, we had a routine The squad meeting somehow turned into a ghost story meeting . After the students told many ghost stories, the squad leader spoke. He said that the military camp where we are currently is often haunted, and a headless female ghost often appears in it. At the fountain in front of the regimental office building, he said that one of his comrades, when he first joined the army, was patrolling with another comrade one night. As soon as the two of them walked to the pool, they heard the sound of water. It was three o'clock. Is there anyone else here? When I looked over, I saw a woman in a floral dress bending down and playing in the pool with her hands. The two of them walked over to ask her what she did. Who knew what she was doing? The woman suddenly stood up straight, and the two grown men were frightened and fainted. The woman's shoulders were empty and there was no head. The comrades who were changing guard early the next morning found two people by the pool. Later I heard that one of them was frightened into a lunatic and returned home.

After listening to the instructor's story, everyone felt a little confused because the camp was built on a mountain and was very desolate. The girls did not dare to go to the toilet at night. After the lights-out signal was blown, the ten of us girls slept in Datongpu. On the way, someone suddenly said, "The window outside our room seems to be the pool in front of the regiment building." There was silence in the room. I don't think anyone fell asleep that night. [

This story is about our school. It just so happens that our school is the kind of school that dominates the mountain. The forest in our school covers a wide area, and I heard that the place where my school used to be was an execution ground and a mass grave. Therefore, the school The forest park on the top of the mountain always makes people feel eerie. But the scariest thing is the four old teaching buildings in our school. It's the kind of building built in the Soviet Union with extremely high inner corridors. When you walk inside, a gust of wind blows from nowhere along the two dark corridors, as well as the sound of your own breathing and footsteps. The echo was so terrifying that I didn’t dare to walk in there alone, let alone at night, even during the day.

I heard from a senior brother that he was studying upstairs in Huanhua one night. When it ended, it was already 11 o'clock in the evening. He and a brother walked downstairs. When they were approaching the first floor, they passed by a group of girls. They went downstairs chattering and laughing. The group of girls reached the first floor and turned to the toilet on the right. The senior brothers followed behind and were about to go to the toilet. The group of girls walked to the door of the toilet and stopped for a moment. They turned around and said, "The door is locked. Let's go to the second floor!" After saying that, he walked up the other stairs to the second floor. At this time, another girl ran past the senior brother and the others. She ran into the women's toilet on the first floor, and then the senior brother and the others also entered. bathroom. When they came out and walked to the main entrance of the teaching building, they saw the girls who had gone to the second floor and the girls who had just gone to the toilet on the first floor talking together. When they went over and asked, it turned out that they were the girls who went to the second floor. Mingming saw that the toilet door on the first floor was locked, and couldn't push to open the ghost story meeting , so he went to the second floor, but the girl who came after said that there was no lock on the door at all, and it opened as soon as he pushed it. So in order to confirm that what someone said was true, everyone walked to the door of the women's restroom on the first floor. This time everyone was shocked. There was indeed a lock on the door of the women's restroom on the first floor, and a thick layer of paper was left on the lock. There was a layer of dust, and it looked like it hadn't been opened for a long time, but the girl did go in, and the senior brothers following her did see the girl go in to use the toilet. No one dared to stay, and they all ran out of the Huanhua Building as if they were running for their lives. The senior brother said that until now, he is afraid when he thinks of the dark corridor and the dusty lock.

My mother is a university teacher. My family lives on campus. When I was young, there were many fun places in the school. My friends and I would run around all day. There was an independent yellow building above my house, which looked like that The building where ghost stories often happen has two floors. The upper floor must be the attic. There is a small round window in the attic. I pass by this small building every day when I go home from kindergarten. For some reason, I just think this building is very eerie and I dare not approach it. Once I heard a story about this building. It turned out that there was a family living in this building. The man was a teacher at our school. During the Cultural Revolution, he went crazy because he couldn't stand the persecution. One night he killed two people with an axe. He had a child and a wife, and he was sent to a lunatic asylum. Later, there were rumors that this house was haunted, and no one dared to approach it, so it remained idle. There was a time when the school renovated the house and opened a canteen on the first floor. However, even if you walk in when the sun is at its strongest in summer, you will still feel the cold wind blowing and your heart will ache. Originally, things were sold on the first floor and people could live on the second floor, but no one dared to go up to the second floor. The second floor is always empty. One night I played very late with my friends and went home alone. In order to take a shortcut, I walked past this house. I looked up and saw a faint light coming from the window on the second floor. Then I took a closer look at a woman with disheveled hair. He stood by the window and gave me a very sinister smile. I was so frightened that I immediately ran home. I had nightmares for several days and never dared to pass by it again. Not long after, the person who opened the canteen suddenly left for some unknown reason, and no one dared to come here again. The school had to knock down the house and build a new building there, which is now the school's health department.

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