A Call From Hell

In fact, this story happened just by chance. The protagonist in the story is called Luo Lanlan. Luo Lanlan bought a second-hand house two days ago. After renovating this second-hand house, he planned to prepare it for his wedding. A complete set of brand-new furniture is what Xiaocai likes. Xiaocai is also a girl who is very discerning and good at living. She doesn't spend much money, but she can decorate the whole home refreshingly, making people feel quite comfortable.

However, the mirror in the living room made Luo Lanlan a little uncomfortable.

Xiaocai said that it was an antique in her family. It was said that it had been passed down for many generations, and the mirror looked a little dim. The mirror is one meter and a half tall, and the frame is made of wood with some incomprehensible patterns carved on it. It was originally purple, but it has turned black over time. The mirror stand is half a meter high, while the actual lenses are only about a meter long.

The mirror is placed in the corner next to the sofa. According to the original angle of the mirror, the mirror can illuminate most of the living room. Luo Lanlan looked a little uncomfortable, so she quietly adjusted the direction of the mirror slightly, so that most of the mirror could only shine on the wall and the kitchen door.

There were still a few months before the wedding date was set, so Luo Lanlan moved into this house first. The company dormitory where Luo Lanlan lived was too noisy, and he couldn't always get a good rest.

Xiaocai still lives in her own home, and Xiaocai's mother is a relatively traditional person.

After get off work that day, Luo Lanlan and her colleague Xiao Xing had dinner together. Luo Lanlan invited Xiao Xing to drink tea at home, saying that she had gotten some top-quality tea leaves. Xiao Xing and Luo Lanlan used to live in the same dormitory. After Luo Lanlan bought a house and moved out, Xiao Xing was extremely envious.

Luo Lanlan likes to drink tea. Sometimes someone would order tea for him, and he would always ask Xiao Xing to taste it together. Give Xiao Xing a hard blow.

As for Xiao Xing, he was also happy to listen to Luo Lanlan's playing and drink tea at the same time. He gained a little more experience.

Arriving at Luo Lanlan's house, Luo Lanlan went to boil water to make tea, while Xiao Xing was watching TV.

At this time, Luo Lanlan's cell phone rang. Xiao Xing picked up the cell phone, walked to the kitchen, and gave it to Luo Lan Lan . Luo Lan Lan answered the call and gave the cell phone to Xiao Xing.

"She's sister-in-law, right?" Xiao Xing leaned at the door of the kitchen and teased Luo Lanlan with a smile, "You still miss her after not seeing her for a day?"

"No, I called the wrong number."

"Wrong number? That's outrageous. Listening here also costs money. You didn't ask that person just now if they would pay you for the call?" Xiao Xing is a person who loves to joke. He always thinks and says every word without seriousness.

"Haha," Luo Lanlan laughed, "It's not surprising that I called the wrong number. I sometimes can't remember my own mobile phone number!"

"Yeah, don't tell me. If I didn't turn on my phone to check the number, I really can't remember your phone number. What's your phone number?" Xiao Xing asked Luo Lanlan.

Luo Lanlan looked at the water and poured it into the electric kettle. Put the electric kettle outside in the living room to boil water. You can prepare tea while boiling. Luo Lanlan listened to Xiao Xing's question and unconsciously gave out his mobile phone number.

Xiao Xing listened to Luo Lanlan's mobile phone number and subconsciously dialed Luo Lanlan's own mobile phone number.

Luo Lanlan turned around and saw Xiao Xing using Luo Lanlan's own mobile phone to dial his own number. He couldn't help but laugh: "You use my mobile phone to dial my own mobile phone number. How can you get through?"

Xiao Xing couldn't help but laugh: "It's a habit. I treat it as my own mobile phone." Xiao Xing smiled and was about to delete the number. Suddenly he asked Luo Lanlan on a whim: "Use your own mobile phone." What would it be like to dial your own cell phone?" As he spoke, he pressed the dial button.

"I tried it, and you will hear: 'The number you dialed is currently on a call.' Or a busy tone." Luo Lanlan laughed. He had already tried this small attempt, and he took it. After the electric kettle filled with hot water, he walked to the living room, sat on the sofa, and plugged the electric kettle into the power socket.

"That's not necessarily true!" Xiao Xing joked with a smile, "Maybe…" Just as he was talking, Xiao Xing's words suddenly stopped!

Luo Lanlan couldn't help but look up at Xiao Xing. He found that Xiao Xing put the phone to his ear, with a strange expression on his face, and stared straight at Luo Lanlan: "It's connected…"

"What's going on?" Luo Lanlan asked strangely, and suddenly understood, "How could it be possible? I've tried it all, so stop pretending."

Xiao Xing ignored him, standing there a little stiffly, and his face turned a little blue.

Suddenly, he spoke: "Hey! Hello!…What?…Who…are you?…What?…Louder!" Xiao Xing was obviously talking to the person on the other end of the phone. Xing's voice was trembling and he said to Luo Lanlan: "Luo Lanlan, it's true, the phone… was connected and someone answered the call… but the sound was unclear."

Luo Lanlan's expression changed slightly, but he quickly laughed: "Xiao Xing, stop playing and come and drink tea!"

"Really! Luo Lanlan, it's true!" Xiao Xing was a little anxious. While listening to his cell phone, he said to Luo Lanlan: "If you don't believe it, listen to it yourself!"

"I'm not going to listen. Bring your phone!" Luo Lanlan stared at Xiao Xing with a smile. While cleaning the tea set and adding tea leaves, he cursed in his heart: Damn it, you are playing with me, I won't be fooled. Woolen cloth!

"Okay, here you go, listen!" Xiao Xing's face turned red, looking a little annoyed. He walked to the edge of the sofa and handed the phone to Luo Lanlan.

Luo Lanlan took the phone, put it to his ear and listened for a while, then handed it to Xiao Xing: "Have you had enough fun? Why don't you sit down and drink tea!" With that, the water in the electric kettle boiled, Luo Lanlan Turn the electric kettle to keep warm and pour the boiling water into the teapot.

"Can't you hear me? The phone is open, there's someone talking inside, but I can't hear you clearly!" Xiao Xing said as he reached out and took the phone again and put it to his ear to listen.

The phone beeps like the line is busy.

Xiao Xing sat down on the sofa blankly.

Neither of them paid attention to the mirror behind the sofa. Suddenly, the mirror surface was like ripples on the calm water, creating a layer of fine and even ripples…

Xiao Xing sat blankly for a moment, then picked up the phone and started dialing again, but there was a busy tone every time he dialed.

"Drink tea." Luo Lanlan handed the brewed tea to Xiao Xing.

"Luo Lanlan, believe me, I really dialed that number just now. I'm not kidding you." Xiao Xing looked at Luo Lanlan blankly.

"Okay, okay, I believe in you. I believe in you. Can't you do it?" Luo Lanlan smiled and wanted to squirt the tea. However, when he looked at Xiao Xing's dumbfounded expression, he couldn't bear to provoke him any more. Looking at Xiao Xing's It didn't look like he was lying, but how could Luo Lanlan believe such a ridiculous thing? Luo Lanlan thought for a while and said to Xiao Xing: "Don't think about it, there is probably an error in the line. Do you remember that I called you several times before, but an old lady answered the phone and scolded me for being mentally ill? But I checked again and again, and the number I dialed was correct.”

"But, this is a radio!" Xiao Xing didn't understand.

"Did you dial the wrong number?" Luo Lanlan asked.

"Impossible!" Xiao Xing shouted, "And, and… Oh!" Xiao Xing hesitated, but still didn't say the words.

"Don't think about it, come and drink tea! This tea is so good!" Luo Lanlan took a sip and started his tea scripture again: "This is the Dahongpao from Wuyi Mountain! It's the best! Do you know? This Dahongpao… "

Luo Lanlan began to talk endlessly about the Tea Sutra, while Xiao Xing just sat blankly.

When Luo Lanlan stopped talking, he found that Xiao Xing had not drunk tea yet: "What a waste, Xiao Xing, this is two taels that someone brought back from Wuyi Mountain. Knowing that I love drinking tea, I specially gave me some. I specially invited you to drink this!"

After hearing Luo Lanlan's words, Xiao Xing put down his cell phone sheepishly, picked up the tea and drank a cup.

What a great tea!

Although Xiao Xing doesn't know much about tea, under Luo Lanlan's influence, he can taste it roughly. This tea is the best tea that Xiao Xing has never drunk before.

The two of them got into a good mood while enjoying tea, and gradually forgot about their mobile phones.

While drinking tea, they were chatting. When the tea was almost finished, the night was getting very late. Xiao Xing saw that it was late and left, and when he walked to the door, Xiao Xing sighed: "Luo Lanlan, what the hell are you doing?" You are so blessed to live this life!"

Luo Lanlan chuckled: "Go slowly, walk slowly, if you don't want to see me off, I won't see you off!"

After Xiao Xing left, Luo Lanlan cleaned the tea set and looked at the remaining Dahongpao. It was estimated that there was enough for two or three brews.

After Luo Lanlan took a shower and was about to turn off his phone and go to sleep, he suddenly remembered that Xiao Xing used his mobile phone to dial his number. Xiao Xing said that the call was dialed, which didn't look like he was lying. However, Luo Lanlan didn't believe that he could get through by dialing his number on his mobile phone. He probably dialed the wrong number. Luo Lanlan thought, turned on his mobile phone and checked the dialed number.

Luo Lanlan suddenly felt a chill on his body.

In the dialed number column of the mobile phone, the top six mobile phone numbers are all Luo Lanlan's own numbers. Luo Lanlan checked carefully and found that none of the numbers had one or two digits wrong, that is to say , the number Xiao Xing dialed for the first time was Luo Lanlan's own mobile phone number. But why did he say it was dialed?

Luo Lanlan had goosebumps all over his body, and he felt an indescribable coldness, which made him very uncomfortable. Luo Lanlan didn't want to think anymore, so she quickly turned off her phone, covered herself with a quilt and went to sleep.

However, the coolness seemed to have penetrated into her heart, and Luo Lanlan felt cold all night long.

The next day, Xiao Xing and Luo Lanlan met, and no one mentioned the cell phone again.

From then on, Xiao Xing developed a strange habit. No matter whose cell phone he touched, Xiao Xing would try to dial that phone number using that person's cell phone.

Soon, there were only a few days left before Luo Lanlan's wedding.

Luo Lanlan is a careful person. He prepared everything in advance, which made Xiao Cai and Xiao Cai's parents very satisfied.

Luo Lanlan has distributed all the invitations to his colleagues.

That afternoon, after the company's work was finished and before it was time to get off work, a few girls bought snacks for everyone to eat. The young people gathered around and joked with Luo Lanlan while eating snacks.

"Luo Lanlan, your single life is about to end. Why don't we find time to have a good time and say goodbye to your single life!"

"That's right, this is worth remembering. You will never be as free as us in the future!"

Amid the ridicule of his young colleagues, Luo Lanlan couldn't help but feel ambitious: "No problem, I'll treat everyone to dinner and drinks. You won't come home until you're drunk!"

"OK!" Several people cheered.

"Why don't we just do it today? It just so happens that these two days are relaxing and there's nothing much to do."

"Don't make any noise, don't make any noise!" Xiao Xing raised his voice and said to everyone: "You don't know that Luo Lanlan's cooking skills are first-rate! I haven't tasted Luo Lanlan's food for a long time, why not let Luo Lanlan cook it himself? Let’s have a meal for everyone. From now on, he will be his wife’s royal chef and it won’t be our turn to eat!”

"Yes, that's a good idea!" Several young people agreed.

Just like that, before getting off work, several young people ran to discuss with the manager and went to Luo Lanlan's house for dinner together.

Several people bought several large bags of things from the market, as well as seafood and so on, and ran to Luo Lanlan's new residence like a rebel, helping Luo Lanlan in various ways and making loud noises at the same time.

The meal lasted until midnight, and everyone drank until they were dizzy.

Under Xiao Xing's encouragement, Luo Lanlan took out Dahongpao and let everyone taste this top-notch tea.

Luo Lanlan was boiling water in the kitchen, while the others found two decks of cards and played tractor. There were too many people, and Xiao Xing couldn't play cards. He was bored. Subconsciously, he picked up a mobile phone and dialed a number.

"By the way, let me tell you a strange thing." Xiao Xing said to everyone mysteriously.

"What's going on?" Everyone listened to Xiao Xingshen talking while playing cards, and couldn't help but be curious.

"I was at Luo Lanlan's house that day and used Luo Lanlan's mobile phone to dial his own number. Guess what?" Xiao Xing became more and more mysterious when he saw everyone's curiosity.

"What's wrong? You didn't want to tell us that the call was dialed, did you?" A colleague chuckled.

"That's right! It's really dialed!" Xiao Xing felt proud, "There is still someone answering the phone, but the voice is very low and can't be heard clearly. However, it sounds a bit like Luo Lanlan's voice to me."

"Then what was Luo Lanlan doing at that time?" Someone was really surprised.

"Luo Lanlan was making tea in the living room. Of course, it was impossible for him to answer the phone because his mobile phone was in my hand, but this thing is a bit weird! When I showed it to Luo Lanlan, the phone It cut off and there was a busy tone."

"Hahaha…" Everyone laughed: "You kid is just talking nonsense. Anyway, no one can prove it. You can say whatever you want."

"It's true!" Xiao Xing was anxious, and his face became even redder after drinking. "You don't believe it? Okay, I have to prove it to you!" Xiao Xing stood up and said, "It was like this that day. , Luo Lanlan went to boil water, and his mobile phone rang, so I showed it to him…" Xiao Xing said, standing up and walking to the kitchen door, "Later, after he listened to the call, he gave me the mobile phone, and I I just dialed Luo Lanlan's own mobile phone number here…" Xiao Xing said, he actually dialed the mobile phone number on his hand and even held it to his ear to listen.

The people in the living room burst into laughter. They all looked at Xiao Xing and asked, "Is it clear?"

Xiao Xing's face suddenly turned pale, and there was an excited look in his eyes: "It worked! It really worked!"

Everyone looked at Xiao Xing and laughed.

"Why don't you believe it? Who of you will listen? Who will listen?" Xiao Xing's face turned red again, and he shouted excitedly to everyone.

At this time, a colleague, Xiao Wang, who was sitting closest to the kitchen door, stood up and said, "Okay, let me listen." He walked over to Xiao Xing, took the phone and put it to his ear.

"It really worked!" Xiao Wang's face suddenly turned pale.

Everyone's laughter stopped for a moment, and someone said, "Of course it goes through. Whose cell phone did Xiao Xing use to dial?" This sound made everyone laugh again.

Xiao Wang, who was listening to the cell phone, blushed and laughed mockingly: "That's right, if you use anyone's cell phone to call Luo Lanlan's cell phone, of course it will go through. Let me see whose cell phone this is." He pressed the button as he spoke. He picked up the phone and raised it: "Look whose phone it is?"

Luo Lanlan, who was boiling water in the kitchen, saw everyone laughing and asked, "What are you doing, laughing like this?"

"Luo Lanlan, see if the phone in Xiao Wang's hand is yours?" Someone said with a smile.

Luo Lanlan put down the electric kettle, plugged it in, turned around and looked at the mobile phone in Xiao Wang's hand: "Isn't it mine? What's wrong?"

All the voices fell silent in an instant. Xiao Wang's face turned pale. Everyone looked at Xiao Xing and Xiao Wang strangely. Someone asked again: "See clearly, it's really your mobile phone." ?”

Luo Lanlan walked over and took the mobile phone from Xiao Wang's hand: "Yes, it's my mobile phone. What's wrong?"

Xiao Wang has sneaked back to his seat.

"How is it? Do you believe it?" Xiao Xing's eyes flashed with victory, "I also stood here to dial the phone that day! Yes, it is here…ah, I understand, it is…you have to stand here… …”

At this time, everyone stared blankly at Xiao Xing and Luo Lanlan. No one noticed that the mirror behind the sofa once again rippled like a small stone thrown into the calm lake.

"What's wrong?" Luo Lanlan's face turned a little pale. He looked at everyone in the living room and then at Xiao Xing.

"Ding ding ding…" Luo Lanlan's cell phone rang at this time, and Luo Lanlan grunted: "Who's calling so late?" As he said that, Luo Lanlan glanced at his cell phone. At this time, his His face turned pale, and there was a look of fear in his eyes. He looked at everyone and then at Xiao Xing.

The caller ID on the phone clearly showed his own phone number!

Luo Lanlan looked at everyone helplessly. The living room was extremely quiet, and all eyes were on Luo Lanlan.

Under the gaze of these eyes, Luo Lanlan subconsciously answered the call: "Hello…" A voice came from the other end of the phone. The voice seemed to come from a very far away place, vague and non-existent, fluttering. Insignificant. "Hey… who are you?" Luo Lanlan felt that his voice had changed. He heard the voice on the other end that was almost not like a human voice asking him: "… you… are… who… are ……who……"

Luo Lanlan stopped in fear and looked at everyone helplessly. The living room was so quiet that you could even hear the sound of a poker falling. This silence made everyone feel suffocated.

The sound on the phone was cut off, leaving only a "beep" busy tone on the receiver.

Luo Lanlan hurriedly pressed the disconnect button, and the beep disappeared.

Everyone seemed to be relieved and could breathe now, but this feeling of relaxation did not last for a few seconds.

The mirror behind the sofa began to gently sway again, like beautiful ripples on a calm lake.

"Dingling Bell …" The ringtone of the mobile phone rang again, and everyone felt like a man was holding his neck, his breathing suddenly became unobstructed, and the kind of suffocation attacked everyone again.

The fear in Luo Lanlan's eyes deepened. He stared at the phone as if he was pinned down. The caller ID on the phone clearly showed his own number!

Xiao Xing, who was standing behind Luo Lanlan, looked at Luo Lanlan's cell phone. Is the ghost call real ? He muttered in a low voice: "Yes, it must be like this. It must be because of this door. The call was also answered at this door the first time, and now, I also received the call here."

"Ding Bell Bell …" The ringtone of the phone continued to sound, and Roland's head had sweated. He felt that he was getting more and more breathless. His face had become pale to red, and he began to slightly purple.

"Jingle Bell……"

Everyone in the living room felt more and more out of breath, and their faces had turned red. Some people's faces had turned purple. Some people involuntarily pinched their necks with both hands, opened their mouths, and spit out purple words. tongue.

"Ding ding ding…" The ringtone of the mobile phone is still ringing regularly…

"Hang it up!" Xiao Wang suddenly roared.

In panic, Luo Lanlan pressed the red hang up button and hung up the phone.

The living room suddenly became quiet, everyone took a breath, and the feeling of suffocation disappeared.

Among all the people, only Xiao Xing was still lowering his head and thinking about something, as if in deep contemplation. His face did not turn red or purple, and there was even an excited look in his eyes.

After a long silence, someone started to speak: "How could this happen?"

Luo Lanlan also looked at his mobile phone blankly, yes, how could this happen?

"I understand!" Xiao Xing announced loudly, "This doorway of Luo Lanlan's house must be a strange space. Only by dialing your mobile phone here can you make a call, and you can also receive calls from yourself! "

Luo Lanlan looked at Xiao Xing, and he also became curious.

Everything just now seemed like a dream.

"Luo Lanlan, try it and see if you can make the call and see if you can hear your own voice. What you hear may be your own voice when you answer the phone later. That is to say, it is the voice at different times. You Try it, try it!”

Luo Lanlan looked at the people in the living room, and everyone looked at him curiously.

"I'm afraid of the suffocation feeling just now." Luo Lanlan hesitated.

"As long as you hang up the phone, everything will be fine." Xiao Wang's curiosity also rose and he comforted Luo Lanlan. This is true. As soon as the phone is hung up, everyone no longer feels suffocated.

Luo Lanlan hesitated and picked up the phone to dial.

No one noticed that the mirror behind the sofa was swinging again. This time, a fog-like thing appeared on the mirror after the swing, and then it slowly became clear, and a person appeared in the mirror. That person seemed to be Luo Lanlan, but his posture and expression are a little different from Luo Lanlan.

Everyone looked at Luo Lanlan. Luo Lanlan's face was a little pale, "Hey… is it you?" His eyes were frightened and curious, "No, are you me?… Hey, hey… what? Are you talking?…Talk…" Luo Lanlan stopped talking and just listened to the phone carefully. This went on for a long time.

"There's no sound." Luo Lanlan looked at everyone strangely.

"What's the matter? What did you say? Is it your own voice?" Everyone asked curiously.

"It seemed to be my own voice. It was far away and not very clear. I heard two sounds, and then there seemed to be a group of people shouting over there. Then, there was no sound. After a while, there was a 'pop' sound. , I asked "Hello" several times but there was no answer, and then there was no sound." Luo Lanlan spoke slowly, and the voice did not seem to be his own, as if he was speaking while holding his breath.

Everyone started to wonder: "Why has no one spoken? Is the cell phone still working?"

"It's connected, it's always been connected, and it's still connected now." Luo Lanlan listened to the phone again, "There's still no sound…" Luo Lanlan said, suddenly taking the phone away from his ear, his face became ugly, He hurriedly hung up the phone.

"What's wrong?" Everyone became curious again.

"Who made this prank? There was no sound, and then suddenly he yelled on the phone, which made my ears hurt." Luo Lanlan said with a frown.

"Hahaha…" everyone laughed, "It's you!"

"No…" Luo Lanlan wanted to argue, but at this moment, the phone rang.

"Hurry up!" Xiao Wang hurriedly urged Luo Lanlan.

"Oh!" Luo Lanlan pressed the answer button: "Hello… hello…"

At this time, Luo Lanlan unconsciously glanced up at the living room. He suddenly saw the mirror in the living room, which reflected him answering the phone.

However, Luo Lanlan suddenly felt a little cold on his feet, and the cold feeling slowly spread upwards.

Something is wrong!

Luo Lanlan was in a trance. He glanced at the mirror again. The person in the mirror was facing him from the side, but Luo Lanlan was facing the mirror head-on!

However, the person in the mirror is indeed Luo Lanlan!

Luo Lanlan was in a trance again. What appeared in the mirror seemed to be what Luo Lanlan had just called.

Luo Lanlan stared blankly at the mirror. Luo Lanlan in the mirror still had her face turned sideways and was saying something. The shape of her mouth matched the voice Luo Lanlan heard on the phone now: "…Is that you?… …No, are you me?…"

The cold feeling had spread to Luo Lanlan's thighs.

"Ah!" Luo Lanlan heard the exclamations of everyone in the living room. This exclamation made Luo Lanlan look away from the mirror and back to the people in the living room. He saw that everyone in the living room turned purple. Their hands were on their necks, but their eyes were fixed on Luo Lanlan.

"What's wrong with me?" Luo Lanlan felt a strange feeling in his heart. He didn't bother to answer the "hello" on the phone. He followed everyone's gaze and looked at him.

Oh my gosh! Luo Lanlan almost screamed, but he found that he could no longer scream.

His body, the part below his thighs, has disappeared!

Luo Lanlan looked in the mirror. Luo Lanlan in the mirror was still standing sideways, her whole body intact.

The cold feeling slowly spread upwards. Luo Lanlan looked down at himself, watching his body disappear bit by bit! Wherever the cold feeling spreads, it disappears!

Luo Lanlan couldn't move at all. He could only do this, helplessly watching himself disappear!

The cold feeling spread to the neck, chin, nose…

At this time, Luo Lanlan could no longer see the missing part. Finally, he heard a "pop" in his ears, and his last consciousness made him understand that it was the sound of the phone falling.

There was silence in the living room at home. Everyone, except Xiao Xing, suffocated to death at the moment Luo Lanlan disappeared.

Everyone's face was purple, and their hands were tightly pinching their necks…

Xiao Xing stared at all this blankly. He stayed for a while, then slowly bent down and picked up Luo Lanlan's cell phone from the ground. The cell phone was not broken and was still working.

"Ah!" Xiao Xing yelled at the phone, then he threw it away, opened the door and rushed into the darkness.

There is a madman nearby. When he sees someone holding a mobile phone, he will say to others: "You can use your own mobile phone to dial your own mobile phone number. It can be dialed. Really, if you don't believe it, try it. Try it… …”

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